Small Time Phoney.

| August 3, 2010

Found this on a site on FaceBook. Seems that is person claims that he is the best medic ever. I found a few items that I could spot like the the Army Reserve Achievement Medal and the Bronze Stars rather then Oak Leaf clusters. I am not sure about the last two medals if that are a Drill Ribbon or a Reserve Good Conduct Medal.

But I thought that you would love the Infantry Ribbon with the Medical Crest and Disks. Granted not the biggest fake ever but I figured that this guy is going to go further down this road. But one of the best line said was this.

If he is the best medic where’s his EFMB?

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  1. fm2176 says:

    Not trying to knock the ARNG (too much :)) but it seems to be not uncommon to find them wearing stuff they shouldn’t be. When my platoon leader, PSG and I attended the Rappel Master course at Ft Pickett we had some of the other students and cadre ask us about our Honor Guard tabs. Seems many of the VARNG troops around those parts sport one. Maybe it’s a state thing, but the cadre made it sound like one funeral detail was all it took to wear the tab.

    We have a shady LARNG recruiter down here that heroically stopped an impaired driver with his own vehicle. He got a NGA award, who knows what kind of state awards and a chance to lay a wreath at the Tomb. I was thinking I may have been wrong about his character until one of his fellow LARNG recruiters told me the guy he saved was never located or contacted, his wife was the only witness, and most of his co-workers thought the whole event was just too convenient. I saw his presentation picture and counted between twenty and thirty ribbons with the highest appearing to be an ARCOM. Quite the busy ARNG career for an Engineer turned recruiter.

    I also worked with a supposedly former 20th Group Support Soldier. He’d claimed to have been a sniper in Bosnia and to have been activated after 9/11 and set up on the roof of an airport for a week. When I became Retention NCO I checked his ERB and “love me” book and saw the DIEM date was 2003 and the first training in his record were correspondence courses knocked out prior to training. He was smart enough not to wear any supposedly earned awards or decorations, though.

    That blue cord in the photo is wrong all the way around. Unless you are an 11-series assigned to an Infantry unit, the cord is unauthorized. Detailed recruiters (such as myself) and a few other exceptions are granted. The GWOT is wrong as well if he has never been activated outside of training. State Active Duty does not qualify.

    Those other two ribbons appear to be the CA Drill Attendance and the CA GCM. He must be one hell of a Medic with a rack like that…

  2. B Woodman says:

    Catch ’em now, while they’re young and small, before they have a chance to breed.

  3. defendUSA says:

    EFMB…I helped to proctor EFMB once…that is some shit to get done! I hate liars…I never did it, but I might have if I stayed in. Why lie?

  4. Sean says:

    As for the GWOT-S, anyone on Active Duty gets it. West Point Cadets were issued it aong with the NDSM the first month at the point.

  5. Sean says:

    I dont recognize the last 2 ribbons, or see the ARCAM and stars, but his blue cord has got to go.

  6. fm2176 says:

    In order of precedence, the ribbons are as follows:

    CA ARNG Good Conduct
    CA ARNG Drill Attendance w/stars

    The GWOTSM is only supposed to be awarded to Soldiers who serve 30 consecutive days or 60 non-consecutive days in support of operations; training does not count towards this:

    ” Question 4: Are Reserve or Active Component Soldiers on active duty primarily for training authorized to be awarded the GWOTSM? What about soldiers on Active duty for Training (ADT) orders?
    Answer 4: Negative. Soldiers serving on active duty primarily for training in Initial Entry Training (IET) or Basic Training (BT), Advanced Individual Training (AIT), and/or for Annual Training (AT), Officer training courses, Warrant Officer training courses, and/or any training not in direct support of the GWOT operations are not authorized award of the GWOTSM. ”

  7. Joe says:

    “Maybe it’s a state thing, but the cadre made it sound like one funeral detail was all it took to wear the tab.”

    Pretty much correct. Not sure if there’s a limit to how many funerals/time you need to wear it, but 99% of the funeral detail guys that have an office at our armory wear the tab.

  8. Old Tanker says:

    Pretty much correct. Not sure if there’s a limit to how many funerals/time you need to wear it

    That’s curious, on Red Cycle I was always on the funeral details. I probably did 10 or 12 of them a year, never did wear the tab though, they usually stuck with the same group of us since we knew what to do and I don’t recall anyone wearing them.

    I’d be curious to know. I’ll have to look it up…

  9. fm2176 says:

    On AD only Soldiers currently assigned to TOG or to one of the other handful of Honor Guard units (authorized strength between 7 and 20 Soldiers for the most part) are permitted to wear the tab. The Honor Guard, Airborne and Mountain tabs are all considered an “integral part of the shoulder sleeve insignia”; AR 670-1 (29-13f) covers this.

    I still have the tab on my blues. Of course, they are my broken in TOG blues and I will have a shadow tab there even if I remove it. After four weeks of ROP, hundreds of funerals, dozens of Dover missions and scores of DA/GO/Arrival/Cordon and other ceremonies the tab will stay on those blues until I turn them in. By the time I get to my next unit, I should have the ASU anyway and will get the blues pressed out properly before retiring them, tab intact.

  10. Combat Engineer says:

    The honor guard tab is obtained after 40 hours of Honor Guard training not including funerals. After the 40 hour training limit was reached, you are eligible to test out. The test includes a hands on demonstration in front of graders that includes: 2 man flag fold, 3 man flag fold, Honor Guard DNC, 6 man flag fold, Manuel of arms, uniform inspection, and firing party captain curb to curb. This is how Arkansas handles their business. I earned my Honor Guard tab. Getting it after working one funeral is crap. I worked almost 90 in my first year.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The reason he is wearing the Global War on Terrorism Ribbon is because training batallions that never get deployed down range complain that they don’t get a ribbon. The units that do get deployed get to wear the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Ribbon and the training batallions want a ribbon too. Im not standing up for this guy, but thats my opinion.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Holy Jesus, the Nasty Girls strike again!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would like to say that Pennsylvania does not have a state HG tab. I wear the ARNG Honor Guard tab that I received after completing the 2-week course at PEC, Camp Robinson. At the end of the course, I went through a test out which you have to score high enough to even get the tab. However it is possible to score high enough to pass and not receive the tab. The tab means that scored high enough to be recognized as a Nationally certified trainer. I am 1 of 4 PA soldiers currently authorized to wear it. I have been performing this duty since 2009 and have participated in over 1,000 Military Funerals.

  14. Anonymous says:

    After December 2012 there is only one Honor Guard Tab authorized for wear by all states. It is the ARNG Honor Guard Tab. Many States are currently wrong!