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| January 19, 2010

Conspiracy watch over! Amherst reports. My apology to the fine folks there, all 3 of them. Go UMASS!

Very interesting here. I hate to be conspiracy minded, but I am writing this at 9:49, and while everyone else in the state has largely reported, Amhearst has not. Now, not even CLOSE to being able to turn the results. But, possible that they are holding out to slow down swearing him in? Or did they hold hoping that they would be the margin? Or can people outside UMASS not count?

We’ll see…but rather odd.

It is OVAH.


9:02, popping a Guinness, despite the loss of New Marlborough by a hundred vote margin, Brown has this in the bag.

Boston cite went down, but the numbers were good.

Brown: 103,633
John Kerry Martha Coakley: 93,019

As of 8:44 it is turning uglier for Mahtha. I am wearing my Curt Schilling Bloody Sock:

Brown: 249,106
Coakley: 216,117

Will update often.

I am following the race results on HERE.

Move your cursor all the way left, and all the way down. Hunt around for New Marlborough. That is TSO’s home town. It will be blue. At least I assume it will be blue. If not, I may return to walk door to door thanking folks. I could be done by noon.

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  1. Nucsnipe says:

    Wahoo!!! Man every site I have been checking is crashing. HA, Michelle, GP. Go Brown!!

  2. TSO says:

    Serves you right for going elsewhere!

    (I also was concerned about HA, but am watching MSNBC)

  3. NHSparky says:

    Now if he represents the PEOPLE, it’s all good. 7 point win for a Republican in Mass is like 27 in virtually any other state. Huge.

  4. Old Tanker says:

    Can’t believe I’m seeing this…..it’ll be interesting to see how the white house spins this one…….

  5. Nucsnipe says:

    Yeah I cauht a little of the “tingles” and Rachel show. They look a little depressed.

  6. NHSparky says:

    LITTLE? They’re about ready to mainline the KoolAid, man!

  7. Nucsnipe says:

    OT: The current word coming out of the WH seems to be that now they really need to cram healthcare down our throats and everything will be hopeychangey again.

  8. Nucsnipe says:

    Well I’m off for a victory snort(or several) of Tennesee’s finest. Its only 7pm here in WA state, plenty of time to party.

  9. TSO says:

    Watching Olbydouche. Nora is on, waiting for Ace to run by naked and hairy as an Ewok with Val-U-Rite in one hand and his Jello in the other.


  10. IronKnight says:

    They called it!
    Hurray for sanity

  11. Ray says:

    Slam Dunk! You’re absolutely correct about a 7 point spread in Mass being a tidal wave in other states.

  12. OldTrooper says:

    Well, they tried to pull a few dirty tricks, because they couldn’t win in the arena of ideas, so they had to resort to usual leftist tactics, but it wasn’t enough. It would be interesting to see what the real ballot count would have been wthout the leftist dirty tricks, though.

  13. Ray says:

    Hey TSO,

    My Dad had an Uncle in Newburyport that we used to visit almost every summer when I was a kid. Anywhere near you?

  14. Sporkmaster says:

    I guess that is what I get for being 5 hours behind the Eastern time zone.

  15. TSO says:

    I lived as far from Newburypost as one could be and still be in mass.

  16. Ray says:

    Probably wise 😀

    I was just a kid, so I don’t know my way around the state. Everything looks the same from the back seat.

  17. Old Tanker says:


    Wouldn’t be a jigger of Makers would it?

  18. defendUSA says:

    Ah-ooh, ah-ohh, he got her, he got her….
    Ding dong health care’s dead…
    Oh. Sorry. I get to be happy for the change, don’t I?

    Did Olby need a strait jacket to get through broadcast?

  19. Ray says:

    “Did Olby need a strait jacket to get through broadcast?”

    Probably went through a case of kleenex 😀

  20. Debra Clark says:

    Oh, popping a Guinness…Mmm…Guinness is my favorite…

  21. Nucsnipe says:

    OT: Nope Jack Daniels single barrel.

  22. Nucsnipe says:

    MSNBC showed their class, switched over from FOX during Brown’s victory speech and they were showing commercial! When it did come back Olberdouche was talking over the speech. Classy real classy.

  23. Nucsnipe says:

    Haven’t felt this merry since I freaked out my chief with a dummy stuffed in a ventilation duct.

  24. Old Tanker says:


    I broke out a little Laphroig single malt scotch for the occasion. I know the good folks of Massachusettes are Irish (as am I) but I don’t have any Jamison! Recently my brother-in-law turned me on to Blanton’s for a single barrel bourbon and I likey alot!

  25. Ray says:

    I would be sitting quietly grinning while drinking some old moldy scotch, but I am stuck in scrubs Triaging the drunks.

  26. Old Tanker says:

    Not moldy Ray……Peaty, peaty!!

  27. The Sniper says:

    Dude, I’m from two towns away from you? Both my hometowns (I lived on the border) of Southwick and Westfield went Red. Scroll directly right from the blue enclaves on the left and you ‘ll find them.

  28. Ray says:

    I can see it now…

    Me: “Honey can you hand me the Peaty Whiskey?”
    Her: “This ugly old dusty bottle??? I think you’ve had enough.”

  29. JustPlainJason says:

    I can hear Teddy Kennedy rolling in his grave all the way here in MO. It sounds so beautiful…

  30. Claymore says:

    I just spent the morning with a nice Irish coffee and reading some of the best meltdown posts evah on DU. Nothing goes better with crazy like a little java and whisky.

  31. defendUSA says:

    Claymore…c’mon, post some juicy stuff. Some of us have been banned….

  32. Brown Neck Gaitor says:

    Here is my fav from DU (so far)

    “Here’s what I just sent to the President a few moments ago;

    In the year 410, Western Roman Emperor Flavius Honorius watched as Visigoths under the command of Alaric sacked the city of Rome, marking the first time in nearly 800 years that the city itself had fallen to an enemy. Sixty-six years later the end finally came to the Western Roman Empire. The reason I bring that up is that I feel that our country is heading down that same road, and that our children will pay the price. After the loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat, I see us very much as the Romans of the early 5th century. And I’ve pretty much given up hope that we may be able to change that now. I feel that because of a total lack of will on the part of you and the Democratic leadership Congress to do what’s right and because you bend over backwards to appease Republicans our country is in a very bad way right now. Maybe if you and the leadership would start standing up for the American people we’ll be able to head off that disaster. But I’m not holding my breath for you to do so. My worst fears seem to be coming true, that I may live long enough to see our country as I knew it growing up falling.

    It’s how I feel tonight, that we’re in the same boat the Romans of the early 5th century were, and that we’re even more screwed then they were.”

  33. Claymore says:

    still_one (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-19-10 08:17 PM
    Original message
    So if HCR doesn’t pass, I guess that’s it for another 50 years

    tavalon (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-20-10 07:31 AM
    Original message
    Okay, tin foil hat theory time

    If there was a last minute infusion of energy as evidenced by various Massachusetts activist folk who also post here and if there was a higher turnout than expected, could we have been Diebolded? Yeah, I know MA uses paper ballots but they aren’t hand counted, they are scanned…………….on Diebold machines.

    WeDidIt (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-20-10 08:00 AM
    Original message
    Why the entire Democratic Agenda died last night

    Because the Democratic Leadership in the Senate is too weak to force Republicans to do actual filibusters.

    Reid sets the agenda.

    If there is a cloture vote that doesn’t pass, he votes against cloture, then sets the agenda that debate continues until a cloture vote actually passes. Do not allow ANYTHING ELSE on the agenda until a cloture vote passes.

    But that takes guts, spine, and nerves of steel.

    It’ll never happen.

    uponit7771 (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-20-10 08:00 AM
    Original message

    Edited on Wed Jan-20-10 08:07 AM by uponit7771
    My goodness, the sloppy ass’d M$M and a few people who hate Obama here are leaving this out of the analysis as if it doesn’t matter…

    Not pointing to her untimely vacation (or minimizing what she did as a foot not) as THE DECIDING factor for her loss does not add credibility to ones prognosis of what happened in MA…


    Where was the DNC’s daily tracking?!?!???!!?

  34. Claymore says:

    May favorite so far:

    WeDidIt (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-19-10 10:59 PM
    Original message
    This place looks like it did after Kerry lost in 2004

    I just can’t do the emotional investment any more.

    Fuck it.

  35. Claymore says:

    Here’s another gem:

    Cali_Democrat (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-19-10 09:58 PM
    Original message
    Should we really blame the DLC and the Democratic move to the right?

    It looks like many people in Massachusetts who voted for Obama voted for Brown in this election. If they are angry with Obama’s move to the right, why would they then vote for a Republican? Does that make any sense?

    Make no mistake about it, Coakley was a terrible candidate. However, blaming the DLC bogeyman is shortsighted and misses the point IMO.

    Maybe this country is just too conservative right now and we will never get a progressive agenda through Congress.

  36. UppNorth says:

    “Maybe this country is just too conservative”? We can only hope it is. Let’s hope that 0care is consigned to the dustbin.

  37. UpNorth says:

    Sorry about the mis-spell in my s/n. No coffee yet

  38. AW1 Tim says:

    Well, after it was called, I went down to the local pub for Guinness and Evan Williams. It was a festive night and I did my airdale roots proud. God Bless the folks who supported Scott Brown.

    However, we also all need to realise that this is only the first battle in the war for our political future. this is Trenton. We caught the Hessians napping. Now we need to reload, and et our sights for the rest of the battles ahead. It’s going to be a long war and we will need strength and courage to persevere over a filthy, low=down, scum-sucking enemy: Leftists.

  39. Claymore says:

    Here’s an example of who you’re fighting:

    Dawgs (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-20-10 01:46 PM
    Original message
    Want to win me back? Pass HCR with a STRONG public option…

    End DADT…
    End DOMA…
    End Tax breaks for the rich…
    Pass a strong jobs bill…
    Invest in new energy…
    Pass strong regulations against Wall Street…
    End Iraq war…
    Commit to ending Afgan war in July 2011…
    Close Gitmo…
    Crack down on tax cheats…

    Do ALL of this before November 2010 and you will have won back my support.

    On each of this assmonkey’s points…it’s like dealing with a bratty teenager. I especially love that their own messiah promised to do each of these things his first year in office…the closest he came to actually following through was the “crack down on tax cheats” which apparently means “hire them to run the IRS”. And while we’re at it, what the freak does “pass a strong jobs bill” mean? If you’re soaking the “rich”, “investing” in new energy (which clearly won’t mean clean coal or atomic power), throwing a host of new restrictions on Wall Street, just who the fuck is going to be offering all these jobs they want created?

  40. defendUSA says:

    Thanks!! haha. They think Obama moved right? Alll-righty then. Put your heads deeper in the sand kids, cause we’re on a roll and you’uns ain’t gonna like it.
    These folks are dumb and getting dumber.