Jeremiah Wright at the National Press Club

| April 28, 2008

I read over at Michelle Malkin‘s, and later at Ace Of Spades, about Jeremiah Wright’s impending speech at the National Press Club for an “NPC Breakfast”. Michele had links to the Free Republic‘s intention to protest there, so I packed up my cameras and headed over there.

It rained the whole time the Free Republic was outside the National Press Club which probably dampened participation as well. But five stalwarts showed up;

This gentleman (excuse me for not getting his name) is from Miami and he happened to be in town for another protest and decided to join the FReepers at the National Press Club. His group is Shalom International and he wanted me to tell my readers in the Atlanta area that they’ll be protesting at the Carter Center, Sunday, May 4th;

While we were waiting for the crowd to let out, I listened to Wright on CSPAN radio. I couldn’t take notes, of course, because I was standing in the rain, but here’s what I heard; the standard anti-war leftist line.

Somehow he gets moral authority in the discussion because he “sent” his god-daughter to Iraq. I’m pretty sure a minister of a church has alot of god-children, and it stands to reason at least one of them would end up in Iraq sooner or later. But, I’m pretty sure he brought it up to contrast it with the fact that the president’s daughters aren’t in the military because right after he estabished his moral authority by recounting the fact that the woman went to Iraq, he made a point of telling us that rich people use their influence to avoid the war.

Influence? I wouldn’t call it using influence when your children make the choice to not join the military. I think Wright got confused with the Vietnam when there was a draft and the anti-war Left accused the affluent of avoiding the draft.
But, from what I heard on the radio, it got thunderous applause from the assembled crowd.

To the media’s credit, they at least interviewed the FReepers. But I’ve learned that interviews don’t necessarily mean exposure.

I interviewed Jeff Gannon when he came out (my camera was dying in the rain so the FReepers taped it for me and promised to send me a copy later) and he told me that his impression of the speech was similar to mine. Gannon also claims that Wright made up some of his Bible quotations – I didn’t hear that, but I’ll let the theologians wrestle with it.

W ell, the crowd came out and they were in rare form. Here’s an example of the type of crowd that was in there;

That’s Marion Berry, getting in the car, if you don’t recognize him. Jeff Gannon told me that the crowd included Cornell West, the radical black “historian”, several radical Black theologians and whole lot of people I don’t recognize;

Wright had worked the crowd pretty good by the time they came out. In this video, a woman shouts at our new Jewish friend from Miami “Long live Palestine”. At about a minute and fifteen seconds into the video, another gentleman makes a karate-like kick at the guy from Miami and then again at about a minute and forty seconds.

Some elderly Black women pulled Cobie (the big Black FReeper) to the side and tried to change his mind about which side he was on. Cobie, a Navy veteran, Gathering of Eagles member and Veterans for Freedom founder, wasn’t convinced. Another Black man tried to argue with Kevin the other Black FReeper, and that didn’t work either.

Apparently, the media and the attendees were more concerned about the Black men who were protesting Wright’s hateful talk than with the old white guys who were there. I guess they were all a bit surprised that there are Black people who don’t conform to the prevailing opinion based purely on their race.

People talk about how brave Wright is for speaking his mind, it doesn’t take bravery to parrot the standard line, Kevin and Cobie were the bravest two people on that sidewalk this morning for sticking to what they believe in the face of the biases of the spittle-slinging mad dogs who just applauded on cue to the weakly hidden racist remarks of an opportunist who found a way to bamboozle his flock.

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  1. D. says:

    VFF member, yes….though not a founder.

    And I’m still trying to dry out.

    Jonn wrote: Welcome, D. Sorry but I saw you on the stage at the VFF rally and just figured…. I’m through trying to dry out, I went straight for the rum and working from the inside out.

  2. Raoul Deming says:

    That’s Bob Kunst. Shalom International is just his latest attempt at fame and fortune.

    Bob’s real claim to fame is that he’s the guy who formed “The Oral Majority” (think about it) in response to Jerry Falwell’s “Moral Majority”.

    Bob has some other outragous groups like “Caymans My Ass” which protested the Cayman Islands turning away a cruise line’s ship holding an all gay cruise. During impeachment, he marked merchanside imprinted the slogan, “Why send Monica to do a man’s job”. In an interview with a website named something like “Gay Today at Badpuppy”, he spoke of his dream of filling the Orange Bowl to capacity with his friends and as Dr Ruth would put it, “pleasuring one’s self.”

    He’s an advocate of legal public sex. Getting arrested on a Miami (Miami Beach) Beach in the wee hours may have something to do with self interest there.

    Mister Winky,…Mister Tinky Winky,…please pick up the white courtesy phone,…Mister Winky, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

  3. Raoul Deming says:

    Funny thing, Bob Kunst originated the “Draft Hillary” website before she declared and all the morning shows like Today, even Fox & Friends put him on as if he were legitimate and sane individual.

    Too bad Brian Kilmeade didn’t get advance notice. He could have asked, “So does Hillary know that he biggest supporter for President wants to date her husband?”

  4. Catttt says:

    Excellent coverage! Kudos to everyone who turned out to stand in the rain and protest.

  5. Otter says:

    ‘long live palestine!’

    Heh. Long live the people and culture that enslaved your people for 1400 years, right up to today, and if we are very unfortunate, may well be enslaving the world in a few more decades.

    Buy a clue, B****h.

  6. winston says:

    Great to see two brave black gentlemen there. bravo

  7. Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    BOO! There were only, like, 5 people there!

    Jonn wrote: In their defense, the FReepers have been manning the counterprotest at Walter Reed every Friday night for more than three years. They had a protest Saturday night, too. I’m sure they’re getting pretty wore out being there for the rest of us – but they’re still there, no matter how few. Apparently it only takes a few to anger the Left.

  8. rongkirby says:

    Trueblackman has the camera with the interview of Jeff. I sent TBM an e-mail and Kristinn letting them know you wanted a copy. The camera was pretty soggy though. I had several of TBM and Coby’s interviews on the tape also. Hope they come out. Great coverage as usual Jonn. Thanks for being there. I think we now know that the short sound clips previously of Pastor Wright were not taken out of context. We now know Mr Wright. Now even more than ever, Sen. Obama needs to explain why Rev Wright was his mentor all these years and what did he learn from him. I don’t think Obama hates America but it is really a question why he would be there and why he thinks this is experience he can use to be the leader of America.

  9. Thanks for getting out there in the rain.

    I worst thing about Wright’s National Press Club speech was the enjoyment that the audience seemed to get from the Reverend’s remarks…They didn’t even try to contain their hoots and howls of delight when Wright mocked Dick Cheney’s lack of military service.

    The National Press Club didn’t sound much different than the crowd at Wright’s Sunday sermons.

    Hope your camera didn’t get too wet.

  10. Ziggy says:

    The ONLY one on that side of the aisle that I have any use for now is the REV-er-und Wright. Every time that clown opens his mouth, it equals a couple million more conservative votes.

    BTW, which is the truth???

    For 20 years the Obamessiah sat and listened to that friggin crap and bought it but now he’s denying it


    For 20 years he sat and listened to that friggin crap and did NOT buy it but it was a ploy to buy political support from that friggin community.

    WHICH ????? Which time was/is he lying, then or now????

    Between him and the SCOTUS decision about Voter ID today, the Libs’ heads are gonna explode. Anything that bodes ill for “vote early, often and DEAD” is no good for them.

  11. Ziggy says:

    By means of explanation, just so there is no misinterpretation “that friggin community” above refers only to followers of this Wright guy and is in no way a reference to any racial, ethnic or religious characteristics of those folks.

  12. RobCon says:

    Gee, I expected his supporters to be decent and tactful citizens.

  13. Raoul Deming says:

    Anyone who wants to join the Freepers outside Walter Reed Army Hospital on Friday nights is strongly encouraged to do so. It keeps evil bastards like Kevin McCarron of Veterans For peace from holding up signs like “Maimed For A Lie” and “Enlist Here And Die For Halliburton” up to the windows of the ambulance buses coming from Andrews Air Force Base carrying wounded evacuated from Iraq via Landsthal RMC.

    Even if you believe the basic premise of those signs (lies, Halliburton, Moonbat 101, etc.) why would you taunt the wounded with it?

    Being there on Friday nights keeps the bad guys away from the Main Gate, miss a single night and they’ll be able to do that crap again. God bless those who have kept it going for three years.

    There’s a long list of soldiers of all ranks that have passed along how IMPORTANT that those folks be there Friday nights. But the one that means the most in my opinion is the Vietnam Veteran who works with those inside the fence on PTSD. He said (paraphrasing a bit), “Compared to what my generation suffered through, this show of support means that these patients know that somebody cares and becuase of that they are lightyears ahead in their recovery compared to the 60’s. Whatever you do, don’t stop.”

    It’s basically from 7 pm to 9 pm, though many stay to make a very public display of affection over the dinner bus coming back sometimes between 9 pm and 9:30 pm. There’s a parking lot you can use across from the gate. 7200 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20012 is the address to use to locate it exactly on the internet maps programs. It’s George Ave and Elder St NW. Besure to note NW (North West) as that counts in DC.

    People form up around 6;30 pm, so if you arrive at 7 pm, you will not be alone.

    Georgia Ave is well lit and fairly safe, but I wouldn’t walk the several blocks to use the Takoma Park Metro stop alone at night. From the Beltway (I-495) to Walter Reed is about 3 miles south on Georgia Ave. Georgia Ave is Exit 31 at the top of the Beltway.

    Don’t worry about making signs, there are plenty. Ditto on flags. Any questions, raouldeming (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

  14. Alice Britno says:

    Geeze, that Rev. Wrong and his cohorts are a bunch of screwballs! If this doesn’t seek Osama/Obama, I give up1

  15. ponsdorf says:

    Let me second Raoul!

    Been there several times… it’s fun and moving. Who could ask for anything more? Sometimes they even have FOOD!

    Back on topic: Obvious Kudos for those that made it to this event. One right person is such a thorn in the weenie’s side.

  16. Kevin O'Neill says:

    The Reverend Jeremiah Wright left university and joined the U.S. Army. He spent 6 years in the military.

    Unlike the televangelists that are popular amongst conservatives, the Reverend Wright is an actual biblical scholar. He has a double Masters and a PhD from the University of Chicago Divinity school. He also speaks five languages.

    Anyone that would call or consider him a racist simply has never heard him speak. It’s really easy to go onto the PBS website and watch his interview with Bill Moyers. Ignorance in this day and age – the information age – is often a matter of choice. I’ve never understood why some people would choose to be ignorant on a subject – yet hold views on it.

    Jonn wrote:

    1) Wright was in the Marine Corps. Being wrong on that small, insignificant point dilutes the rest of your comment.

    2) I don’t know how you figure having degrees or speaking various languages insulates someone from the charge of being a racist.

    3) I didn’t call him a racist – you just assumed I did because your judgement is clouded by whatever demons haunt your miserable, narrow-minded existence.

    4) Ignorance is in the eye of the beholder, apparently.

  17. FrankLogan says:

    Kevin O’Neill-I’ve never understood why some people would choose to be ignorant on a subject – yet hold views on it.

    Go look in the mirror.

  18. Chris Knight says:

    I don’t know why anyone would think that Kevin other than maybe the few hundred times he talks about “the white man.” I don’t remember any of my preachers talking about “the black man” in broad strokes. Maybe you should look up the definition of racist. Oswald also served in the military. What’s your point?

  19. Just Cirroc says:

    Just a friendly fyi….it’s Michelle with two ll’s

    Jonn wrote: Thanks, I fixed it. She always spells my name “John”, so I guess we’re even.

  20. Maggie says:

    1 – I love the Rev Wright! Go, go, go baby! The more he talks, the more it benefits my bad boyfriend, John McCain.

    RE #9 – Didn’t this happen this morning? Jimmy, most conservatives have jobs! LOL It’s not easy for us to up and go protest things on a Monday morning.

  21. Edward says:

    “F” “F” PaleSWINE.

  22. J. Miller says:

    Listen to todays black leaders compared to Martin Luther King. Even as a white person I can get inspired by MLK, he preached togetherness and a united nation. MLK remarked much on how great the nation was but had to confront some injustices. He got things done but relised it was a effort requiring EVERYBODY. Remember the famous quote of whites and blacks joining hands together? You ever think todays black leaders would EVER say such a thing?

    When I listen to todays black leaders all I get is chills. They preach hate and contempt, further I do not think they view blacks as equal because the push programs that give unfair advantages based on race. When successful black people such as Cosby, Condi, Powell ect voice any opinion they are ridiculed. These hate mongers only serve to divide a nation with their self serving hate speech. If you could wave a wand and make all racism disappear over night these people would be out on the street. How great a nation we live in where anyone can be given an oppertunity to succeed watch the movie “In pursuit of happiness”, look at Oprah, one of the richest people in the U.S., look at how many blacks are serving in gov’t. Don’t tell me their is no oppertunity out there. As more blacks become more successful these black leaders have to push much harder to create the facade of “we are victims”.Their careers depend on the continuing push of the victim mentality and they know it. How evil do you have to be to pervert such an issue to serve yourself. shame.

  23. J. Miller says:

    Racist rev wright is PUPOSELY destroying obama’s campaign so him and his scum followers can scream racism. It is hard to push the victim mentality when the president is black. Obama as president HURTS their careers.

  24. montysano says:

    “Somehow he gets moral authority in the discussion because he “sent” his god-daughter to Iraq.”

    Or maybe it’s because he has a 30 year record of doing actual good work for the cause of social justice.

  25. BobbyBare says:


    If anyone ojects to anything I posted BELOW… I am only following the good Rev. Wrights lead and telling it like it is!!

    Since he is being divisive in his talk… let me lovingly return the favor. For the Glory of GOD!!

    And let me just say ….. if you TAKE OFFENSE to anything that is written below, than you are probobly just “taking me out of context” and your are probobly a racist.

    Blacks…because of the evolutionary point they were at when they were baught 500yrs ago and braught to the US…
    they were at least 700 years behind the The WHITES in Math, Science, Literature, Technology and so on. They hadn’t even discovered such things yet.

    Do you really think any Africans new what Mathmatics/Geometry or Science was 500yrs ago? of course NOT,

    Everything BLACKS in the U.S. have learned over the last 500 hundred years is because of the WHITE MAN eduacating him
    or (by Black/White teachers teaching WHITE eduacation to the Black children)

    If you look at the “whites” 700yrs ago You will see that Whites, be they.. Greeks, Romans, Europeans, Irish, FRENCH, Italians , not to mention ASIANS …..
    were already lightyears ahead of AFRICANS in their technology and evolution.

    They had already built coliseums (for entertainment), ships (to explore the planet), real HOUSES ( NOT MUDD HUTS), established goverments and so on….

    I’ve never heard of ANY Africans exploring the planet in large SHIPS they built themselves over 500 yrs ago. The WHITE MAN was.

    Africans were still in the endogenous phase of their evolution (living in huts and tribes) and some still are TODAY!

    Europeans were at least 700 yrs ahead of Africans at that time intellectually.

    Blacks were behind WHITES intellectually then and they are still behind WHITES now. That is why we are having this entire discussion! (because Blacks dont GET IT!)

    Slavery was terrible , but it got you out of Africa were you would have most likely starved to death or continued to be inslaved by Muslms and other people, not to mention your own
    African cousins at that time (read the FACTS about your history in that time) whites were not the only ones inslaving you.
    You were doomed either way (because of your intellectual and evolutionary weaknesses).

    Being inslaved by the WHITE man was hard yes, but it exposed you to a portion of the most evolved human being on the planet and because of that you were eduacated and given a spring board
    into the future (far ahead of your African cousins and brothers who stayed in Africa (includeing the ones who would have enslaved you if you would have stayed in africa)…

    the very IDEAS of…
    All of your current schools are based off of the idea and eduacation system of WHITES.
    All of your current organizations are based from the idea of WHITE organizations.
    All of your current Music is based off of the invention of WHITE/European and Asian musical instruments
    Your CAR was invented by a WHITE man.
    Your medicene that you take for your Diabetes was created by a WHITE Man…
    Your Kentucky Fried Chicken was created from a recipe by a WHITE MAN…

    and so on and so on…

    All of your GUNS…..invented by White Men
    All of your Houses were built from the Engineering technology of of the WHITE MAN..
    All of your Liquer you drink exists because of the Brewing Technology of the WHITE MAN….
    All of your “Colt 45” Malt Liquer Beer .. which was founded in 1844 by Jacob Best (a WHITE MAN from Germany)
    Your Job was taken away from a more capable WHITE PERSON and given to you by “Affirmative Action” (because of WHITE legislation)

    You are who you are today because of the WHITE man getting you out of AFRICA and you have evolved ONLY from being exsposed to the EUROPEAN “WHITE” MAN.
    Otherwise you would still be living in MUDD HUTS and starving to death in AFRICA.

    Their’s no NEGRO College Fund or Welfare System in AFRICA.
    Your life is better in America because of the WHITE MAN…if NOT, then why arent African Americans returning to AFRICA today??
    because they have it better in AMERICA!!

    If you dont believe me just bring a group of Africans from the Sudan to the United States and observe them in our modern Society (they are LOST)

    and that’s exactly where you would be if it wasn’t for the WHITE MAN!!

    You want to bite the very hand that feeds you (through food stamps) and you want to attack the very race that made you who you are today.

    Equality is an “IDEAL” it will never be a reality for AFRICAN AMERICANS because you will never be EQUAL intellectually….maybe someday you will be equal in POPULATION but NEVER intellectually.
    UNLESS you mix marry into the white race then your Children will stand a chance.
    Such as BARACK OBAMA (he’s HALF WHITE… could that be why he was able to graduate from Harvard a WHITE college??)

    Could that be why he can talk and make sense to WHITE people and get the Majority of the vote in a WHITE state such as IOWA????

    Could that be why a Black Preacher such as Jeremiah Wright speaks and makes no sense and (all he does is MAKE ENEMIES) when he tries to speak to the same WHITE people.

  26. Kevin O'Neill says:

    Chris Knight wrote:
    I don’t know why anyone would think that Kevin other than maybe the few hundred times he talks about “the white man.”

    I just searched Wright’s 9/11 sermon, his Bill Moyer’s interview on PBS, his NAACP speech and every excerpt I could find of his “God and Government” sermon … there were two instances he used the term “white man” … both in reference to Ambassador Peck’s appearance on Fox News in which the Ambassador defended comments made by Malcolm X – much to the dismay of the Fox News hosts. In neither of these two instances was Wright using the term in a derogatory sense, he was pointing out that you didn’t have to be black to accept the truth …

    J. Miller wrote:
    (MLK)got things done but realised it was a effort requiring EVERYBODY. Remember the famous quote of whites and blacks joining hands together? You ever think todays black leaders would EVER say such a thing?

    Obviously you’ve never actually listened to Reverend Wright. Here’s an example from the emotional closing to his recent NAACP speech:
    “Many of us are committed to changing how we see ourselves. Many of us are committed to changing the way we treat each other. Many of us are committed to changing the way we mistreat each other. And many of us finally are committed to changing this world that we live in so our children and our grandchildren will have a world in which to live in to grow in, to learn in, to love in and to pass on to their children. We are committed to changing this world that’s God’s world, in the first place. Not ours. And I believe we can do it. It’s going to take hard work, but we can do it.

    “It’s going to take people of all faiths including the nation of Islam, but we can do it. It’s going to take people of all races, but we can do it. It’s going to take Republicans and Democrats, but we can do it. It’s going to take the wisdom of the old and the energy of the young, but we can do it. It’s going to take politicians and preachers, the government and NGOs, but we can do it. It’s going to take educators and legislatures, but we can do it. If I were in a Christian Church, I would say we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. If I were in a Jewish synagogue, I would say is anything too hard for Elohim. If I were in a Muslim mosque, I would say Sha Allah we can do it. If I were pushing one particular candidate, I would say yes, we can.

    “But, since this is a nonpartisan gathering and since this is neither a mosque, a synagogue or a sanctuary, just let me say, we can do it. We can make it if we try. We can make the change if we try. We will make a change if we try. A change is going to come. Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you imagine it? Then come on, let’s claim it. Give yourselves a standing ovation while the transformation that’s about to jump off. A change is going to come.”

  27. rob says:

    what is this???mccain is as dumb as bush. some here admit it.