Virginia Guv finds solution to gas prices

| April 29, 2008

The Washington Post writes that Virginia’s Democrat Governor has found a solution to high gas prices – the same solution Democrats have for every problem;

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) said today he’s considering raising Virginia’s 17.5 cent a gallon gas tax, despite the record price of fuel at the pump.

In an interview on WTOP radio, Kaine said the increase may be needed to generate more money to build and repair roads.

“All issues are on the table,” Kaine said. “We are talking about a gas tax.”

Kaine’s remarks come as he and state lawmakers are grappling over a February Virginia Supreme Court ruling that nullified last year’s landmark transportation deal, designed to raise $1 billion annually for roads and transit. Virginia is also facing a projected shortfall of several hundred million in the part of the budget used to maintain roads.

So while gas prices climb to all time highs instead of doing something to help consumers and tax payers, the Democrats’ solution is always higher taxes – since we’ve all become so accustomed to it, I guess they think we enjoy it. Why repair the roads when no one (except the governor) will be able to drive?

Just imagine what’ll happen when they get control of the Federal budget. They keep us from drilling our oil, building refineries to meet our energy needs and then tax the snot out of us for the little bit they let trickle down.

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