General Ballduster McSoulpatch arrested

| February 5, 2010


We got word earlier this evening that the FBI arrested our General Ballduster in Houston. We’ve been waiting for the local Houston station to broadcast the story since they were the ones on the ground that actually got him arrested. But it was really you guys who emailed the story to each other until it got into some hands that recognized him.

He looks like a soldier. He says he’s a soldier. But he’s not a soldier. And now he is facing charges for lying about his resume. When we started asking questions, so did the FBI.

The man, who the FBI says is nothing but a fraud, even showed up in a military uniform at Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s inauguration. The problem is that he didn’t earn any of the medals he was wearing.

Michael Patrick McManus was arrested Friday night after a federal judge signed a warrant for his arrest. The FBI says he was arrested without incident. The blog reads like an old time wanted poster: Wanted for stolen valor. Do you know this man? Reward.

“Just looking at the guy, the appearance is that he was a truly decorated serviceman,” said a man who took one of the photos of McManus.

I farted around with the embed code for the video and couldn’t get it right – just go to the link to see it.

Thanks to Mrs. Greyhawk for the poster.

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  1. Susan says:

    It is good to see this waste product got what was coming to him. Somebody call Branum – it is in his neck of the woods and Branum is about as good a lawyer as this asshat deserves.

  2. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    Excellent work of all involved! What a team!
    You think that was a real CIA agent who answered the door in the video report? LOL

    They must have all been raised on Fantasy Island. Who was that guy on Fantasy Island…Montalvan?

  3. Bill R. says:

    It’s good to see this guy is on the road to getting what he deserves. That said, he does not look like a soldier. He looks like a civilian in a uniform. Big difference and I can’t believe he wasn’t questioned about it at the time.

  4. TSO says:

    I don’t know if I am happy or pissed that we got no credit. Mind you I talked to this reporter 4 times, and even arranged the interview with John Brieden. And nothing about TAH.

    Maybe it is my potty mouth.

    If so, FUG YOU ABC reporter guy.

  5. Susan says:

    TSO, you should probably clean up same said potty mouth and call the lovely Caroline and say very nice things to her so that she will not feel compelled to further embarrass your sorry butt!!!

  6. TSO says:

    Ha, I talked to her earlier. I am in Washington State, so we are on different times, and alas, the young love of my life is ill today, so she had BETTER be asleep.

    And she was more mad at me because I wouldn’t click the link, so she took it out by sending to Jonn. Besides, I accused her of being guilty of being totally awesome on facebook today, so I think I am all right now.

  7. defendUSA says:

    It sucks that TAH didn’t get any mention. I HATE when that happens. But, bottom line is the SOB is in jail where he belongs.

  8. OldTrooper says:

    Great team effort by all the mil blogs to get this worthless POS.

    Well done, everyone, well done.

  9. NHSparky says:

    TSO–take heart in the fact that this POS has been exposed at least, even if you don’t get the “public” bragging rights for it. Remember the words of Ronaldus Maxiumus–“There’s no limit to what a man can do wor where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

  10. Old Tanker says:

    Hey McAnus, how do you like playing dress up now?? POS.

    NHSparky, right on! but the occasional attahboy is nice! Attahboy TSO, we all know the real deal!!

  11. CWO George Samek US Army Ret. says:

    Some served..all with honor..This puke is a stain on all who stood to defend America against evil, Past, Present and Future.

    On behalf of all my Brothers & Sisters on our holy Vietnam Wall I hope he will spend time with Bubba in prison where Bubba will not tell him a war story, reather sing him a love song.

    SSG George Samek
    Tet 68 Saigon
    18th MP Brigade
    Real Bronze Star

  12. proof says:

    I can’t tell from the picture, but is that the MoH he has hanging around his neck? What a scumbag!

  13. Toothless Dawg says:

    General Ball Licker, or maybe he’s really Secret Agent Man of the CIA, can enjoy his time in jail. Hopefully after Bubba’s love song, he can go out and burn shitters for his keep.

    Onward and forward, there are more posers to be exposed and I would say that y’all are perfectly capable to do some more exposing. Durn technology is ‘sometimes’ a great thing!!!

  14. Sean says:

    Now he’ll wear a POW medal when he gets out

  15. Toothless Dawg says:

    hey Proof, general ball licker is also a ‘Commander of the Order of the British Empire’.

  16. Jim USN 65-71 says:

    Dawg & George…Ball Licker better hope he never meets our Bubba…
    Great job everyone,,Keep up the Good Work..
    Jim Diehl “Gathering Of Eagles” Washington NC

  17. OldTrooper says:

    I wonder if the Denver Post will come to his rescue and claim it’s free speech for him to dress his candy-ass up in honors he didn’t earn?

  18. Mrs G says:

    I would have been happy with the mention of “MilBloggers”. They make it sound as if the FBI was investigating on their own when in fact milbloggers contacted them. And they tracked McManus to an address in Houston? I thought we all did the tracking? Alot of behind the seen efforts done without mention.

  19. acutepolitics says:

    “Now he’ll wear a POW medal when he gets out”


  20. Sporkmaster says:

    That is great news to wake up too.

  21. AW1 Tim says:

    Heh.. that wannabe soldier is gonna learn a new definition of “Butt Pack”… 🙂

  22. ROK Drop says:

    It is disappointing that milblogs didn’t get the bulk of the credit for outing this guy, but still at least he was arrested. TAH always gets credit on my site. Great work!

  23. fozzy says:

    12 proof –

    That’s actually a Knight Commander of the British Empire around his scrawny neck. Do you address a General with a knighthood as Sir General? Or just General? Somebody ask Schwartzkopf.

  24. ponsdorf says:

    Hey George, Jim, et al. Good to see you here.

  25. Charlie says:

    Hope his sentence is long enough so he can be buried there, there and forgotten. U.S.Army 1965-95 Charlie

  26. CWO George Samek US Army Ret. says:

    Seems they can talk the talk. but cannot walk the walk..Smoked about five during Support the Troops counters to the Anti-Guts Movement with the Gathering of Eagles.

    They like to dress up like military members and trool the Latrines at the USO. Any trooper who will turn on his Brothers & Sister while they are facing forward in combat is Pure T Scum..Period

    Piss Be Upon the IVAW..To include Adam & his pal Army Sgt.

  27. CWO George Samek US Army Ret. says:

    ponsdorf Says:
    February 6th, 2010 at 5:50 pm
    Hey George, Jim, et al. Good to see you here.

    Been busy with the GOE Laptops for Wounded Warriors..Presented 47 laptops in five months with private donations..Finished Camp LeJeJeune Marines on Feb 3, on to Fort Bragg,,Fort Gordon & Fort Hood..ASAP.
    I have received permission to present laptops to the Canadian Wounded Warriors.

  28. JonP says:

    Glad to see you here, George. Great stuff your doing with GOE Laptops. That POS should rot. If I saw someone that young with all that salad I would do a double-take and say WTF? and start asking questions.

  29. JonP says:

    A real hero passed away this week returning from a mission with Patriot Guard Riders to honor a Vet. Bill “Snap” Lines had a Distinguished Service Cross and 5 Bronze Stars all with V Device among other decorations. Assholes like that puke above dishonor all vets and more importantly our true hero’s.

  30. Bryan says:

    I posted this on the Houston Chronicle as well but here are additional links of him and you see in these photos he is wearing the uniform. These were taken at different times other than the Annise Parker event, since you see he is clean shaven in some of them. He even wears the uniform on his EBAY account!
    and his ebay account
    here is his blog:

    I also found his profile on one of the gay social networking sites, but yo have to be a member to see it.

  31. CWO George Samek US Army Ret. says:

    There are real American service members in our military medical treatment centers who wear with pride an award of the Purple Heart, earned with their blood and pain. These are our true hero’s.

    If you wish to help send them the gift of communications home to their family and friends and bring joy to them during their recovery please consider a donation to the GOE Laptops for Wounded Warriors mission. These presentations are made by our Gold & Blue Star Mothers who give them the gift of a Mothers love.

    Leave no Wounded Warrior behind,donate what you can afford and share in the joy of saying to them, Thank you for your brave service, Welcome Home, Job Well Done Trooper.

    Link Here for details on the Laptop Missions.

  32. If you are a soldier confined to a hospital recovering from combat wounds, the thing you want most (aside from competent medical care) is contact with family, friends and the outside world. Communication with supportive loved ones is known to dramatically enhance the healing process.
    I’m the OK Military Mom and I’m there for any soldier who needs the type of help or defense unique to a mother’s heart, so last summer, when ‘Uncle George’ Samek called me and said the troops recovering at Walter Reed had requested computers for internet access while they recuperated, I said “so … let’s get ’em some!”
    Since that time, under the Gathering of Eagles banner, we’ve donated scores of laptops to military medical facilities across the country, with plans to include Canadian troops. The effort is called ‘Laptops for Wounded Warriors’.
    There is no more noble cause than standing up for the brave men and women who lay their lives on the line for our liberties and this is simply a way to say ‘thank you’ to our troops. It’s the least we can do.
    The Gathering of Eagles Laptops project will continue until Sept. 11, 2010.
    Tax deductible donations can be made directly to GoE at or to Bank of Oklahoma ‘Laptops’ – designated Oklahoma account. …or just toss a few bucks at Uncle George!

  33. CWO George Samek US Army Ret. says:

    Sister Debi took the lead at Fort Sill OK and with the efforts of Debi and Blue Star Mothers eight laptops with web cams and Ipods were presented to our brave wounded troops.

    All good to military Mothers, both Gold & Blue and those wonderful active duty wifes & husbands..who stand tall to fill the needs of our troops

    If not us..Who?..If not Now..When ?.

    These are grass roots missions..not one dime of government funding received or required..The military takes care of our own..Period.

  34. Mike Blankenship says:

    TSO…..hats off to you man for exposing this a$$hole. He’s not the first and surely won’t be the last of those out there, whose character is lower than whale shit, to steal the Honor of those that served and will serve in the future.
    One year behind bars is not enough but it’ll have to do.

    Hopefully some of the guards will be vets and arrange a shower in the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer if you get my drift.

    Leave No Shank Unturned.

    George, Debi, JimD, Dawg and all involved with the Laptop Mission, it has been an Honor and a privaledge to be a part of this very worthwhile cause. There are a lot of good folks out there doing good things for our troops and this is one.
    Our combat vets deserve everything we can do for them plus some more.

  35. IronKnight says:

    Good team work everyone.

  36. NQBUS says:

    Good job everyone. This is a slap in the face of every veteran who served with honor and integrity.

    CSM (Ret)

  37. Spockgirl says:

    So what did this PeeWee Herman hope to gain by doing this? Impress a bunch of people at a function and go home and laugh about it? I have now officially changed to a hardline view on this. It is just plain sick.
    You guys did a great job, and are doing a great job.