“Somebody needs to pay”

| December 1, 2011

I picked this up from my buddy, Baldilocks on Facebook. Angel Adams, mother of 15, is mad that no one is giving her free shit. She blames Family Services for her problems – I guess it can’t be because she can’t say ‘no’. The father of ten of her kids is in jail. Family Services paid her rent and gave her furniture, but she says that’s not enough.

She says “Someone needs to pay”, but somehow I get the feeling that she doesn’t mean her.

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  1. Doc Bailey says:

    Jesus Joe you don’t give up. I mean, its not like we’ve pretty much disproved it was Bush’s fault again and again. Its like you like those meaty thwacking sounds when you beat that dead horse. Joe, it a pool of gore now. There are no bones left, all your doing is spraying around the sloshy contents. Let it go man (worse part is that you killed the wrong horse).

    As for her, Isn’t Planned Parenthood all about eugenics? Why aren’t they on the scene trying to provide prophylactic services, and/or sterilization? (not on board with aborting fetuses Zygotes or whatever you want to call it after conception)

  2. Doc Bailey says:

    Side bar: Crime doesn’t go down with few babies being born, It goes down when families remain intact

  3. NHSparky says:

    I’d go to Market Basket and Walmart and take some pics to post here, but I’d likely punch a hole through the monitor by the time I was done, plus my phone only has 32 GB of memory. First weekend of the month and all that, dontcha know.

  4. DeadHead.. says:

    Euthanize them all and save the $$$

  5. jerry920 says:

    I’ll probably get taken to the cleaners for this, but sometimes I wonder if Margaret Sanger was on to something.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve watched the video, read through all the comments and I would have only one comment to make to this woman. When she stated in the interview that someone needs to be accountable for all get children, no one asked her why that was not her. She is the mother, the parent and in the absence of the father, these children are her sole responsibility and she is accountable for them. I’m stunned that in several news accounts of this case, no one, including the Judge, asked her this question. The outrage of everyone is justified. This is an atrocious case.