“Army Wives of Alaska,” (UPDATED)

| November 22, 2011

Despite the contrary view that this is a lead up to a bad amateur porn video, it is not. It is something worse, far worse. Reality Television and it is invading Fort Richardson.

A Los Angeles-based production company is looking for military family members to cast in a new show about military spouses in Alaska.

The company is developing what it describes as a documentary series for television broadcast.

The show, with the working title is “Army Wives of Alaska,” will focus on the real-world lives, struggles and sacrifices of military spouses stationed in the 49th state.

I get it, the idea sounds nice but considering the end results of most reality shows like this end badly.

Eventually, the Army’s Office of the Chief of Public Affairs granted approval for 44 Blue to cast volunteers for the show.

“This program will help to raise the awareness of the national community of the sense of duty that the family has as well as the soldiers in uniform,” said Army Lt. Col. John Clearwater, film and television liaison for the Army’s Office of the Chief of Public Affairs in Los Angeles.

The show is the first of its kind to be approved for production on a military installation, according to Clearwater.

Again there is a reason why. Because of the small community and how gossip/drama can spread quickly. So add a Reality TV show were any issues are put out in public for all to see. What makes it worse is that people will now know you throughout the entire post and all your personal issues. I would be just like this only a Military Version.

So with that being said anyone still thinks this is a good idea?

Oh and if you require something to make you forget watching that previous video I present this.

This is the two facebook pages that have right now, Army Wives of Alaska Casting and Married to the Army: Alaska.

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  1. Doc Bailey says:

    first: that lifetime show sure brought awareness. Now everyone thinks the army is full of pussies, even the hard core shoot em in the face Delta guy was waiting to get douched (I had a gf, who forced me to watch so I could “understand” what she went through probably the main reason the relationship ended).

    Second: this is NOT going to end well. Show one FRG meeting and we might as well pack it in. The country will make a law that you have to cut your nuts off if you want to serve.

    third: you’re right that video IS manly as shit!

  2. Sporkmaster says:

    Oh god, I forgot about the FRG. That is enough drama to power the entire Eastern Seaboard.

  3. Bubblehead Ray says:

    How about a show called “Real West Pack Widows of San Diego”?

  4. AW1 Tim says:

    Oh jeebus. You ever make a film or a series about the deployment widows and the Navy divorce rate will go right through the overhead. It’d also be rated at least “R”.

  5. Doc Bailey says:

    You ought to send a film crew to Ft Riley. Call it “the real cheating deployment wives” no. Maybe “the Post Housing Whores” or what about “Its ok my husband is deployed”

    or into Junction City for “I don’t love you I love your pay check”

    or how about Killeen Tx, “I married a soldier and left Korea. I still can’t speak English but I can cut hair or sew uniforms”

  6. melle1228 says:

    They are also going to find the most idiotic twits who can’t do anything while their husband is gone.

    I can see this going soooo bad on sooo many levels.

    Doc, we are not ALL like that, althought there is enough of wives who fit your description that this scares me.

  7. Sporkmaster says:

    Yea and it is going to happen at my duty station. It is all over Army and Air Force websites.

  8. The Dead Man says:

    I keep thinking of the quote from 28 Days Later that goes something like, “You know how I know this is a shit idea? Because it is obviously a shit idea”. They’re going to edit the everliving hell out of this show to create as much drama as possible. People signing up for this are probably going to end up regretting it sooner than later.

  9. The Cheef says:

    Or how about a story on why they called the Chief’s club at NAS Norfolk “The Body Exchange” in the 60’s. You could always tell what ships and squadrons were out based on what wives were in.

  10. cakmakli says:

    The Army should have done what the Navy did when they wanted to do a Military Wives TV show in San Diego.


  11. B Woodman says:

    Yeah . . . just like the (un)reality shows “Real Housewives of (fill in the blank)” are all documentaries.
    Yeah . . . just like walrus Mikey Moore is a real documentarian.

    This will do NOTHING to add to the Army’s prestige or to an understanding of the military culture by those who were never in.

  12. CI says:

    Horrible idea…we’ll see the wives who think they have it rougher than their deployed husbands, and those who not only think they develop PTSD due to their husbands deployments, but that should be compensated for it.

  13. NHSparky says:

    You ever make a film or a series about the deployment widows and the Navy divorce rate will go right through the overhead.

    Last time I checked, it was around the 75-80 percent range on the boats.

    I can hear the director now…”CUT! JESUS H. CHRIST!!! Can’t anyone here say, ‘fluffy puppy’???”

    Yeah, I know. I’m going to hell.

  14. Tman says:

    Agreed, I think ‘reality shows’ are stupid in general, but this will do nothing good at all.

    The ‘reality’ is that these types of programs bring out the worst types of human behavior, much of it stirred up by the production company in order to stir interest.

    If you look at ‘reality shows’ now, they love to show “drama” with people fighting and arguing with each other and increasing the stakes with stupid situations. Not to mention the fact that a camera is on people makes them say and do stupid things solely because they think they’re the next media superstar.

    A documentary is one thing, but when you have a revolving series, all it does is make people look stupid and like drama queens, make others jealous/spiteful, etc. etc. All for the sake of ratings.

    Just an all around dumb idea that will make the wives and families look more like some whiny spoiled jersey shore episode than truly showing the sacrifices and stresses of being a military family.

  15. Whitey_Wingnut says:

    Here is probably what the production company is looking for in volunteers for the show:

    Ages 18-25 if it’s on MTV.
    Willing admits to cheating.
    Any who hates being stationed there and the military.
    Those that got married because they had child together.

    The production company doesn’t care how we feel, they probably want to make us look like we don’t care about our family at all.

  16. melle1228 says:

    >Ages 18-25 if it’s on MTV.
    Willing admits to cheating.
    Any who hates being stationed there and the military.
    Those that got married because they had child together.

    UGH! Of course they couldn’t feature couple who actually love and value their commitment to service and each other. That would be too much to ask.

  17. stephanie says:

    Hi everyone– I’m the Executive Producer of the project and also happen to be an Army Brat– my dad was 82nd and 173rd Airborne. In fact, my mom was from Alaska, so we lived in Anchorage during my dad’s tours of duty in Korea and Vietnam. We’re working with Oprah Winfrey’s network, OWN, to capture the stories of military families and spouses what it takes to survive and thrive– the resilience, resourcefulness, commitment, sacrifice– and HUMOR you have to have to be a military spouse! Our company, 44 Blue (www.44blue.com) has a long history of nonfiction programming, from LOCKUP on MSNBC to the award-winning PIT BULLS & PAROLLEES on Animal Planet to BREAKING DOWN THE BARS on OWN, the Peabody Award-winning PBS early childhood education series A PLACE OF OUR OWN. If you really want to see what we’re looking for, check out our FB page ARMY WIVES OF ALASKA or 44 BLUE PRODUCTIONS. We thank the Army for its support and thank all of you– families and soldiers– for your service.

  18. rumor has it says:

    Rumor has it that someone was paid off to even let this get green lighted in the first place! The cameras do not belong in any military homes or lives. We have enough problems! See what enough money can get you into our military wihtout going through boot camp! lol

  19. true says:

    she is not an executive producer. She had the idea and made some phone calls. Doesn’t own the company 44 blue, and the kind of crap you will probably see is how she hates female pilots because they shouldn’t be working with her husband. No, this won’t look good for any of us.

  20. Ser says:

    WOW! Talk about foul mouthed negative people! While I agree America’s obcession w/ reality shows & the trashiness of them is disgusting….but this is NOT a reality show (no booze, fights, smoosh rooms, etc)I was filmed for this show, not as a main ‘character’ but simply b/c I run in the same circle….there was NO drama, cat fights, or trashiness the few times I’ve been filmed….this opinion board shows far cattiness than the show, LOL…you people are a trip. As a brat & a wife I think something more realistic than ‘Army Wives’ should be documented. & as far the cheating wives – yes, they exist but don’t they exist EVERYwhere regardless what their husbands’ occupation is – that’s just the general sh*$% of people – chill the eff out & you might learn something!

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    #17 Miss Stephanie, I spent most of the winter watching “Bomb Patrol Afghanistan”, the real deal about a Navy EOD team doing IED detection and disposal in that country. I don’t think either you or the production company have a clue about what it takes to make a reality show genuinely interesting to the public, and frankly, the “reality wives” TV shows are losing their audience.
    “Bomb Patrol Afghanistan” held my interest and the interest of a very wide audience because of its content and the fact that those people, including the camera crew, were in very real danger. We, the audience, saw firsthand, what the troops — both men and women — deployed to the Middle East are going through every day.
    Your ridiculous “milwifey” idea can’t hold a candle to “Bomb Patrol”, which, by the way, is the ONLY reality show I have ever watched.
    Get over yourself and keep your trashy ideas off the boob tube.