IVAW Kokesh still in the race for NM’s 3CD

| March 28, 2010

Yes, Adam Kokesh, member of IVAW is back on the Republican primary ballot after his loss to Tom Mullins in the pre-primary recently for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District. Kokesh and Mullins faced off the other night in a debate in Clovis, NM according to the local press.

Mullins introduced himself as a petroleum engineer and small businessman from Farmington who has just recently decided to pursue politics.

Kokesh is a Marine veteran from Santa Fe and served in Iraq with the 3rd Civilian Affairs Unit in Fallujah. His Web site says he is a Tea Party leader who has dedicated his political life to individual rights and constitutional government.

Kokesh is callong himself the “Tea Party candidate” in the Republican race – I didn’t know that Tea Party candidates were people who’ve never had jobs outside of a brief military career (cut short by malfeasance) and years in college.

After Michelle Malkin called out Kokesh on her blog, he went on Russia Today to defend himself. He said that Malkin blamed him for the threats against her from Jon DeWald.

Kokesh said that he voted to have DeWald suspended while he was on the board of the IVAW. What he neglected to mention was that he encouraged DeWald in his sociopathic behavior and DeWald’s suspension lasted only a few months through the Winter Soldier hearings. DeWald’s permanent removal only resulted after he robbed the coffers entrusted to him as a chapter president in IVAW.

In an interview with Cassy Fiano, Tom Mullins said it all;

I disagree with Adam’s positions regarding our military. I support Guantanamo Bay being open. We are not occupiers. Adam’s activities offend the many veterans, including my father, that I have met. We are not the world’s policeman. We have a volunteer military. Our military men and women deserve support from our elected officials and all members of the American public. I don’t understand how Adam’s actions are “Constitutional”. Adam is nothing more than an Internet Celebrity and a War Protester. I don’t believe New Mexicans agree with his views or his methods to share or voice them.

Of course, Kokesh fails to mention his anti-war roots, or his connections to the flag-burning IVAW when he’s talking to Republicans. I wonder why. Maybe he should bring his replacement internet celebrity, Matthis Chiroux, on the campaign trail to burn flags and shout out how that’s what he thinks of America.

Then Kokesh can explain to his prospective constituents why he maintains membership and ties to IVAW.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Chris–he was in the sandbox. For that, you and he get props for that. What he’s done since pretty much negates his service to his country, and to my mind, actually overshadows his serivce in the Corps.

    As for me? Meh–I’m just a dumbass bubblehead. What do I know. VFW and Legion seem to think otherwise since they saw fit to allow me to join, and for that I’m flattered.

    And as far as the SgtMaj, while I may not agree with the method of delivery, I can see what he was driving at. You rest on your laurels, you think people are gonna pop tall because of what’s on your chest rather than the leadership example you SHOULD be setting, and yeah, you’re gonna catch a lot of grief, and rightly so.

  2. Jason says:

    So you admit that you lied in your original post. In the original post you said that…he “robbed the coffers entrusted to him as a chapter president in IVAW.” This is not true, by your own admission in your reply to my post you state, “You’re right. DeWald didn’t actually steal chapter funds.” So you are intentionally defaming Dewald in your first post. You lied and you knew it. Why? Why keep on telling lies? Also, I would love to see the copious documentation and to know if you got it from your connections with the ultra conservative “Eagles” group which seeks to destroy IVAW and sought to stop winter soldier. Also, I would love to see proof that he “outed you”. As I recall he simply pointed to the fact that you are a women. He did not give your name until you began your slander campaign, one which you continue today as proven by this example of your willful misrepresentation of the truth. Your lie in your original post should be changed to reflect the truth that John Dewald never touched the IVAW MKE funds. Otherwise you admit by your dereliction of duty that nothing you say can be trusted. If you continue to misrepresent the truth to try to win your arguments I suggest you consider a job at fox news after your active duty stint is over.

  3. Jason, I didn’t write this post. I wrote a comment. They’re different people. I never said DeWald stole chapter funds, I said he threatened to withhold chapter funds if he didn’t get me kicked out.

    If anyone wants to see the mass quantities of documentation of DeWald’s slime, they can contact me privately, I’m not going to post 47 pages here.