Brett Paul Broussard; Oathkeeper phony

| May 2, 2010

Brett Paul Broussard
Photo added 12/1/14 from mugshot.

On it’s surface, the Oathkeepers organization seems like a worthwhile association for first responders and military members. However, This Ain’t Hell has uncovered some of it’s seamier side. Like when founder, Stuart Rhodes, contemplated welcoming IVAW members into his organization, and finally relented. And the time that Bev Pearlson discovered a Kokesh connection to the Oath Keepers.

Well, apparently they’re mirroring IVAW in another manner – failing to verify their members’ profiles. Take Brett Paul Broussard, for example. He’s in charge of the Lousiana chapter in Region 2. A couple of members have contacted me about Broussard’s story line – that he claims he was in “Lebanon in the Kohbar Towers incident while serving as a Petty Officer”. Well, the Khobar Towers and Lebanon are two different places separated by a lot of sand, for one thing.

It would have been difficult to be a petty officer in either incident according to his records;


Two Seven weeks of service – even MacBeth lasted longer. He has some significant scaring on his face that he claims came from one of those incidents, but apparently, he was in a motorcycle accident a couple of years back.

So Broussard’s latest claim is that he’s a Merchant Marine, but when our friends at POW Net sent a request for verification that he’s a Merchant Marine;


The NPRC responded with his Navy records, such as they are, so there are doubts he’s a Merchant Marine, too.

Maybe I’ll just run the entire OathKeepers’ Board through the records process and see how that shakes out.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Six weeks, actually–but more than likely he never got past his 1-5 day, and spent the rest of his time in the 15th Division with the rest of the blind/crippled/crazy/criminal types. It would have taken that long for RTC to process his paperwork and get him the fuck out.

  2. UnicornDick says:

    His social is on that 2nd screen cap.

  3. Beverly says:

    Thanks for your diligence in this matter. When the Oathkeepers allowed someone to sit at their booth at CPAC wearing a Support Kokesh pin, that told me everything I needed to know. Adam Kokesh and the IVAW have hurt our troops and I, among so many, do not take kindly to that. How can an organization called “Oathkeepers” befriend and associate with those that call our troops terrorists?
    Oil and water don’t mix and they NEVER will! Many are disillusioned with Oathkeepers and rightfully so.

    Beverly Perlson
    The Band of Mothers

  4. You would think that by now the posers would have figured out that they will indeed be exposed…

    Too bad about the Oath Keepers, it looked like a really good organization in the beginning.

  5. Jim USN 65-71 says:

    To many organizations take just anybody so they can claim large membership rolls..To me an Honorable membership is far more important than numbers..Take IVAW for example, when we found that more than half were never in the Military and most of the remainder had bad discharges or should never have been in the Military, it came back to bite them in the ass..I’m real disappointed in Oath Keepers..When you lose credibility it’s hard if not impossible to gain it back..

    Jim Diehl
    Gathering Of Eagles

  6. Debra says:

    I watched a motivational video a couple months ago about Naval aviation training (i.e., for pilots), which was very moving. I noticed they had a short clip in there with one of the pilots commenting on protesters. The message was basically to not be concerned about protesters; that this is what occurs in a free society.

    In places like Cuba, dissent has been long repressed by the government. Hopefully we are not aspiring to be like Cuba.

    The sympathies of the majority of Iraq veterans I have known who were co-founders of IVAW, or were ever associated with it in any way, were always clearly on the side of the troops. From the beginning, their message was the traditional, “Honor the Warrior, Not the War.”

    Beverly, I’m wondering if you can you provide specific instances and name names of those who have called our troops terrorists? Does anyone have Adam Kokesh on video calling our troops terrorists?

    While I no longer associate with the veterans peace movement as a whole due to irreconcilable differences, I also don’t go around making shit up for the purpose of stirring up hatred and hostility. Considering that, for better or for worse, this site has also taken IVAW members and ex-members into its fold, I don’t really see the need for that kind of hate-flaming as though that is true of all veterans who have ever been associated with IVAW.

    But…some people get off on that kind of thing. C’est la vie.

  7. Debra Beverly could provide you with more specifics than you have time to digest LOL! In fact, most of us here could. Although I doubt it would make any difference to you whatsoever in the end result, there would be another excuse for the dishonesty anyway.

  8. Debra says:

    The co-founders and early members of IVAW did not call the troops terrorists. I’m more than aware of how things have evolved, particularly with certain high-profile members, and it does indeed reflect poorly on the whole organization – which is, in part, why I (a former VFP member) and most Iraq veterans who I knew from the early days, no longer associate with IVAW. But to make a blanket statement that IVAW calls the troops terrorists, as though this is the view held by amy who have ever been affiliated, is simply wrong.

    It’s unclear to me what your comment about “another excuse for the dishonesty” is supposed to mean. I’m not a dishonest person, so I hope that’s not what you were insinuating.

  9. Mike Blankenship says:

    To Debra……why is it that every time i see you posting here,no matter what the topic is, you’re always trying to make excuses about the members and your association with the IVAW.

    It seemed like a great idea at the time didn’t it? Yes ma’m you were all gungho at the beginning when the back stabbing Democrats and the media were crucifying Pres. Bush on a daily basis from ’04 till he was out of office.

    Now that the war in Iraq isn’t a daily headline, or Afghanistan for that matter, all of the anti-war pukes and their organizations are crumbling and in turn the members are fighting with each other because they don’t have a place to call home or a “Just Cause” to fight for anymore.

    “Hanoi” John Kerry tried to sweep his involvement with VVAW under the rug for years, but it’s still following him around today.
    Same goes for Jane.
    You can’t hide from your past Debra….

  10. Carolyn says:

    thank you for continuing to expose the frauds.

  11. Sporkmaster says:


    When I first heard of the IVAW was in a US Army Times letter. I had just gotten to Fort Benning and never been overseas. So while I disagreed with them, they had been in Iraq facing dangers that I never did at the time. So I acknowledged that fact.

    Then the Jesse Macbeth came along and I put that into a bad apple. But when I really started looking at this website it seemed that more and more had never been. (I found this site by looking up Andre Shepard)

    So unless they ignore this and or had a high percentage of fake military vets, I will reserve judgment on the Oath Keepers.

  12. Debra says:


    Your assessment of things is so skewed. I don’t hide from my past, and if I was any more open about things, I would have no privacy at all. I’m not making excuses about anything or anyone. My views on the war have not fundamentally changed; I still think it was a very bad idea and I don’t hide that view. On the other hand, with time, I have also been able to put things into perspective in a way I was previously unable to do. I stopped protesting and I listen more. But I have never been a traitor to my country, nor have I ever been dishonest. Unlike the politicians who started this war in the first place…but we won’t go there.

    I noticed that Glenn Beck has been changing his views on foreign policy and the war. And Judge Napolitano’s views on the war are not at all in line with the prevalent view here either. But you want to call me Hanoi Jane because, in spite of my background and of being a right-wing libertarian for the past couple decades, I opposed this war from the start?

    I understand ya all’s view, but that is no reason to exaggerate facts or act like, because so many have misrepresented themselves or dishonored themselves, that there is no honorable veteran anywhere who was against this war. Or that everybody in this country who is right of center agrees with you about Kokesh’s utter worthlessness as a human being. I grow weary of the hostility and negative emotions of those who remain locked in their false version of reality. It’s unhealthy to live in that state of mind.

    If you think the only thing I post about here is defending IVAW, then I must conclude you are very unaware. I spent much of a recent weekend here on TAH defending the actions of our troops in Iraq who others called murderers. And that was completely in line with my views from the very beginning, which is why I have ALWAYS opposed bad ideas like the US signing onto the ICC, etc.

    Give me a friggin’ break, will ya?

  13. Mike Blankenship says:

    It’s a free country Debra….anyone can march and protest all they want….just because the 1st Amendment gives you a friggin break doesn’t mean i have to…..i despise those troops that go AWOL while their comrades uphold their oath and go into harm’s way and others that stand with them.

    That’s all the friggin break you’ll get from me.

  14. ponsdorf says:

    Jonn: Perhaps the Oath Keepers DO need your kind of scrutiny?

    Thing is… Where do you draw the line? The list of those who don’t vet their membership effectively is pretty long. Even real, acknowledged, VSOs get stiffed from time-to-time. Hell, even the DVA gets hoodwinked.

    That’s really just a rhetorical question. I think the OK is a silly concept from the get-go.

  15. Debra says:

    @Mike Blankenship (#13) – “i despise those troops that go AWOL while their comrades uphold their oath and go into harm’s way and others that stand with them.”

    1) The co-founders of IVAW were real Iraq vets, none of whom went AWOL.
    2) In my opinion, nobody should have been sent into harm’s way in the first place.

    However, since they were sent into harm’s way, and they continue to be (I really had hoped everything would be long over with by now), I do my part to support the troops as well and help hold together the fabric of our society. Would that everyone be as concerned. Unfortunately, however, we are not actually a nation at war; we are merely a small extended military community that is at war while, for most everyone else, the war is far removed from their minds.

    Ponsdorf, I don’t really see the point of the Oath Keepers either. I mean, heck, you have swear or affirm that you will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States just to register to vote. So what is the point of the Oath Keepers? It is only so much pointless feel-good redundancy.

  16. Jim USN 65-71 says:

    Debra,,,,I was at the DC Recruiting Station when when Kokesh called a Blue Star Mother “The Mother Of A Terrorist” and “Our Military were the Real Terrorist”.. I was on the corner when Kokesh was arrested for putting up ANSWER posters on utility boxes and heard very clearly the despicable things he was calling the Police..I have seen the IVAW march and heard their vile and disparaging words towards our Honorable men & women of the Military many times..Before you open your mouth you should do your research and not use the communist talking points..You sound like a code pink,,ANSWER,,move on .org,, IVAW etc etc etc broken record……….

  17. Jeff says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a former United States Marine and retired Police Officer. I joined the “Oathkeepers” some time ago but, have not really had the time to attend any meetings (family, farm, school…). I am currently attending college on a Chapter 31 benefit and encountered some of those IVAW pogues on campus. My question, are the “Oathkeepers” really in league with those morons? If so, I’m pulling chocks.
    Thank You for your time.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Jeff, the Oathkeepers contemplated for few days over whether they’d accept IVAW members in their organization back in September.. Ultimately, they decided they wouldn’t. Stuart Rhodes, the OK’s founder was quoted in Mother Jones; After an Oath Keeper who is also a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War touted IVAW repeatedly on Oath Keepers’ Web forum, Rhodes deleted the guy’s online testimonial. “The IVAW have their own totalitarian mindset,” he told me. “I don’t like communists any more than I like Nazis.”

      However, they did, for a time, support Adam Kokesh’s Congressional candidacy in New Mexico. Kokesh is a member of IVAW, and shares support with Stuart Rhodes of Ron and Rand Paul. One of our friends, Bev Perlson, caught a member of OK manning a table at CPAC wearing a Kokesh button. Although OK and IVAW are not affiliated, they share some of the same ideology through their Ron Paul connections.

      Based on that, I’ve never joined OathKeepers and many members of the This Ain’t Hell community have left OKers.

  18. Bulldog 22 1/10 Cav says:

    Outstanding work. There is not much worse than a fraud claiming combat service!! I never realized how many frauds were out there claiming service not earned until recently. I left ok several months back when the fraud listed was given the title of 2IC of Louisiana Group for OK.
    Thanks for the proof of what was known but not proven until now.

  19. Mike Blankenship says:

    Jonn…please excuse me for letting Debra get me off track…..helluva job once more on your part exposing these POSERS…..

  20. Debra says:

    Yes, I agree. My apologies as well. (I hear certain things, my brain goes ballistic, and I forget what the point of the discussion was. I’m trying to overcome this problem.)

  21. Eagle II says:

    Bill (CAV) NamVet just emailed me on this guy. He quit Oathkeepers as they refused to out this fraud. He said they are packed with wanna’s.

    Won’t be the first time – they run in packs. Once we busted a guy in FL who headed a VVA chapter no less.. and ll those around him in office vouched for him.. yup.. till we ran them.
    Wannabe Fruit Salad. That was back in the 90’s. Mary was in on that.

  22. Eagle II says:

    Now I think about it same with Patriot Guard Riders when they first formed. I had a page dedicated to just the wannabe’s busted who rode for the fallen. A classic was this wannabe PoW who died… and PGR was going to ride.. we informed them…
    NAMPoW’s via Mac & Ken (Cordier – Dallas) informed them and the puke who headed the run refused to cancel. It got worse.. — classic wannabe Rambo BS — so we ran him. WANNABE! So there.. a dead wannabe POW and a Wannabe riding for him. Guess that’s appropriate. That was only one of many..

  23. Eagle II says:

    IVAW – VVAW == same enemy, same fight. How did that crap get in here any who? Thought this was about a wannabe.

  24. Green Thumb says:

    IVAW = Losers.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Check out their Board members and advisors.


      Seems like very few, if any, actually served during Iraq.

      And most were discharged as junior EM’s. And some had UCMJ action. Wow. Cool folks. I wonder if some of these shitbags applied for discharge upgrades?


  25. TheChief says:

    This guy made it into the news again – arrested March 1st 2014

    BRETT PAUL BROUSSARD: 51, of the 1013D block of Parish Road, Butte Larose. He was booked for St. Martin Parish.