Memorial Day Weekend at Walter Reed

| May 23, 2008

I started my Memorial Day Weekend at my favorite place with my favorite people – the weekly Friday FReep at Walter Reed to welcome the wounded soldiers back from the war. The last time I was there was back on their 3rd Anniversary in March.

The FReepers and Protest Warriors still own all four corners at front gate where the troops arrive since Concrete Bob discovered the Code Pink crowd lost their permit.

The Code Pink contingent has been forced to hold their protests about 100 yards from the gate, in the middle of the block;

At least their flags are right-side up for a change.

The usual more signs than moonbats dilemma;

A good friend to this blog from the very beginning – Tom the Redhunter just back from Israel;

I’m always surprised at the amount of support these guys get in the heart of Northwest DC – not a bastion of Conservatism but, apparently filled with Americans. Here’s a video so you can see what it feels like;

I love the girl in the video – she’s always so full of energy. While I was filming the corner, a pedestrian stopped and told her how he missed her on Friday nights when she’s not there. She told me that some troops returning from Iraq had mentioned to her that they recognized her from the video I shot in March and put on YouTube and Google.

A few soldiers who work at Walter Reed stopped by and thanked the FReepers for being out there. Just as I walked up, one of the FReepers was autographing a sign for the father of a wounded soldier who had driven down to see his son from Illinois. He was so grateful for the support in front of the hospital, he asked for an autograph and a sign.

It only takes a few stories like that to keep those folks coming back – every week.

Stay tuned here this weekend as I plan to cover a lot of the Memorial Day events in the Nation’s Capitol.

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  1. rongkirby says:

    Great report Jonn. I will be at some of the Memorial events but will be looking for your reports. You make so many events. The DC Freepers are a great group and dedicated. My hats off to them. God Bless our Military and their Families.

  2. mtngrandpa says:

    Jonn – turn on your cell phone, two girls tried to call you yesterday.

    Jonn wrote: My phone is on, but T-Mobile sucks.

  3. JWF says:

    Good work, Jonn. What a pathetic bunch.

    Nice to see them exploit that child in the pink wig. Always a special touch dragging the kids into it.

  4. Raoul says:

    Two things, as a goof, one Friday night I gave the young lady “pom-poms”, which she willingly accepted. Only problem, they weren’t up to the heavy duty cheerleading workout. Shredded within the hour.

    The “Money for Wounded” sign is Code Pinks way of confessing that they raise money for the enemy.

  5. Raoul says:

    The woman in the floppy pink hat is Toby Blowme. Seriously, I wouldn’t kid about that in connection with a woman so ugly.

  6. Kit Lange says:

    JONN! I didn’t know that was you. LOL Nice pic of me. haha Too bad you didn’t catch what my shirt said. “Marine Corps Recruiting Station, Berkeley, CA…We piss off more hippies by 9 am than you do all day! (If hippies got up before noon)

    Jonn wrote: Hi, Kit. I didn’t know that was you, either. We’ve actually met before. You’ll find your picture in this post last September. I knew you’d be at Walter Reed if you were in town.

  7. mtngrandpa says:

    Jonn, That picture of Kit and Jake last September is one of my favorites. What kind of camera did you use?

    Jonn wrote: I use a Nikon D40 – it’s easy to use and takes great pictures.