Another Veteran injured in Oakland

| November 5, 2011

The Guardian reports that another veteran of both AFghanistan and Iraq, Kayvan Sabehg, was injured by police in Oakland the other night;

“There was a group of police in front of me,” he told the Guardian from his hospital bed. “They told me to move, but I was like: ‘Move to where?’ There was nowhere to move.

“Then they lined up in front of me. I was talking to one of them, saying ‘Why are you doing this?’ when one moved forward and hit me in my arm and legs and back with his baton. Then three or four cops tackled me and arrested me.”

I did an interview the other night with a young lady from Columbia Journalsm Review. My interview probably on’t make her article because I refused to allow her to lead me into her talking points about unemployed veterans taking to the streets. I tried to get her to pay attention to the VVAW/VFP, IVAW connections, but she wasn’t really interested in that aspect. She wanted me to tell her how the government is mistreating veterans, but not in any way that really concerned me.

WHen she tried to lead me into a discussion about the economic conditions vterans find themselves, I took her back to VFP and IVAW and their motivations for having martyrs to serve their hippie masters and remain relevent in the Occupy movement.

As far as Kayvan Sabehg goes, I can’t find a connection between him and IVAW, however,, which also says he was an Army Ranger, reports on quotes from VFP in their article, so there’s an appearance of some sort of association. If he isn’t a member of VFP, it only reinforces my contention that VFP is glomming on to every injured veteran so they can wave a bloody shirt at their prospective donors.

Kayvan Sabehg is not unemployed, so that must dissappoint the reporter at the Columbis Journalism Review who I talked to the other day.

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  1. Adirondack Patriot says:

    Do you think there are Air Force veterans who would have like to work at the Boeing plant in South Carolina that Obama blocked?

    Do you think there are Navy veterans who would like to work in offshore drilling operations that Obama has blocked?

    Do you think there are Army veterans who would like to work for corporations that Obama (and OWS) has demonized and targeted for job-killing tax hikes?

    Those are the questions the CJS student should be asking of Obama.

  2. Beretverde says:

    Two phrases I hate to hear in the military… but love when it applies to the occupiers:


    Corpsman Up!

  3. DaveO says:

    AP: Columbia doesn’t teach Journalism. It teaches Advocacy. The students haven’t learned the difference.

  4. UpNorth says:

    Dave, does anyone teach journalism now? It certainly doesn’t appear so. Check the bottom of the Guardian’s page, in the link. They’re asking the Occutards to report what they’re doing, for the Guardian. I’m totally positive that they’ll get unbiased, factual accounts that way.

  5. OWB says:

    This is overly simplistic, but perhaps relevant?

    Put yourself in the way of a police line instructing folks to move from point A to point B, then refuse to move results in a serious potential for injury and/or arrest.

    Being a veteran, a veterinarian, or a veteran veterinarian does not change that outcome.

    (I know, I know – not enough nuance there for the serious minded.)

  6. Joseph Brown says:

    Adirondack, der fuhrer, Obama, hasn’t closed down Boeing…yet. His regime is still working on it, tho. Soon as he get’s back from the G-whatever, he’ll be full bore, I’m sure.