Zombie: Voluntary Tax Rates and Personalized Earmarks: How to Solve the Debate over Taxes

| August 22, 2011

Our friend Zombie sent us a link to the latest post at Pajama Media in response to the recent spate of the real rich (as opposed to us regular people who the Democrats consider “the rich”). Zombie offers a solution to those rich folks who don’t think they pay enough in taxes and a new 1040 tax return form for the masses so we won’t feel guilty about not paying “our fair share”;

Recently, billionaire investor Warren Buffett publicly announced that he wants the government to raise his taxes, because, he feels, he just isn’t paying enough. Soon after, fellow billionaire Donald Trump joined Buffett in announcing the he too would at least be willing to pay more taxes if necessary. Then millionaire TV host Jerry Springer joined the chorus of wealthy Americans demanding that their own tax rates be raised.

These high-profile champions of increased self-taxation are simply the most visible members of an entire sector of the American public who demand that we as a nation raise our own taxes to pay for our ever-increasing expenses.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    These ri-tards realize they can simply scratch a check to the Department of the Treasury, right?

    Of course they do. Then again, how much do all those lawyers and accountants save Trump, Buffett, et al, in taxes each year? Just fire them, problem solved, right guys?

  2. Sporkmaster says:

    It is a case of just sounding nice. That they talking about it but by not doing anything on their end besides talk goes a long way to show that they really do not mean it.

  3. DaveO says:

    These guys are so rich that confiscating 99.9% of their wealth will leave them richer than our wildest dreams.

    Begging for raised taxes is how the rich ensure they won’t have any competition in the future. Want to be a real estate mogul? Not if most of your investment capital is taxed to keep Detroit alive this week. Want to be a big-time investment banker? Buffet, Soros, and the pinstripes with baseball bats wish to discuss this with you.

    Buffett, frankly, is a liar. He is not telling the truth, either about tax rates or why he’s failed to contribute money over and above what he’s paid in taxes.

  4. 2-17AirCav says:

    Saw a piece on the Fox NBews website regarding redistribution of wealth. Seems some college student is illustrating that concept by soliciting his fellow students who earned very high GPAs to share with less fortunate students who didn’t fare so well. Got a 3.85? Hows ’bout we reduce that to a 3.25 and distribute what we took to someone who needs it–like that party guy over there with the 1.65 GPA? You can guess the result…