The continuing Swartout saga

| April 27, 2008

Last Wednesday, I posted an email I’d gotten in a post I titled “The Peaceful Left” about the family of an Iraqi veteran who had been assaulted at a counter protest in bitter Pennsylvania (also reported on Gateway Pundit and updated). I just received an update to that story;

I have noticed some folks are questioning the validity of our assault because no video has been produced yet. I can’t go into too many details but I can tell you there are two videos. One taken by my son which is in the hands of Fox News right now. And the other was taken by someone on their side and is in the hands of the Edinboro PD. I have seen that video and it is even more incriminating of the protesters. I can also tell you that Jason and I will be interviewed on the O’Reilly Factor Tuesday. I assume we will be on there Tuesday night? So, I thank everyone for their patience. We are all doing well and just working to get justice for our family. I do have a concussion which is affecting me a lot but that will heal in time. We have a great lawyer and are doing everything we can to get this resolved.

So I guess if we all tune to O’Reilly Tuesday night (something I haven’t done in years), we’ll finally get to see what happened.

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  1. Brad says:

    My name is Brad Sociology Major and Peace protester. (The man in the wheelchair also the girl that video the whole event).
    The bitterness that the pro-war testers have lashing out at the peace protesters. Each side has two political agendas that we must agree that we want our troops to stay alive and come home healthy to enrich their families lives. All Americans should want this for our troops. I myself support and hold the utmost respect for everything our troops have done and are still doing. I have the other DVD video that shows exactly what happened in Edinboro Pa on 4/22/2008 It shows the true facts, also I feel it’s time for the other side to be heard out loud. The occurrence from both sides have their political agenda, and it should be respected as law-abiding citizens from both parties Bill O’Reilly is big on the truth well we should have the same right to AIR our side and the truth will prevail.

    Jonn wrote: Well, using your wheelchair to bump Mr. Swartout and pump up the rage at this incident didn’t help much. It’s clear in the second video that you intended to do bodily harm to someone and then use your wheelchair as an emotional shield. Up until that point, no one had touched anyone else…and that’s the TRUTH. You’d think someone trying to get a degree in sociology would be more…well…social.

  2. Dan Maloney says:


    I would be happy to link to your version of the video and your version of events if you will upload them somewhere on the internet. Email me at the address below when you have them up.

    Dan Maloney
    NY State Coordinator
    Gathering of Eagles

  3. Raoul Deming says:


    My man Brad, what’s up with VFP getting those poor girls amped up telling them that Pennsylvania Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act – 18 Pa. C.S.A. Sec. 5703 Interception, Disclosure or Use of Wire, Electronic or Oral Communications, requires written consent sent to video people in a public place where there’s no expectation of privacy?

    Like dude, the expectation of privacy is the cornerstone whether it’s ilegal or not. Have you contacted any journalism professors to “smell test” the BS VFP’s been feeding you?

  4. Dan Maloney says:


    Looks like Richard McVay and the Erie Peace Initiative have hung you all out to dry.

    Read about it here:

    I’d still like to link to your video though!

    Dan Maloney
    NY State Coordinator
    Gathering of Eagles

  5. repsac3 says:

    That’s not the way I read it… It looks to me like the Erie Peace Initiative is being proactive in making sure the people on their side know how to deal with provocateurs like the Swartouts in future. In situations where emotions run high & folks are divided, conflict resolution training is always a good idea.

    Even some of the more fair-minded folks on your side (including the blogmaster of this very site) have admitted that BOTH sides bear some blame for the altercation. here and here

    (Does that mean that John & 509th Bob (& Maggie, & …) are all “hanging the Swartouts out to dry?”)

    It’s fine to point out things that one might miss, but the GoE posting looks to me like it’s telling folks what to see, as though they cannot watch the videos & find the truth for themselves…

  6. Brad says:

    I can see you’re not aware of my intentions, I was all away at the other end. Not knowing what was going on at all, what the boy video taping. I was coming down the walk, to help one of the girls unload her vehicle and set up the displays. That is when I ran into Jason, and he was screening vulgar words at the girl in a white dress. My input to him was that it was not necessary, as he was trying to get his point across to me. I could see at this time, we are getting nowhere. So I simply suggested that he would go across the street and rally. So there would be no disturbance. At that point in time, he was trying to provoke me to hit him. So yes, I was inching my chair towards him slowly to get him to move away but as you seen by the video. He stopped dead in front of me and refused to move instigating and trying to provoke me to hit them. And if you clearly look. I never once touched him so Jonn before you post, please get your facts straight. In any event, each side has the right to go on either side of the street. But if you’re crossing the street within intent to provoke the other side. then you’re clearly in the wrong. This is not rocket scientists. I have no problem, nor should anyone else with the boy videoing, however as a parent if he asked questions and don’t like the answers that does not give him the right to talk inappropriately and downgrade other members that are protesting.

    I viewed other tapes that this young gentleman has made, and I think it’s great for him to build his documentary work for school or personal reasons. However, there is no call for the way he talks to adult members and the same goes for antiwar protesters should not do the same.

    Each side has their political agenda and views and maybe if we try to work together to understand each other. Instead of fighting there would be a better resolution and the outcome.

    This also refers to form talk, bashing one another is not solving anything. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

    Dan Maloney, I don’t have the program that the girl had video
    on 4/22 so I’m having a hard time saving it to my computer. So I can upload it on youtube, I’ve been working on it for awhile. Hopefully ill get it done soon. If I can’t get to work I’ll e-mail you. Thanks for offering your assistance.

    Protesters pro-war or antiwar, we can have our beliefs, but scrutinizing and disrespecting others is not the way to go about it, something to keep in mind that your next protests. We have enough fighting around the world. We don’t need to be doing in our backyard.


    Jonn wrote: So I guess you didn’t think you were provoking him by “inching” your wheelchair forward? If I listen to everyone tell their stories from what happened on that corner, and take everyone’s word that they “simply” did this, or “suggested” that someone do something else, I’d come to the conclusion that there were a bunch of innocent people standing on that corner minding their own business waiting for a bus, or something, when the police came along and arrested four of them.

    Please give me some credit for understanding human nature and being able to see with my own eyes.

  7. Dan Maloney says:


    You can lead a moonbat to insight but you can’t make him think.

    Ok, whatever.


  8. Dan Maloney says:

    That last was directed at Repsac, you snuck in with your post between the time I wrote it and the time I posted it.

  9. Brad says:


    I think I did the best, by describing what happened on this date. It’s quite obvious that no matter what the video show you or others and in the description of my words from the detail that one on this event. You’re are going to processed That you are right, no matter what. You know darn well that no one was waiting for a bus. Metaphorically speaking, let’s try to make a little easier, peace protesters are on one side of the street to pro-war protesters are on the other side. Which side of the street did one cross and where is the flight held. If you don’t want to use words by understanding the dilemma that one on this day than usurer own eyes. It clearly shows that the pro-war protesters were on the peace side, now from that point on, you can listen to descriptions of what others are telling you. Or again, to find the best description of your own using the video. In any case, I wish I could help you more.


  10. Brad says:

    one more thing I’d like to add in all the documentati newspapers and blogs. The professors that were there, cannot condone any type of physical harm, to anyone and I have the utmost respect for these gentlemen. And if you would meet them. Personally, and talk to them. I would bet my life that you would feel the same.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Metaphorically speaking, let’s try to make a little easier, peace protesters are on one side of the street to pro-war protesters are on the other side. Which side of the street did one cross and where is the flight held

    Is there a statute that declares one side of the street ‘yours’ and the other side ‘theirs’? This was a public space, both sides had equal right to either side of the street.

    Please don’t go there, I really do not want to embarrass you anymore than you are already doing to yourself.

  12. Brad says:


    I was replying to another post, which I was simply pointing out. That since you cannot distinguish the actions between the two videos. the pro-war protesters are clearly the ones provoking the situation again. It’s not rocket science.

    However, I never once stated, in any of my posts that pro- War and antiwar could not roam through the public freely. This is the point I’m trying to get at instead of trying to fight at rallies or blogs. Try to express your viewpoints, but if you feel that you need to embarrass me, feel free. Freedom of speech.

    I’m not out to make you look bad, or any are members. I’m only trying to point out the facts.


  13. Anonymous says:

    You have only pointed out YOUR assumptions of the situation, not fact. You have stated “That since you cannot distinguish the actions between the two videos” then immediately place blame on the ‘pro-war’ side. No evidence to support your determination – just your assumption.

    I agree you are NO rocket scientist.

    We all are free to express our opinions in public – we are NOT free to hit those whose opinion’s disagree with our own = something that is clearly shown in this video.

  14. Brad says:

    Again I quote:That since YOU cannot distinguish the actions between the two videos. Ok, lets break this down for the smart ones. YOU-is meaning of SELF as in yourself.

    As for blame its very clear that BOTH side did wrong!
    a. Contrary to conscience, morality, or law; immoral or wicked.
    b. Unfair; unjust.

    I was there on the scene, and I know exactly what went on, who touch to first, who instigated and who was provoking.