William M. Arkin needs a lesson (Updated 2x)

| January 31, 2007

Everyone is blogging about William Arkin’s Homeland Security blog entry titled “The Troops Also Need to Support the American People“. I first read about it at Crotchety Old Bastard then Blackfive. I don’t usually pile on, but some of Little Billy Arkin’s paragraphs need a response that I don’t think have been sufficient enough yet.

These soldiers should be grateful that the American public, which by all polls overwhelmingly disapproves of the Iraq war and the President’s handling of it, do still offer their support to them, and their respect

Grateful? What are you talking about? Every stupid newspaper and news show disparages the troops at every opportunity. Like the wall-to-wall coverage of a few thousand drooling idiots on the National Mall this last weekend. Where was the Washngton Post and Little Billy Arkin’s outrage at Joshua Sparling’s incident on the Mall? Is that what you call something to be grateful for, ya spoiled little brat.

Through every Abu Ghraib and Haditha, through every rape and murder, the American public has indulged those in uniform, accepting that the incidents were the product of bad apples or even of some administration or command order.

Or maybe the American public realized that not everyone in the military is a criminal. That’s not “indulging”, that’s called the rule of Law. Even though you and your fellow journalists have tried to lump the troops into a pigeonhole, the Real American People konw that they are our sons and daughters that we raised in our communities. They weren’t the result of some government project to breed warriors on a secret base somewhere.

We just don’t see very man [sic] “baby killer” epithets being thrown around these days, no one in uniform is being spit upon.

See the Joshua Sparling link above, smartypants.

So, we pay the soldiers a decent wage, take care of their families, provide them with housing and medical care and vast social support systems and ship obscene amenities into the war zone for them, we support them in every possible way, and their attitude is that we should in addition roll over and play dead, defer to the military and the generals and let them fight their war, and give up our rights and responsibilities to speak up because they are above society?

No, the troops want all of you know-it-all yuppie pansies to shut up while they’re putting their lives on the line for you until they finish the job – then you can criticize until the cows come home. The longer you yap about shit you don’t understand, the more emboldened is our enemy, and the more troops die. Is that too hard to understand, weinie-boy?

But it is the United States and instead this NBC report is just an ugly reminder of the price we pay for a mercenary – oops sorry, volunteer – force that thinks it is doing the dirty work.

Mercenary, huh? If you summoned the testicular fortitude to talk to a soldier, you’d find out they do it for their country, not because of the pay. They volunteered to serve their country and the country compensates them for their sacrifice so little gutless worms like you can spew your ignorant vomit.

That was the most cowardly and lowest paragraph of the whole piece – taking shots like that at people who can’t answer you in person.

Of course, Little Billy Arkin, if you want to discuss this further, I work just a few Metro stops from the WaPo and I’d love to discuss this in person with you – I’ll even buy lunch. Given how gutless your writings are, it shouldn’t cost much to fill you up.

UPDATE: Arkin responds to the criticism by calling us arrogant and intolerant. Oh, apparently he’s a veteran who served as a secret squirrel in Berlin in the years 1974 – 1978. Military.com’s Buddy Finder lists a William E. Arkin 0-5 in the Navy, but no William M. Arkin. Hmmmm.

His bio claims he was an intel weinie who “engaged in a number of covert intelligence collection projects” which means someone let him debrief an infantry patrol occasionally – which is probably why he hates real soldiers. Why would an intelligence analyst go to work for Greenpeace as their “military specialist”? His email address is on the Institute for Global Communications network;

Beginning in 1987, the Institute for Global Communications (IGC) played a formative role in bringing advanced communications technologies to grassroots organizations worldwide working for peace, human rights, environmental sustainability, women’s rights, conflict resolution and worker rights. Our flagship global computer networks — PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, ConflictNet, LaborNet and AntiRacismNet — became trademark names in the struggle for democratic use of the media and the world’s communications infrastructure. At its peak in 1998, IGC had over 35 full-time staff members.

I guess there’s no agenda there is there? The guy is an America-hater in a southern Vermont snowbank, shaking his fist at the folks who keep his neighborhood safe.

Must be a case of cabin fever. Having spent a few winters in Vermont myself, I understand. I also understand how out-of-touch with the realities of the world Vermonters live. William Arkin is a kneejerk, emotional ex-pat flatlander – the type of Vermonter that keeps sending idiots like Howard Dean, Pat Leahy and Bernie Sanders to Washington.

UPDATE II: Arkin is back again and anything I’d have to say about him this time could be found much more eloquently expessed at Old Crotchety Bastard and Flopping Aces. I’m pretty sure Arkin has officially joined the ranks of Ward Churchill and Cynthia McKinney as extreme moonbats.

I equate this drivel with the non-flying imams in that both are preparing for the “Big One”; they’re desensitizing us in preparation for a larger more prolonged strike from their respective allies. Arkin is just pointman for the rest of the legions of journalists who will, as I predicted back in 2001 on another discussion forum whose archives are conveniently gone, shit openly on our fighting forces. 

There is only one fighting force in the world that has defeated Marxism on a grand scale twice in history – the US military. Since they can’t be defeated on the field of battle, the Left and the Islamofacists have decided it must be defeated at it’s source – the American public.

Arkin is the Left’s most recent standard bearer, but watch for an even larger and more broad assault.

James Lileks sums up Arkin’s first blog very succinctly;

The pith of the gist seems to be “shut up and bleed,” but I’ve only read it once, and subsequent study might yield additional nuance.

The best “fisking” I’ve seen to date was done by the Anti-Idotarian Rottweiler while Iowahawk debates “Should Washington Post Military Analyst William Arkin Be Beaten Like the Repulsive Sack of Shit He Is?” 

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