Obama Secures the Clinically Brain-Dead Endorsement

| June 18, 2008

I was reading an article at American Thinker that was outlining yet another gaffe by the Messiah but one of the comments got my attention.

Try to make any sense out of this drivel.

Our Great-grand Nation, the United States of America
is and will face very critical and substantial “Challenges” in coming,
months, years, and decades to come.
Let us remember that our Greatgrand is constituted of
family, friends,fellowships, faith, funds,foundation, fun, and future with fairness and freedom and without fear or favor.
COL.[retd] A.M.Khajawall M.D.
Forensic Psychiatrist.
Disables American Veteran.
Las Vegas Nevada.
Cell: 951-505-6975

Okay, did you manage to get your brain wrapped around that?

This exact same comment showed up after an article by Brian Tumulty at the Polhudson blog to which Tumulty responded:

Colonel of WHAT? Assessing this jumbled prose and indecipherable opinion, if you were a Colonel, Donald Duck was the Lt. Gen.

This mindless vowel-movement was so incomprehensible that it intrigued me. So I did a search on the good Colonel and I was floored. (I know there is no way in hell that this clown is or ever was a Colonel.)

What this knuckle dragging idiot lacks in gray matter he makes up for in energy and persistence. He has indeed been busy.

He basically has about three versions of the same cry for serious mental help and he has posted them in the comments of over 1300 articles in the past month! I did call the number but there was no answer.

Obama now has the African American vote, the socialist vote and now the emotionally disturbed vote. We are doomed!

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  1. Raoul Deming says:

    The guy’s probably from Libya, Kookdaffy and everybody else is a Colnel in Libya.

    Or maybe he’s a Kentucky Colonel?

    Or belongs to the Confederate Air Force, they’re all Colonels too.

    Ann Wright is actually just a Clown with Dsylexia. And how the hell did Karpinski ever make general officer? Karoinski has sold out and travels the anti-war circuit. Not as much as the others, but she’s chossen the dark side.

  2. Jonn Lilyea says:

    That “Disables American Veteran” sounds like a threat.

  3. I get it!

    It’s a “tongue twister” that’s being forwarded across the internet! All those “f’s” would get a fella in trouble! 🙂

  4. I am general TSO of the Grand Army of the Zulus. You may have eaten some of my invention in Chinese restaurant. I right to emplore you my friend, to aide me in excreting $17 gazillion dollers from bank of Zimbabwe.

  5. LT Nixon says:

    I thought Colonel Klink was a bit slow for an O-6, but he’s still making more sense than this dude.

    Jonn wrote: Hey, El-Tee. Welcome back. I’m hoisting one to your safe return right now.

  6. Mike Dennin says:

    At current exchange rates, that should net you around $2.37 USD.

  7. Jetty says:

    Proof positive that what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. Or, OK, maybe Denver. This guy sounds more like a “Kernel” who’s ready to pop.

  8. Rurik says:

    What? Has Khaji escaped from his padded room and come back to haunt us all again? He first showed up on May 27, here http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2008/05/obama_the_closer.html We had a string a Khaji drivel in commnets at AT for several days running, with humorous results. Then he disappeared. Notice he had some sort of connection with PCP. Now he’s back again! And a new google search reveals he has been leaving his troll droppings across the web. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&suggon=0&q=A.M.Khajawall+&start=0&sa=N
    Enjoy this character.

  9. Raoul Deming says:

    LT Nixon,

    I asked (Mary) Ann Wright if we could call her Col Klink because she was getting arrested weekly back then it seemed. She was not amused. Probably more confused.

    She’s a wacko like ArmySergeant. She can hang with the bad guys, work with the bad guys and be there doing bad things when the bad guys do bad things, but call her on it she’s not really, rellay on of them.

    Where can I buy one of those moral firewalls?

  10. ponsdorf says:

    Did a Google search on the guy… kinda repetitive and boring.

    Still, I’m an Admiral in the Cherry River Navy, and have the paper to prove it. Y’all look it up…

  11. 509th Bob says:

    You guys are PIKERS! I’m the SUPREME General-for-Life, Commander of all Cosmic Forces In and Beyond this Solar System! Furthermore, my Carbon Footprint is at LEAST 250 times anybody else’s (if only from beer farts that ABSOLUTELY exceed those from TSO!) and people who KNOW me call me the Commander of the Universe for my Infinite Life and Wisdom!

    Hmmm? Doesn’t this qualify me for President of Zimbabwe? Maybe Uganda, too? YES! The SOUTH (of Africa) SHALL RISE AGAIN!

  12. Al Gore says:

    509th Bob –

    NO ONE exceeds my carbon footprint and lives to tell about it.

    Prepare to be liquidated!

  13. Jeff says:

    I suspect Obama has this election locked thanks to the pharma companies and the murdering-satanist-globalist cabal. They are mass poisoning Americans (GMO foods, fluoride, chemtrails, aspartame, and who knows what else) and now they want U.S. to pay for these peoples care with socialistic healthcare.

    9/11 was just part of a 1000-mile pentagram drawn on the US map in American and foregin blood..

    COB6 wrote: Jeff, seriously dude, those meds are important. You should always take them.

  14. Ray says:

    I see people like Jeff all the time in the ER. They’re the ones who deny any medical history, but tell you they’re allergic to Haldol and Geodon. (Goody, what was going on when we discovered THOSE allergies? LOL)

  15. COl.[retd] A.M.Khajawall says:

    From one concerned citizen of U.S.A,

    Dear American Voters, reporters, media. professionals, political parties, and presidential Nominees,

    Hon. Senator McCain and Obama, besides each having many attributes and characteristics.
    The critical differences between the two of these presidential presumptive nominees in my opinion are as under:

    1. Presidential “Temperament and Caliber”.
    2. Little Washington “insider Versus outsider” experience.
    3. “Vision and mission” for our nation future rather than past.
    4. American policies, ” first U.S.A Centric” than any other country [ ies ] centric.

    In my professional opinion Senator Obama leads in all above qualities and attributes.

    Senator Obama and his administration along with congress will address all the critical current and future domestic and foreign issues, challenges, and opportunities in coming years.

    Let us remember and recite following concepts:

    ” Family, Friends, Fellows, Faith, Funds, Foundation [s], Fun, with Freedom & Fairness and without Fear, Favor, & Failure” . It applies to every citizen of our Greatgrand Nation.

    Please stay involved, stay engaged, and stay informed. Please do not allow any seduction, deception, and or confusion by some partisan media and leaders effect your vote [ Psychological Terrorism ]..

    Yours truly,

    COL. [retd] A.M.Khajawall
    Disabled American Veteran
    Forensic psychiatrist, Las Vegas

    PS: Please talk about the ” Presidential Temperament And Caliber ” of our presumptive presidential Nominees. We do talk about the “Judicial Temperament” of our Supreme Court Justices nominees and so far we have failed to talk about the ” Presidential Temperament ” of our presumptive presidential nominees. The ” Presidential Temperament ” is the ultimate and in my opinion only requirement of our president as that effects every living soul here and around the world.

    Thanks again.

  16. Gramps says:

    You’re really posting the same old crap all over the internet eh?

  17. Mike Dennin says:

    WHAT is this?? “Coffee Talk” with Linda Richman?


    Discuss amongst yasevs.

  18. Colon Kakawall is loony, loony, I tell you.
    nuf sed

  19. Ray says:

    Exactly what is your “profession” oh great COL (retarded)? It sounds like you are a professional moonbat. Also, Col of what? Salvation Army?

  20. TSO says:

    Yeah, that was my question too Ray. Looks like his website is down, but just dying to see that DD214.

  21. suek says:

    He may well have a DD214. I made the same assumption you did, and was called on it. Found this:


    “As Kashmir-born naturalized American citizen, having spent time between the two countries {My current country extraordinarily free [29 years] and old country under operation [29 years]}.”

    Colonel A. M. Khajawall, MD. ABFM, ABDA
    Colonel USAR/MC, 113th. Medical Company
    [Combat Stress Control]
    First Secretary: Kashmir American Mission [KAM}
    Founder: Kashmiri American Council. [KAC]
    Chief Psychiatrist: World Wide Professional Consultants
    P.O.BOX 4040
    Diamond Bar California, 911765-0040
    Cellphone: 1-909-374-1974
    Home Phone: 1-909-860-8444 and 1-562-777-7771
    Email: khajawall@yahoo.com and kashmirkam@aol.com

    COB6 Wrote: I have seen this exact post on several Asian/Indian sites. I don’t think it proves anything. This is not the US “defence journal”. This is published in Kurachi and does little or nothing to vet its authors. I still think this guy is a complete fraud.

  22. COl.[retd] A.M.Khajawall says:

    Dear American Citizens and the Press

    As a concerned citizen, I consider it is my duty to bring following message to you all.

    “We the citizens of the United States of America have the ultimate responsibility to elect the ” Right Candidate” to lead our nation, out of our huge present and future internal and external challenges as well as opportunities. This is to prevent depression and isolation in-spite of being the only superpower in the world morally, democratically, economically, and militarily.

    We need to consider the “critical qualities and characteristics” of our presumptive presidential nominees at the time we vote.

    In my personal and professional opinion the critical considerations are as under:

    1. Calm, cool, and collected ” temper ” [ Presidential Temperament ].
    2. Sound and sustained “Judgment and Caliber”.
    3. “Thought-fullness and togetherness” of purpose and positions.
    4. Minimum “ex-poser and exploitation” around “Washington and Washington insiders”.
    5. Renewed ” Vigor and Vision ” for our Greatgrand Nation.
    6. Foreign policy based on ” American Values, Virtuous, Vastness”.

    Stay informed, stay involved, and stay engaged. Do not allow some partisan media, pundits, pollsters, and perpetual political opinion makers effect your vote in the wrong direction.

    Don’t be effected and duped by “Psychological Terrorism” that is afflicted upon you all the time.

    Long live U.S.A and its diverse but democratic people.

    Col. A.M. Khajawall [Ret] MD., ABFM., ABDA.
    Chief Consultant: World Wide Porfessional Consultants[WWPC]
    Colonel, USAR/MC Combat Stress Control[Ret], Disabled American Veteran and Freedom team.
    Consultant Psychiatrist: CA State, Medical Board of California, and Los Angeles Mental Health Department
    Address: 7642 Eaglehelm Court Las Vegas NV 89123

    TSO: Your cut and paste skills are second to none.

  23. Martino says:

    So that’s it then. Temperament is the beginning and end of it. Dig up Norman Vincent Peale, because his country needs him.

  24. Mike says:

    Okay, who left the lacquer can open again? The fumes are gettin’ mighty strong in here.

  25. Joe A. says:

    Colonel A. M. Khajawall, MD. ABFM, ABDA SOS (Super Obama Spammer)
    Colonel USAR/MC, 113th. Medical Company
    [Combat Stress Control]
    First Secretary: Kashmir American Mission [KAM}
    Founder: Kashmiri American Council. [KAC]
    Chief Psychiatrist: World Wide Professional Consultants
    P.O.BOX 4040
    Diamond Bar California, 911765-0040
    Cellphone: 1-909-374-1974
    Home Phone: 1-909-860-8444 and 1-562-777-7771
    Email: khajawall@yahoo.com and kashmirkam@aol.com

  26. Tom W says:

    According to political contribution records, he was a fairly regular contributor to the RNC and the National Republican Senatorial Committee in the early to mid-1990s.

    He’s now a major Obama supporter. I am not, but I can understand his motivations given that the GOP went from a flirtation with their limited-government roots to a big-spending party of war and intervention.

    I’m sure he’s a well-meaning guy; he just has a peculiar writing style, you know with the odd capitalization, liberal use of quotes, etc.

  27. Tommie Myott says:

    Fascinating, tools like Tweet Adder are very powerful if utilized right, but social media marketing really should only be a modest component of an IM campaign.

  28. Bobo says:

    You have to be sh+tting me. He is on AKO. From the site:

    Basic Info
    Full Name: COL Ali M. Khajawall
    Service: Army
    Army Basic Branch: MC
    Organization: 113th Medical Company
    Account Type: Army Retired