Kyle Barwan arrested for Fraud and Stolen Valor (Updated).

| November 24, 2010

Yep the same person that was posted here for posing as a Army Officer has been arrested. Here is a photo from the side, I have seen the patch before but I cannot Id the unit off of the top of my head.

Police in Knox County are holding Kyle Barwan of Crestwood, Illinois on charges of possession of cocaine and impersonating a public servant, and even more charges may be coming.

I want to thank Smoke523 for bringing this to our attention. There is also a video included with the story that is too big to post.

Just a reminder this is the Kyle posted this on August 28th 2010a few months back.

By the way I impersonated to get into a bar and got caught I was being stupid I’ve learned from that I never stole any medals from my grandfather he earned those not me I have no right having those I have more respect then that for my family all I did was were the wrong rank no shiny medals no fake Iraq stories the army sniper blog was for my friend mike who was an army sniper who lost his life in Iraq back in 2007 I put that there for his memory I’m so sorry for all of this mess ladies and gentlemen my sincere apology to you all

Or the people that he Scammed

My family and friends were victims of Kyle Barwan..if that is even his name. He stayed in my house stole from me and my family, racked up debt that I can not afford to pay, and told unbelievable tales before I told him to get out. He was sleeping with underage girls and even told everyone he was going to be a daddy. I began to question when he did not have a military ID and said that his “orders” were constantly being changed at the last minute. He had multiple fake ID’s and I feel such anger that he would take advantage of people, like my family, that honor and hold all military personnel in the highest regard.

Update: I got a photo from An Old Friend that shows him in ACU s as a 1st LT. It looks like he is wearing a Ranger Battalion Scroll above another unit’s ID. Because even the President’s hundred tap is being close to that big.

Seen wearing ACUs, a beret (With 1st Lt. insignia), a combat infantry badge, ranger tab, First Cavalry patch, Jump wings, and a combat infantry badge.

Update: goes under the following names/usernames.

Kyle Reacher, Kyle Felucifer, Klutch, Klutch_Reborn.

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  1. Someone says:

    Wow You Guys this might HAVE been serious but it isn’t anymore. it’s long past just let it go.

  2. Someone says:

    and F U Kyle, Thats a lie he’s straight trust ,me. Now quit spreading rumors

  3. matthew young p says:

    hi kyle is my step brother he is a piece of shit u can not trust him he will lie to get and or to do what he wants. oooooooooh .and if he tells u he is gay of bi it is a god dam!!!! lie i wish he would kill him self so we dont have to worry about who he is going to hurt or rip off next. brian and shelly and emily and josh and me r done we dont take pride in a lying thief in the family. i hate u u wanabe homo

  4. msgt rea daughter says:

    hey kyle is a fuckin retard and he lies to god damn much and i wish he’ll die as well i cant stand him any fuckin more . to tell you the truth he toughed my shit and burned my baby pic’s of me and my grandfather and kyle is gonna get him ass kicked by a pregnant woman and i want him out of life as well and he is so nasty and durty kyle is such a dumb ass and he can kiss my mother fuckin ass and go to hell!!!!

  5. Joshua says:

    Both Kyle Barwan threads have taken up a lot of my time tonight…time I spent laughing. Thanks for the entertainment guy!

  6. msgt rea daughter says:

    i dont know why anyone would want to go out with him and to tell ya’ll the truth i dont even know why i fuckin dated the dumb fuck in the first place i cant stand that dumb ass and i just hope no one else believes him anymore and hope no one trust him at all as well cause kyle is gonna fuck your life up like he did to us. and if he so much thinks hes going heaven he better think again. i just cant stand the fact he’s still going around telling people he’s still in the army when he’s not he’s such a dumb ass.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kyle is in the Paducah ky area telling more lies!! From one smart mom, stay away from the ones under 18!!! Lol u r so going down!!!

  8. msgt rea daughter says:

    i’m getting sick and tired of kyle’s bull shit and fucking up my life and friendships with good people i love and care alot about and if he doesn’t stop this bull shit i will stop this bull shit myself

  9. none says:

    He is at it again

  10. Scam says:

    Hey is this guy out of jail? If so is he in the Kentucky area, I think he is up to his old tricks!!

  11. that guys girl says:

    why yes he is, he was arrested today for impersonating a special forces warrant officer !

  12. NHSparky says:

    161–can you provide a local paper link or any details, please?

  13. NHSparky says:

    So, Jonn/TSO–does this mean that this clown and Skylar (Skyler? I can’t keep up with those macho names) are automatic bids to the 2012 Jesse MacBeth Tournament?

    Or are we going to have to rename it the “Ballduster McSoulpatch Memorial Tournament” and the Jesse MacBeth Tournament slips a bit in prestige, kinda make it the NIT of phonies?

    God knows we’re going to have enough to fill a 32-seat bracket in both by the time we get done.

  14. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    I think these asshats need their own special category of mental illness. Really! Stop and study on this for a second, they put their lies and phony photos on the Internet, the World Wide Web, where they know someone is going to recognize them and throw the BS flag. Yet they do it anyways and try to BS their way through it after they’ve been busted a la SgtMaj mailman, GySgt pimple face, etc. This is gonna sound odd but I feel sorry for them. What must it be like to have such a pathetic existence that they feel they have to do something that they know will never last?

  15. none says:

    How would you know if someone is lying about being in the army because there is this guy who said he was a mechanic for the army and tried to fix my girl friends car. This guy didnt even know what seafoam was and told me i shouldnt use it. He also had her buy a part that had nothing to do with the problem i took it to a real mechanic he said the guys a complete idiot and i think him and his wife are lying to people he has photos but i see thesetype of photos on here all the time so can someone tell me what to do because i dont know how to tell a fake

  16. none says:

    How do you know if someone is lying about being in the army. Because there is this guy that worked on my girl friends car and he said he was a mechanic in the army. Im no mechanic but i knew what was wrong with the car he said it was something different. Had her buy a part she didnt need also didnt know what seafoam was i just think him and his wife are lying about him being in the army

  17. msgt rea daughter says:

    Kyle Christopher Barwan is nothing but a lying bastered that can’t handle the truth when being told the truth about him he’s just a little bitch and if he doesn’t stop telling people that he’s in the army he will go to jail and when that day comes i’ll be happy as hell. i’m getting sick and damn tired of his lying bullshit. and if he does stop bring people in to mine and his fight’s and most importantly my baby aka my kid that’s not born yet but he’ll be born soon tho i’m gonna kick Kyle’s ugly ass and put i’m 100ft under the ground.

  18. miss says:

    his wife was not lieing for him at all she didnt know her self she was just takeing for a ride lk all the others i would know im good friend of hers

  19. miss says:

    and he was back up to his old ways and has been caught agaiin

  20. OWB says:

    Looks like he is properly housed.

  21. USMCE8Ret says:

    #173 – All you have to do is GOOGLE his name. You should be able to find ALL the information you need on this person. His days are numbered. I pity the boy once he crosses the person who will light him up once and for all.

  22. RS says:

    So he does not rate the CIB, the rank of CPT, nor the Jump wings, also there is another picture on with him wearing air force gloves…. If I saw him I’d say “are your hands cold? Captain…. sir?”

  23. Scubasteve says:


    Sounds like a great MTV reality show. They could put it between ‘Jersey Shore’ and ’16 and a slut’.

  24. I am “facebook friended” with the girl who was suckered by Barwan to marry him. After long chats and phone conversations, I would totally defend her lack of knowing who and what he is and is not. She is keeping his facebook page open while he is in the slammer so his “friends” can see who and what he is. Go there, read it, but keep in mind, his now ex-wife is not a part of what he is. Don’t slam her. Do what you want with him, post if you want to, but SHE is not a part of this.

  25. Green Thumb says: