Abdo’s accomplices

| July 29, 2011

My pleas for the identities of the other two people who were questioned in connection with Nasar Abdo’s terror plot haven’t gone unheeded. Someone emailed us last night. I haven’t had time to any research, but maybe you guys can help TSO today while I’m on the road to Walter Reed. But here are the names I got from our anonymous tipster; Wesley Solhan and Amir Tunis. Solwan is currently a federal prisoner, I assume in connection to Abdo.

Our ninja adds that police have an interest in Zachari Klawonn, the person named at The Jawa Report yesterday. Klawonn is another conscientious objector applicant from Fort Hood

And that they’re also looking at a female soldier who our ninja says was in Abdo’s Facebook friends list before it came down yesterday. I have a screenshot of that friends list, but it’s on my other computer and I can’t get to it right now. I can’t find McCall in AKO, so I don’t know if she’s really a soldier or not.

So that’s what I have so far, maybe you guys and TSO can fill in some of the holes while I’m gone today.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    Thanks for the updates and thanks to the ninjas that keep bringing this stuff to the fore.

    This is gonna get interesting.

  2. fm2176 says:

    Also, she is pursuing a BA in communication at University of Tampa (according to AKO profile).

    From http://theminaretonline.com/2006/04/10/article646:

    “A Morocco representative said in the final round that she would like to meet George W. Bush in order to question his knowledge of Arabic peoples and to challenge the stereotypes that prevail in American society. “It would be a very interesting conversation,” she said.”

  3. Her facebook page is down

  4. defendUSA says:

    Does anyone know if Nidal Hasaan is still being paid by the Army and why FFS?

  5. DaveO says:

    #9 defendUSA: yes. He is accused, not convicted, and therefore still entitled to pay. If convicted, he will forfeit most, if not all of it.

  6. Miss Ladybug says:

    Listening to talk radio today. News report at half past the hour just said Abdo “defiant” and shouted “Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009” as he left the courtroom today…

  7. Samantha Elliot says:

    They have Christian county jails?

  8. defendUSA says:

    That pisses me off…But the law is the law, right. It should be changed to say that any soldier who commits murder will receive no pay until proven innocent and upon the verdict of innocent will receive back pay. He will spend it now and we’ll never see it. How fucking retarded.

  9. DaveO says:

    #12 Yes – Hoptown is very Christian. Just ask ’em and they’ll tell ya.

    #13: How can he spend it, if he’s in jail. At best we (paying his salary) are funding his defense attorneys 100%. And the prosecution, judge, jury, and the whole kit and kaboodle. But don’t believe he’s out on a bender.

  10. @#12:
    Samantha, you didn’t know that? Oh the humanity, yes those right wing,conspiring,bible thumping, religous zealots, have their own Christian Jail. It is in Kentucky, just north of Ft. Campbell. I know for a fact that it is there as I lived not far from it while in the army,60-64, and again,93-94. I think you should protest that. LOL

  11. DaveO says:

    #15 Frankly – you were there in 93-94? I was there 92-95. Or are you talking about the jail? Never there, but a couple of my 13Bs and 13Fs had tales to tell.

  12. streetsweeper says:

    fm2176? Yassine legally immigrated here from Morocco? Is that correct? Or did she come here and enlist in the NG for citizenship status? TSO, that profile is no longer available….not finding anything on Google or WayBack…

  13. malclave says:


    I know emotions are high, but think about this… you’re saying the Marines charged with murder in Haditha a few years ago should have had their pay withheld?

  14. defendUSA says:

    No. The Marines were doing the job they were trained to do. Hasaan not so much.
    DaveO…he may be in jail but there are still responsibilities unless he divested himself of any of that because he expected to die.

    Just saying, the rules need to be changed.

  15. DaveO says:

    defendUSA: changing the rules punishes the innocent along with the guilty. For example, some of those Marines who were eventually acquitted have/had families and debts – by failing to pay them, the families are punished and the Marine/Corpsman gets into UCMJ hot water for failure to pay lawful debt. I’m no lawyer (for which the ABA sing hosannas), but think there’s case law saying that’s a no go.

    So, this POS may be guilty as sin, but I don’t want innocent men, women, and children to suffer because of the perception of injustice.

  16. streetsweeper says:

    I stand corrected on Google Cache….Beer on me when ya see me! Used different input method. Swamped now, LMAO!

  17. fm2176 says:

    #17 streetsweeper,

    I found this earlier today:


    An excerpt… “I first came to UT as an International student and once I moved off campus for military reasons, I started regretting attending the school in the first place.”

    So, I take it she was born overseas and came here as a student before joining the Guard. I can’t help but wonder if moving “off campus for military reasons” was due to her using her education benefits (precluding her staying on campus without paying out of her own pocket).

    Also, IIRC AKO did not have a CMF (most of us have our CMF on our profile, such as “11” or “92”) listed. This would mean she either went to Basic and hasn’t yet attended AIT, or that she recently joined and has not even attended Basic. If she has at least 48 semester hours, she would have gotten PFC automatically.

    On a side note, what’s with UT and messed up students born in other countries? Anyone remember this: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=22068?

  18. malclave says:


    But… until a verdict is reached, how can we say for sure which is which? The rule has to be consistent, and I much prefer “innocent until proven guilty”.

  19. streetsweeper says:

    We found her favorite eatery *cough* http://www.facebook.com/MoroccanKhlii.

  20. Doc Bailey says:

    #11 can you confirm that?

    so if I read this thread right, you’re saying that IVAW and the likes of them are at least partially responsible for “radicalizing” Abdo? That’s the general consensus I take it?

  21. Old Trooper says:

    Hey Doc, I think that when the digging on this turd is done, they might find some link to a certain radical American born cleric’s jihadi website………….

    What do you think?

  22. @Doc Bailey: The idea that IVAW radicalized this guy is laughable. It’s clear that he has gone the path of fundamentalist insanity.

    He may have enjoyed suckering groups that would offer him help getting out of the military, but I would wager that Old Trooper is right, especially If these other soldiers really were helping him. There are jihadis who are deliberately looking to target disaffected American soldiers.

  23. streetsweeper says:

    A 24 oz can of cold Budweiser says this boy got radicalized in one of the state boys schools where he may have spent time on whatever beef….His pal Klawonn started a blog back in May 2010 with three entries and then zip.

  24. streetsweeper says:

    Shoot, I pressed submit too soon. The reason I mention state boys schools is because Islam has entrenched itself in the Texas Penal system. Most likely he did a two-three year stretch up at Canadian River Boys School.

  25. Doc Bailey says:

    IVAWs message is essentially: America’s bad. If you start there, its not that far to the thought: I should stop America from doing bad things.

    lest you forget in the Vietnam war, similar radical groups (some even “veteran” groups) actually attempted, or carried out violent acts designed to cause either the overthrow of the US Government, or strangely enough cause race wars. Is it really too much to think that they at least had a hand in his decision?

  26. NHSparky says:

    IOW, Doc–the IVAW thinking along the lines of, “We all hate America, but he’s just batshit crazy enough to do something about it?” kind of thinking?

    Yeah, they’re gutless enough to follow that path, methinks.

  27. #16 Dave O:
    Yes I was there in 93 94, Hoptown/Ft. Campbell, that is, not the Christian Jail. LOL
    At that time it was as a civilian, and we built the campus that is now home to the 160th, 506th and others.
    In service there I was 506th 60-62, then Air Mob Co.(HUEYs), 62-64. One “A” model that I crewed for over a year is now a monument in front of old 101st HQ, tail number 58-2091, (yes that is 58 as in 1958), One of the oldest HUEY’s to be there.
    What type unit were you in?

  28. Doc Bailey says:

    Sparky: pretty much. And really when was the last time you saw IVAW, or UTH or really any of those wackos firing on all cylinders?

  29. NHSparky says:

    I’d say they’re firing about as well as the time someone played a prank on me and swapped around the plug wires on my ’73 Nova.

  30. Melissa says:

    I like how you posted information about a Soldier with absolutely no connections and just assumed because she’s of Northern African descent where most people are Muslim, she must be an accomplice. If she’s not in the news, that means she’s probably NOT connected.

  31. Soldier says:

    Alright, there is slandering going on here of those serving in the military. Those who have access to AKO, and can put those individuals information out on a open website like this, could get in trouble. You’re slandering another soldiers name on a public website, and putting their personal information out there. You have no right, and you apparently are no better then a terrorist. You’re endangering those soldiers and their families. I highly recommend that you stop this immediately, or you can face UCMJ action for enclosing personal information about a soldier on a public website.

  32. Soldier says:

    Also, you’re going on accusations because of race, and religion preference. You’re discriminating against those Soldiers, that alone is enough grounds for legal action to be taken against you, and EO to get involved. That is something that will follow you for the rest of your life.

  33. Soldier2 says:

    Concur with Soldier. These posts violate OPSEC and information act policies. Frankly, it’s just bad form.

  34. Wesley Solhan says:

    This is Wesley Solhan. Who you are slandering the name of. You have 24 hours to take down this website and anything else slandering my name, or I will see you in court. I am not a terrorist, I am not in federal prison, AND I am not an accomplice. So I would appreciate it if you stopped slandering my name and putting my life in jeopardy.

  35. NHSparky says:

    Dayum!!! Another one, Jonn!!!

  36. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Like I tell everyone else, the line for lawsuits against me forms at the Mineral County Courthouse at 9am every Tuesday morning. Good luck.

  37. NHSparky says:

    I’m still wondering how “Wesley” got out of jail and is posting from Merrillville, IN.

  38. Old Trooper says:

    Ok Wesley; let me break it down for you.

    A) The picture at the top of this thread is from DOC, which is public information and also means you were in the jug for some reason. Care to share what that was?

    B) Where is the “slander”?

    C) Being all drama queen about your life being in danger might work on the girls in your freshman class in college, but it ain’t doing a thing around here.

    D) Demanding that the website be taken down is something we have never heard before. Good luck with all that.

  39. Wesley Solhan says:

    This ain’t Hell…

    Once again it’s Wesley Solhan. Anyone who reads this about ME just know the TRUTH! I had NOTHING to do with Abdo trying to harm U.S. soldiers. I am NOT a federal prisoner. I am NOT in prison, nor have I ever been! Check your facts before you harm the name of an innocent people! All of this isn’t a joke. Do you realize I cannot move forward in life with these allegations out in the open for anyone and everyone to see when they Google my name. This is me asking you nicely, for you to take down my picture and my name before legal action is taken.

    Wesley Solhan