IVAW and Abdo

| July 28, 2011

One of my ninjas reports that IVAW has gone silent…period. Not just with the outside world but among themselves. Matthis’ Facebook page has come down. Silence can be incriminating.

James Branum, on the other hand, was quick to post this on his Facebook page;

It seems to me that everything Branum does is selfish and for the “cause”. I guess that defending a terrorist doesn’t benefit the cause. Even though, everything else he’s done benefits terrorists.

This is the latest from Fox News;

Like I said in the earlier post, I can’t think of another reason for Abdo to go to Killeen, TX if it wasn’t to take advantage of the Under the Hood Cafe and the denizens there. The fact that IVAW has gone silent only reinforces that contention. Given the nutty behavior that springs from Under the Hood, from people like Bobby Whittenburg, buddy of Carl Webb and the others in the Austin area, under the tutelage of Doug Zachary, I’m not surprised Abdo would be radicalized.

If he had a bitch with the Army, it makes more sense for him to remain at Fort Campbell and commit his terrorism there for retribution for the perceived injustices committed against him. It makes no sense to go to the middle of Texas, 150 miles from his home and far from his home station, unless you take UtH into consideration. And his Facebook friends support this contention as well.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    The silence is deafening. Well, There has been all sorts of talk about resistance, including violence, so maybe this was just the first of more to come? Of course, it can’t be, because it’s not a bunch of rightwing extremist racist Vets doing it, so move along…….nothing to see here.

  2. DaveO says:

    The concerted silence of IVVAW is a sign of sophistication in message management. All their websites and pages’ll all spring up with 24 hours with one solid message, likely that they being good, righteous brahmin were duped by Abdo, but they disavow his terrorism and won’t you please contribute $$ to continue their holy works?

  3. DaveO #2: You stole my meme!

    The dancing WILL start, and be entertaining.

  4. Doc Bailey says:

    I would be interested to see if there are any photos they might have taken with him between when he went AWOL and his arrest. I’m sure that they’ll have taken them down by now. PFCs don’t make a lot of money, and its a LOONG drive from Campbell to Hood. Also if you think about the generic explosives, most, even the home made kind are not easy, and they tend to have a rather noxious smell, so doing it in a notell motel, isn’t as simple as you might think. Seeing as the price of guns sky rocketed when Barry-O got into office, there had to be SOME help.

    Also while on the run, one tends not to want use credit cards because they are very traceable. Once you go to deserter status, the blotter goes out and local cops/Sheriff pick you up, so cash. I bet you that Craptastic Lawyer told him that much.

  5. NotSoOldMarine says:

    Yep, the “support network” is in Killeen.

  6. Spade says:

    So, anybody got screenshots of IVAW affiliated people talking about violence?

    I remember one guy saying it was okay to shoot US troops.

  7. Outlaw13 says:

    The gun store owner that alerted the Police was on the news and stated that Abdo paid in cash for the ammo and black powder that he bought in Killeen.

  8. Bubblehead Ray says:

    Why am I getting a mental picture of Peter Graves looking at a smoking tape player whenever I read IVAW’s statements?

  9. B'Emet Or says:

    check this guy out:


    friends with IAVA and friends with the other muslim soldier from JAWAs page…….

    lots of weird connections with this guy…..

  10. UpNorth says:

    Strange, FB now says the link you posted in #10 is “unavailable”. It does seem that someone is hurriedly scrubbing any scent of contact with this guy.

  11. streetsweeper says:

    This dude was financed. Unless he was knocking down 7/11’s, STAR Marts and other convenience stores it’s the only way he could have remained on the run for so long and been able to buy the shit he did not to mention living in motels. What say you, UpNorth?

    I got a screengrab of Google cache posted on my FB page too…

  12. streetsweeper says:

    h_t_t_p://w_w_w.freenasser?abdo.org/ It was up but now its been scrubbed….

  13. Doc Bailey says:

    gee, there’s a LOT of damage control going on here. I think that I said it before, he HAD to get help, and using cash is a dead give away. I wonder what details will come out in the near future.

  14. NotSoOldMarine says:

    Anyone stationed on Hood? Wouldn’t be a huge deal to give Killeen PD, Bell Country Sheriff and/or Army CID a heads up. There’s weeks worth of leg work for law enforcement already on this blog when it comes to known associates and material witnesses.

  15. streetsweeper says:

    @ 14 – Doc; Sorry bro. didn’t read your comment entirely but? We are on the same track, lol.

  16. DaveO says:

    If you want to know how Abdo got away from Campbell, made it to Hood, paid for everything in cash, and looks well-fed and -rested: follow the connections.

    There are any number of anti-war groups, several of which don’t regard any of our federal/state/local law as a boundary to their righteousness. There were several ‘underground railroad’ networks set up years ago to get an AWOL joe from post to Canada, undetected. The folks owning and operating the safehouses, the cash accounts, transportation – all still exist.

    Questions being: who turned a blind eye while Abdo was learning how to make bombs; and provided practical advice?

  17. Doc Bailey says:

    Dave O, there’s a few No tell Motels in the area. Plus Hood is HUGE. he could have hidden out in Harker Heights, Killeen, or Copers Cove, and still been in “striking distance”. It said he was staying at a motel, so I’m assuming there was an under the table collection by IVAW or whoever was supporting him in his CO Hero status. I’m sure the kiddie porn was either explained away or ignored. As for how he got to Killeen. . . bus maybe? He was using a cab at the gun store so not a POV, or at least not his.

    I doubt IVAW or Under the Hood (the latter most likely had contact with him, being in the area and all) knew he had gone Jihadi, but I don’t doubt that their message of how wrong and evil the war was started him down that path. How radical he is/was is yet to be seen. However the extent of their knowledge of his activities is something I think the FBI ought to probe.. If KPD had not caught this, this little shitbird WOULD have killed soldiers.

    and wouldn’t that be great if someone (Rep King perhaps) had a hearing about this incident and IVAW/Under the Hood’s involvement.