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| February 10, 2010

A Kansas City man was arrested for telling a high school newspaper reporter that he he was awarded the Purple Heart and a Silver Star in the Grenada operation while he was SURPRISE! a Ranger. Turns out he spent a month in the Army in 1983, according to

Federal prosecutors Tuesday charged [Timothy James Watkins, age 47] with one misdemeanor count of falsely claiming to have been awarded military medals. If convicted, he faces up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

A telephone listing for Watkins in Richmond had been disconnected late Tuesday afternoon.

Watkins began to embellish his military service after his discharge and wore pins on his clothing that signified he had received the Purple Heart and Silver Star, authorities allege.

The most expansive telling of the tale purportedly came in March 2005, when he spoke with the Liberty Junior High student who was writing the paper.

Watkins claimed that as an Army Ranger, he parachuted into Grenada during a nighttime operation and began climbing a 135-foot rock face under enemy fire while carrying almost 100 pounds of gear, authorities say.

Watkins allegedly told the student that he was shot in the leg during the climb and fell 70 feet, breaking his leg.

Read more: Area man who claimed he received military medals is charged –

That was a busy month he spent in the Army, huh?

Kansas City InfoZine says the FBI investigated it – that’s a good sign since they’ve been so reluctant to touch these cases.

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  1. Sponge says:

    But…..but………The FIRST AMENDMENT!!!!

    Firing squad. You insult all those that wear and have worn the uniform with pride, honored that uniform and EARNED bragging rights.

  2. Old Tanker says:

    No shit, there I wuz, a ranger….I know it says “Old Tanker” but I was a 19K Ranger…..ya, with my jump wings I was chosen to jump into Grenada with my tank….but the landing was kinda hard and I broke my back (ya, I said brokeback) and ruptured a spleen, a kidney and both lungs, but that was before pulling my tank up a 1,324 ft cliff face with a come along and a boot lace……

  3. UpNOrth says:

    And they wonder why they get outed? Yeah, said outed. What a maroon. For Debra, that’s Bugs Bunny lingo. 🙂

  4. OldTrooper says:

    Jeezus fucking cripes!!!! This one pisses me off to no fucking end!!!

    I lost someone I knew in that operation and this mental fucking midget decides he wants to lay claim to that op and those awards!?!

    Give me 3 fucking minutes with him, please.

    RIP Sgt. Rademacher