That video from the USS Enterprise

| January 2, 2011

I’ve been reading about this supposedly “raunchy” video that the former XO and current commander (CPT Owen Honors) of the USS Enterprise made while the crew was finishing their 2007 cruise. From everything I’ve read, I was expecting something really disgusting. Our reader Matt sent me the video and I’ll tell you, I’m shocked.

Here’s how CNN described it;

Honors is shown cursing along with other members of his staff in an attempt to demonstrate humor, according to videos. There are also anti-gay slurs, simulated sex acts, and what appear to be two female sailors in a shower together.

Sounds pretty bad, huh? Well, here’s the video. You really owe it to yourself to watch the whole 12 minutes;

This is the tamest thing I could have expected. Anyone who gets their balls in a uproar over this bit of sophomoric behavior is a complete pussy. Yeah, OK, they used the F-bomb and they made some toilet jokes and a guy beating off to his maintenance manual is kind of funny, but I guess civilian journalists have a different idea of what is funny than real people.

The Huffington Post calls Honors the “Mastermind” behind the video. Mastermind. Jeez. The Virginia Pilot quotes a shipmember;

“They were the XO’s project,” said one former Enterprise sailor, a ship video-grapher who on one occasion was asked to help in the filming. “He was the one coming up with scripts and the jokes. He was the one planning it.”

The Pilot continues with a description of the “mastermind’s” video;

In one scene, two female Navy sailors stand in a shower stall aboard the aircraft carrier, pretending to wash each other. They joke about how they should get six minutes under the water instead of the mandated three.

In other skits, sailors parade in drag, use anti-gay slurs, and simulate masturbation and a rectal exam. Another scene implies that an officer is having sex in his stateroom with a donkey.

Really. Show me something anti-gay. The women in the shower were clothed and willing participants. And, oh, there’s also a scene with two guys in the shower soaping each other up. In drag? A guy runs through a scene with a bikini top. Who among us hasn’t used the “sex with a donkey” joke?

If what I saw is the entire video, I’d say “so fucking what?” This is the kind of nit-picking bullshit that continues to keep the military arms’ length from civilians. Of course, CNN and the Virginia Pilot hopes this rises to the level of the Tailhook Scandal, but it’s not even close. Most of the civilian dimwits won’t even see the video, but they’ll still complain about shit they’ve never seen…like they always do. Ignorant but vocal.

The Navy’s investigation should have ended twelve minutes after it began. But it won’t.

And, oh, Honors is a homeboy from Syracuse and we ain’t right.

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  1. YatYas says:

    This has been an ongoing problem since the Seventies. Some civilians and even a few in the military want troops to be German Shepherds in battle and Poodles the rest of the damn time. You can train troops to fight by an ethical code without treating them like pansies.

  2. I have an idea. Captain Honors should tell everyone who has a problem with the video: “Hey, go fuck yourselves if you’re offended. This is art, just like piss christ, dung virgin mary and ants on jesus. If you don’t like it, like GEN Hill said with regards to DADT repeal, then leave the military for the sake of your troops, because the military doesn’t need you.”

    If he’s going to get thrown out of the military for some stupid-ass PC bullshit like this, he should go out in a blaze of glory and raise a shitstorm about all the bullshit PC that is now destroying the military from within.

  3. This message was apparently left on the Facebook Support page:

    Stephen Szkotak: I am a reporter with The Associated Press. I am seeking a former or current Enterprise crew member who OBJECTED to the video in question. Contact me at 804-643-6646. Thanks, Steve

    I think ol Steve-o needs to hear from people who OBJECT to the candy-ass AP reporting on this issue.

  4. Female Navy Flier: Videos Taken Out of Context — Raunchy Videos Made Aboard the USS Enterprise Could Cost Commander His Job

    “I think it’s unfortunate,” Lt. Carey Lohrenz said on “Good Morning America”. “I would like to think that the people responsible for leading in the Navy wouldn’t go forward with videos like this. However, I think it’s important to remember this is being taken, to a certain extent, out of context.

    “To think this is really a cultural or systemic problem, that there’s a leadership problem: I think we need to be careful.” [ … ]

    Lohrenz said that while she hasn’t seen all the videos, the ones she has seen have not convinced her Honors should lose his post as the now-No. 1 commander aboard the Enterprise.

    “I think there’s certain terminology involved that, in retrospect, I would imagine that Capt. Honors would say was really not a good idea,” Lohrenz said. “This is an individual that, by all accounts, has been an exceptional leader, an exceptional aviator. … We need to proceed very cautiously when we just automatically have a really strong reaction and say, ‘Hey, this guy needs to be out of there.'”

    And then there is this:

    The Virginian-Pilot reported that Honors did not return requests for comment. One of the sailors who leaked the videos said he mailed a complaint about them to the Navy’s inspector general last week, according to the paper.

    So these videos were done 3-4 years ago, the Navy found out about them and ordered them stopped and they were stopped. Now, 3-4 years later, some sailors decide, right before a deployment, to leak these videos to the press and send them to the Navy’s IG and reopen a situation that had been long settled 3-4 years ago? This is absolutely asinine. We’re going to drum a great Captain out of the military for something he did 3-4 years ago and hasn’t done again, since he was ordered to stop? We’re not drumming him out for bad performance. But for some stupid videos he made 3-4 years ago. Right before a deployment.

    Instead of the focus being put on Captain Honors, where is the investigation into the sailors who leaked these videos? Where are the questions about their motives? Are they doing it, because now they can get back at him now that DADT has been repealed? Are they doing it, because they want to hijack the entire deployment?

    And I thought the argument by the supporters of the repeal of DADT was that we can’t kick out good military men and women over something trivial. Are those same people speaking up to support Captain Honors now?

    I think it is pretty obvious that this has to do with the homosexual aspects of the videos. And I do NOT think it is a coincidence that this came back to light right after DADT was repealed, after having been a settled non-issue for 3-4 years.

  5. Ya know, I find it utterly f-ing despicable that a man whose spiritual mentor is an America-hating racist and best buddy is a communist, domestic terrorist is praised by the press and allowed to be Commander-in-Chief of the United States military, but Captain Honors apparently is not fit to serve, because of these videos.

    And with that asininity that is our current state of affairs here in America on my mind, I’m gonna go bang my f-ing head against the wall until I pass out and get some sleep…

  6. Okay, I banged my head against the wall and didn’t knock myself out, unfortunately, (actually was reading the comments at CDR Salamander) but thought of something else…

    Teachers in public schools and Planned Parenthood are teaching our children more raunchy stuff in schools about sex and masturbation — and being much more explicit about it — than was seen in this video. How is it okay for this stuff to be shown to children in public schools, but not okay for this stuff to be shown to military men and women in our military? Aren’t parents told that they are forbidden from having their children opt out of sex ed in schools? Yet, now we are firing good military leaders, because adults can’t handle minor jokes about sex?

    I’m just at a complete loss at making any sense of all this at all…

  7. defendUSA says:

    While I agree with others that the XO should have used his head, looking toward the future, as he now commmands the Enterprise, well, it’s too little too late and the Navy is wrong to discipline him at this juncture.

    We all know what goes on behind closed doors if we have served and for the most part, it is part of military culture. If people don’t like it, get out.

    Gee, here we have an opportunity for sensitivity training, don’t we? Let’s re-interview all those who were on that ship at the time of production who watched said “raunchiness” and see how adversely they were affected.

    The XO had a sense of humor and the ability to connect with those under his leadership. Do you suppose they learned a few things? I am betting that all of them would testify in his favor.

    I speak for myself when I say that any officer who is willing to get down and dirty with his enlisted charges in any capacity earns my respect. Hindsight is 20/20. And the navy is fucking up.

  8. Old Trooper says:

    As others have stated; this is a non-issue that was taken care of over 3 years ago. The chain of command handled it back then and it hasn’t happened since, so the IG should just throw it back with no recommendation. But that’s just me. I’m not some tender heart that can’t handle a little gruff language and barracks humor and I don’t have an agenda.

  9. Claymore says:

    …in other news, Michael Vick is still playing in the NFL.

  10. Cltcdrgn says:

    Wow, really? That is what everyone is having fits about? I thought some of it was pretty fuckin hysterical! Personally I think Capt Honors did a great job, even going so far as to parody himself. Now the fuckin libtards are ending his career because thay don’t have a damn sense of humor! Well fuck them and the donkeys they fuckin rode in on!

  11. TRex says:

    OK folks this is creative genius at best…SouthPark, Family Guy..any mainstream movie we watch laugh about and discuss at work is worse..people who think this is bad live under an F__ing Rock…this is funny stuff..deserves an award.
    Only thing offensive was they had hot showers and the chicks did not show their tits…that is F__ing sexual harrasment.

    Capt Honors – Promote him for being honest and keeping with the finest traditions of our military. Leave social experiments and justification for human ambiguities to the Psychologists. The Military has a Mission and that Mission is not Political Correctness it is “Political Correction” after all of the politics have failed due to futile attempts to normalize insanity. Damn Opinionated Sanctimonious Saints

  12. After 22 years in the Navy and being the Judge at several Chief’s Initiations I can say without a doubt the video’s were moronic BS, but mild compared to the stunts allowed at Initiations prior to the Politicaly Correctness invading the Chief’s Mess. The acceptance of a new Chief by their peers is a unique experiance for the newbies. Today, because of the oversite by the wardroom’s new generation we might as well be like the other services and promote them and then ignore their “dumb shit actions” allowed because no one gives a F**K. I retired in 1982 but participate in all Chief’s Initiations I hear about because I want to tell them about the Navy I was in. Capt. Honor’s should be celebrated as a Credit to The Navy and the be honored by the Shitheads who are bad-mouthing him for the sake of Political Correctness.

  13. Bubblehead Ray says:

    You tell ’em Chief!

    (Damn Jonn… we’re satarting to get more Bubbleheads here than grunts. I don’t feel so outnumbered now. LOL)

  14. Bubblehead Ray says:

    Pardon me… SENIOR Chief. My bad.

  15. Matt says:

    @ Bubblehead Ray and TMCS(SS) Robbie- As CAPT Honors would say, “Shut up, fag.” I kid, I kid, my father was Naval Air, ASW.

  16. ROS says:

    Rant on:

    I may throat punch the next asshead who compares this to McChrystal’s idiocy.


  17. gbodge says:

    BubbleheadRay and TMCS(SS) Robbie – I am the only person walking around the Pentagon with dolphins and a CIB. I’m a twofer.

  18. AM2(AW) says:

    Guess we are going to stop telling our kids that sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. This makes me want to walk up to the CNO and kick him in the balls. I probably would miss, cause no one that high on the food chain has them anymore.