Military Blogger under fire

| December 7, 2009


Thanks to Bouhammer for the photo.

Among other things, the MilBlog community has been watching the case of MSG CJ Grisham closely to gauge the Army’s attitude towards active duty bloggers. CJ, in addition to being a senior NCO and a groundbreaking milblogger, is also a parent. When he opposed a local school district’s policy in regards to his kids, he complained at a PTA meeting. The school principal complained about MSG Grisham’s complaint to the Army.

Grisham videoed the next PTA meeting in order to protect himself, then put it on his blog. The school district complained and Grisham was forced to shut down his blog by the Army.

There’s more at Blackfive.

CJ is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, so if you can see your way clear to help him out during this tight holiday, I’d sure appreciate it.

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  1. OldTrooper says:

    I think this shows how pussified the leadership has become within the military.

    Leave it to the leftists indoctrination centers, formerly known as public schools, to whine and cry to the military cuz that big meanie CJ is telling the truth.

  2. defendUSA says:

    All I can say is that I know who is wrong and it’s not CJ. I donated what I could to his defense.

  3. Bill R. says:

    Why is the Army even involved in this? This is strictly civil matter between him and the school system. Has he contacted the IG to see if anything can be done about his career? Obviously his command is on the school’s side.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Frankly, the school overstepped its bounds from the get-go. Ask yourself, if MSG Grisham was a civilian, would the school be calling up his employer? Not freakin likely, unless they had compelling evidence that he was blogging on company time or otherwise wasting company IT resources, and even then, all that would do is serve to make the school look bad, not MSG Grisham.

    Sounds like someone doesn’t like it when their methods of indoctrination are questioned.

  5. Athena says:

    I clicked on his blog and found no paypal link..Help!

  6. Code Monkey says:

    Bouhammer’s got the PayPal link in the post linked above or you can go to PayPal, select “Send Money” and use the email address dj_chcknhawk (at) yahoo (dot) com. CJ’s mailing address is in Bouhammer’s post as well if you want to go snail mail.

  7. Miss Ladybug says:

    I can’t give much right now, but I plan to give a little bit at a time, over time. Give up a trip through the drive-thru or that cup of Starbucks or whatever each pay period and help CJ out…

  8. GTA 5 kicks some major ass! The gameplay is brutal! I’llbe playing this one for a LONG time!