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| May 24, 2008 and the Washington Times have made the Vietnam Memorial searchable;

Now you can add your story and remembrance to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. In collaboration with the archival search company Footnote, The Times has made each of the 58,000-plus names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial searchable, a place where you can add personal stories. A digital image of the wall — actually thousands of photos fused together — locates each veteran’s name where it appears on the memorial. From there, any visitor to The Times site can leave their stories and remembrances or upload photos of veterans. Start by clicking on the “Search the Wall” box, where you can select “Search” or “View.” Once you find the name of a soldier, you can add your stories or photos.

The Times doesn’t mention this but the project was funded by the National Archives and launched a few months ago. This is a perfect example of things the government should be doing – making our history more available to us. If you click on the picture of the Wall above, it’ll take you to the “virtual” Wall.

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  1. Richard Wheeler says:

    I Served as a Marine platoon commander in RVN 11/67-11/68.Didn’t see “W”, Dick,or most of todays Repub.neo-cons.I will not vote for McCain who I respect UNLESS he totally disowns and distances himself from “W”.Otherwise myself and many Vets will vote Obama/Jim Webb a true VN hero.Semper Fi

  2. COB6 says:

    Have you got any God Damn respect at all?!

    This is a post about a memorial for fallen warriors. Do you think it’s appropriate to spew your deranged vitriol on This post on This weekend?

    In case your ignorant ass didn’t know; this is not politics or BDS weekend; it’s frigging MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

    There are plenty of posts around here for you to enter the political dialogue. This one ain’t it.

    A little class, just a spoonful would be nice.

  3. Richard Wheeler says:

    COB My respect for the wall is as great and deeply felt as anyone.I lost many friends there and as one who served there for 13 months I can say whatever the hell I want. Sorry it offends your sensitivities.Class has never been one of your strong points but I forgot how easily you get riled up.Chill out.

    Jonn wrote: Horseshit. You’ve been trolling around here all week looking for a fight. This particular post was about a resource that veterans can use to get in touch with friends they lost. You just crapped all over it. Your “Marine veteran” shield doesn’t prevent me from cutting you out of all discussions from here forward if that’s how you want to play it. Play nice or play elsewhere.

  4. ponsdorf says:

    Thanks Jonn. After all these years it’s nice.

    There’s a newish project getting under that may have some

    Not selling anything here. Just a heads-up, and thanks again.

  5. ponsdorf says:

    er… underway, sorry.

  6. Richard Wheeler says:

    Jonn It’s your site.I thank you for posting it and I’ve used it to locate two friends.I meant no disrespect and thank God we live in a country of free speech and free elections.