Code Pink Protest at Quantico for Manning

| August 5, 2010

Several of you have sent me notification of Code Pink’s planned protest Sunday noon at Quantico Marine base where Bradley Manning, the Wikileaks, butt-bandit is currently incarcerated. Code Pink and the Left are all calling Manning a “whistleblower”. Although the second half of that phrase might be accurate, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t a whistle. In the current usage of the word, I guess the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss were whistleblowers, too. So was Benedict Arnold, I suppose.

Anyway, for those of you who plan to be in the Metro DC area, there’s a counter-protest being sponsored by Free Republic;

All patriots are urged to stand up for the Marine Corps and the United States this Sunday, August 8, 2010, from mid-morning to as long as needed as the terrorist support group Code Pink descends on the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia to give aid and comfort to accused Wikileaks traitor Bradley Manning. From the Code Pink website: CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace, Courage to Resist and others will be holding a rally at Quantico Base to support whistleblower Bradley Manning. We will be delivering Bradley Manning letters of support to the base. To submit a letter to be delivered please email it to and we’ll print it out and hand deliver. If you live in the DC area please join us at the rally. When: Sunday, August 8, noon Where: Quantico Marine Corps Base, VA where Manning is being held in pre-trial confinement Private First Class Bradley Manning, a 22-year-old intelligence analyst stationed in Iraq, stands accused of disclosing a classified video depicting American troops in Iraq shooting civilians from an Apache helicopter in 2007. Eleven people were killed, including two Reuters employees, and two children were critically injured. No charges have been filed against the soldiers who did the killing. News sources have also speculated about Manning’s involvement in the leak of over 90,000 secret documents (collectively known as the Afghanistan “war logs”) made public by WikiLeaks on July 25. RSVP to tell us your coming at / 415.235.6517 (carpool available). Thank you for turning this leak into a tsunami of anti-war pressure, Bonnie, Dana, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Joan, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae,Victoria and Valerie

The ‘Jodie’ in the list above is Jodie Evans. She funded Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and works with his administration to undermine Obama’s official war policies. Jodie Evans and Code Pink also work with terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism against the United States. Jodie Evans and Code Pink also act as couriers between terrorists and Obama. Many Freepers remember that Code Pink delivered $650,000 in cash and humanitarian aid to what Code Pink called “the other side” in Fallujah as the Marines were clearing that Iraqi city of al Qaeda and other Sunni terrorists in late 2004. Jodie Evans and Code Pink also publicly endorsed the terrorists in Iraq. Lately Code Pink has been working with Hamas, the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood. Code Pink’s treasonous ties to terrorists and Obama has been extensively reported at Big Government and of course here at Free Republic. Code Pink also waged a campaign against the Marine Corps officer recruiting center in Berkeley. Mapquest link for Quantico. Basically, it is off I-95 just south of Dumfries. Afterward, you may want to take the time to visit the nearby National Museum of the Marine Corps. Details as to where to meet in Quantico on Sunday morning will be added to this thread, but plan to arrive around 10 a.m. As always, the D.C. Chapter of’s rules for demonstrating will be in effect. Briefly, they are: No violence, no profanity, no racism, no provocations, obey the law and treat all law enforcement officers with respect.

Times like this, I miss DC.

By the way, that MOTHAX guy (whoever he is) has more at The Burnpit.

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  1. B Woodman says:

    Having just read a post on thewhitedsepulchre about the Manning football dynasty, and then coming here, I’m HOPING that G-d in His infinite mercy has NOT made these two relatives of each other.
    It’d be more likely that Archie (father), Peyton & Eli would USE l’il Bradley AS the football.

  2. NHSparky says:

    And no doubt if the Code Pinkos were ever to face someone who wanted to kick their asses (and oh, the list is ever so long), they’d be like Medea Benjamin did in Berkeley a while back and start crying for the Marines…that would be worth the price of gas right there.

  3. Lucky says:

    How hard is it for these Mental Midgets to wrap their head around the fact that this confused little Private Soldier committed an act of Treason at the very least. He is a collaborator, and I agree with Uncle Jimbo from B5. In WW2, if someone had broadcast the names of our agents in occupied France we would have gone to the ends of the Earth to bring justice for the agents MURDERED by said individual. The MURDERS have started, why is only half of the leak in custody???

  4. dutch508 says:

    Manning as whistleblower…not just whistles that he blows…

  5. Thor says:

    @ Lucky, I read that Assange has a warrant out for his arrest. However, he lives in Australia, so, until he shows up in the US, little can be done. Perhaps some day the US will arrange extradition, maybe after some Aussies get killed due to his actions.

    Too bad we cant put Code Pink out of our misery. Perhaps charge them with treason, too.

  6. AW1 Tim says:

    Y’all noticed that Medea asked for letters for Manning. I say send them to her! Write several letters describing your feelings towards the little crapweasel and email them to her at the addy she posted. Fill her mailbox full of them, in fact. 🙂

  7. YatYas says:

    dutch508: So “whistleblower” is the new slang for what in the Marine Corps, we called “peter puffer.” Hopefully, this guy at least gets life in prison so he can get plenty of “whistleblowing” whether he wants to or not.

  8. Lucky Said: “How hard is it for these Mental Midgets to wrap their head around the fact that this confused little Private Soldier committed an act of Treason at the very least.”
    Lucky, Lucky, Lucky; you are trying to rationalize the demented minds of these freaks. They are as treasonous as he, and have as little appreciation for this great nation and its troops as he. To them he is as great, as he is small to us.
    I have long since stopped trying to ANALize Cindy “Love handles times Deux” Sheehan.

  9. jonp says:

    The Freepers in DC rock.

  10. Mew says:

    I had read a blurb yesterday about Manning’s supporters. I asked myself “he has supporters?” I should have known.

    Will these people actually be allowed on the base?

    When they harassed the Marines at Berkeley I sent them a Hooter’s calendar to cheer them up and thank them, I was so sorry for them having to put up w/such crap.

  11. Toothless Dawg says:


    They can travel from the main gate to the Town of Quantico which is landlocked by the MCB and the Potomac River. The Marines have no jurisdiction within Q-Town.For obvious reasons, Code Pink, IVAW, and VFP will probably not be too welcome within Q-Town either. That said, I stopped by the PMO this afternoon and was told that NO rally or demonstration of any kind will be permitted on MCB proper and WILL be shut down. Kind of puts a crimp in the commie peace activists plans to deliver care packages and letters to Spc Manning in the brig.

  12. Mew says:

    That is good, thanks for letting me know. The thought of those people roaming around harassing Marines was more than I could stand.

  13. Bubblehead Ray says:

    That’s OK Mew, it wouldn’t have happened twice. LOL

  14. OldSalt says:

    Just stumbled here googling the ridiculous protest. I kinda like it. I work on Quantico, thought about maybe a little run on Sunday to check it out. Imagine it will suck. For them. Toothless is right on. They’ll be miles from him, and no way in hell they are getting on without proper govt id, and I imagine PMO will be asking pointed questions. Oh, and a coal train derailed a mile or so South of Quantico Thursday, shutting both North and South tracks down for the time being. Looks like VRE and Amtrack are no longer options for the out of towners thinking to pop off at the Q-town stop.

  15. Marc says:

    Given the circumstances, some of you may find this entertaining…

  16. Yer Welcome here Old Salt, sit down, have a cool one and wait for more of the best funnies in town. Speaking for all of us, Thanks for leaving a comment when you drop in. Just like that joint downtown, we have our medley of regulars. Even the wacky ones are enjoyed here, (they’re so much fun to watch).

  17. Toothless Dawg says:

    Howdy OldSalt, maybe we’ll run into each other while there. I’ll stop by the main gate to meet a couple others and probably venture over to Q-town to be on the watch for anything going on there. Got a blacked out gray F250.

  18. short stack says:

    So they will be in Q-Town? I am thinking about going to see these people make fools of themselves.

  19. Toothless Dawg says:

    Hot damn, the list is growing … This is gonna be fun!!!

    (hope the link works for you, you may have to copy paste) Now it looks like A.N.S.W.E.R is showing up as a Free Bradley Manning Rally!!!

    Both A.N.S.W.E.R and Code Pink are saying the rally starts at the Amtrak station at the town of Quantico (inside the MCB gates). We have some groups going to gather at the NW corner outside the main gate also. I’m going to hit both sites. You can get to Q-Town by informing the MP that is where you are going (most times anyway) and showing a drivers license.

  20. marinewife says:

    My husband is at Quantico. I am wondering if I go is there anyway he may get into trouble for me going to this? Of course I won’t be supporting these fools in their protest to release him.

  21. Toothless Dawg says:


    I’ll make a couple of points but the final decision is definitely up to you.

    1) Most likely there will be no trouble … at the most some bantering back and forth between sides, IF we are allowed to get that close together. If the commie pukes show up at Q-town there will be law enforcement and MPs watching closely, each from their own jurisdiction. If the Marines close down Q-town (and I don’t believe they will do that) then there will probably be good guys on the 4 corners of Rt1 and Joplin Rd at the main gate. The commies would likely be cramped for mobility.

    2) A couple of years ago we went down to Camp LeJeune when Westboro Baptist Church decided to protest the Marines. The base commander put out the word that his Marines would not participate at either rally point. The police blocked off the street where the WBC was protesting and gave us a permit about 5 miles away, which turned into an excellent location. The Marine wives decided they weren’t going to listen to the base commander and got together, found someone who had a house a couple of doors down from where the WBC was protesting and went visiting their friend. It was classic and eventually the police relented and escorted the Marine wives, one at a time to face the WBC to tell them what they thought of their protest!!! God loves Marine and all Military Wives!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Damn, personally, I don’t have anything against gay people per se, but ones who make it an issue for them and everyone else… like this (“gaytarded,” literally):

    “Early Struggles of Soldier Charged in Leak Case,” NYT, 8 AUG 10

  23. I’m impressed, I must say. Genuinely infrequently will I strike a web log that’s both educative and amusing, and let me inform you, you might have hit the nail to the head.