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| October 18, 2010

Mr Wolf sent us this letter. I guess they’re going to calm us down;

At this point it’s the rational thing to do. The VFW has underestimated the power of the internet for quite some time. TSO says that the letter is also on their Facebook page.

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  1. ponsdorf says:

    This is also on the VFW website, but you and Mr. Wolf beat me to it.

    Thanks again for keeping up the heat without going overboard.

  2. Are they now learning just how hard it is to “unring” a bell?

  3. DanNY says:

    Hopefully this will end the sad chapter of the VFW PAC undermining the efforts of good men and women to reform this nation.

    We faced this same problem in 2008 elections, but it didn’t gain the national attention that it did this year.

    Congrats to everyone who helped bring this about!

  4. streetsweeper says:

    Well done everybody, Well done!

  5. WOTN Editor says:

    While this is developing in the right direction and the VFW Leadership appears to be taking prudently, legal steps to right this wrong, it isn’t over yet.

    There are still calls for desertion out there and many members that have renounced their membership, in my view prematurely.

    There are still anti-Military politicians claiming VFW endorsement.

    To take back the VFW, Combat Veterans will need to join and need to stay on top of the developments, supporting those Leaders that are legally acting against a rogue PAC, and telling them to continue and calling for participation in the organization of brothers.

  6. Dave Thul says:

    For what it’s worth, when I raised the issue at my post meeting last week, the old timers responded that A)Minnesota doesn’t recognize the VFW-PAC for this exact reason, and B)the National Commander and the top executives will never have the balls to do anything about the problem.

    Considering the fact that much of the outrage over this was driven by the younger generation of vets, I think the VFW just got a big damn wake up call that you can’t take the younger generation for granted.

    I look forward to the next post meeting to give an update.

  7. stingerwooten says:

    Those of us that are veterans and associated with groups like the VFW should be able to count on our leadership to honor and defend the memory and commitment of those whom gave their all and hold high those principals we risked life and limb to defend.

    As with many well-intentioned organizations, the leadership has been infiltrated by progressive minded individuals and their influence in the election process is just now being noticed by the membership. It has even permeated from the National level down to the State and sometimes even local Post level.

    Many citizens blindly gave their money in good faith to a group they believed was promoting their values and moral standing on issues. Only to find out later that they have been duped and the opposite is true.

    It is time for individuals that fund or volunteer for any organization to review it’s platform and political policies before cutting that next check. If you feel strongly about the organization itself, spend a little time at their meetings, volunteering for service projects, or perhaps running for office.

    This was a huge failure on the part of the VFW’s CIC to not see this as a potential disaster. Makes you wonder what he got in exchange for allowing this to happen?

    As for me, I’m canceling my membership irregardless. Too little, too late!

  8. NHSparky says:

    There are still anti-Military politicians claiming VFW endorsement.

    My moonbat Congresswoman (Che-Porter) among them. Thank God for absentee ballots.

  9. I am glad to see that there are still some leaders left in our Country.
    Well done!

  10. WOTN Editor says:

    More Action is needed:

    The good guys are winning the battle but now is the time to shift fire and assault the objective, not yet time to work on tomorrow’s hangover.