Abdo in court

| August 5, 2011

Yesterday, Jason Naser Abdo, the latest non-right wing terrorist at Fort Hood was in a Waco Federal court yesterday laughing and joking his way through the procedures which resulted in a grand jury which may begin as early as next week. According to a local TV station;

Three FBI special agents testified that Abdo had all the pieces to make a bomb, in accordance with instructions laid out in an article he was found with titled “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom.” The article was taken from an English-language Al Qaeda magazine called “Inspire,” which has published several issues since 2010.

They also report that Abdo checked into the motel with a Tennessee driver’s license in the name of Asher J. Pluto. I wonder where he got that? I’m pretty sure he wasn’t smart enough or resourceful enough to make a driver’s license.

Dorsett argued that the evidence used in the hearing was based on hearsay, and that [bomb specialist Michael Brogan of the FBI] did not interview his client or witness any of the investigation firsthand. He also summoned Special Agents James E. Runkel and Steven Hauck, who collaborated to produce the affidavit charged Abdo with unlawful possession of a firearm or destructive device, to testify on the stand.

Abdo’s lawyer is really making some stretches. The Courier-Journal reports;

During the hearing, defense attorney Keith Dorsett told the judge that no destructive device was found in Abdo’s motel room and that the charge should be dropped.

No destructive device…well, except for that bomb-thingie.

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  1. One Ninja says:

    It should make many of your readers happy that many people once associated with the ant-war movement, and activist groups around the Ft. Hood area are doing the right thing and contacting the F.B.I.

  2. 509th Bob says:

    Waaaahh! The prosecutors used hearsay evidence at a preliminary hearing! Waaahh! Just like EVERY prosecutor in America does, and has done for more than a hundred years.
    Say, just how inexperienced is the doofus defense attorney?

  3. Doc Bailey says:

    This lawyer MUST be from the IVAW crowd. No one could be THAT stupid. Then again Casey Anthony got off an I thought her Lawyers were huffing duster the whole time.

  4. UpNorth says:

    Heavens, the prosecution didn’t put all their cards on the table at a preliminary hearing?
    And, if Abdo invoked the Fifth, how could Agent Brogan interview him?
    As for the “laughing”, the defense attorney is probably going for the unable to assist in his own defense strategy. Your Honor, my client is clearly mentally unstable, he just sits there and laughs.

  5. B'emet Or says:

    He won’t be laughing after his trial is over……just sayin.

    and that makes me smile…

  6. The information about how to make a bomb shouldn’t be available online so easily. With that being said, it does not excuse that poor ass who only deserves to go to hell!