So, Sean Beery called today…

| December 19, 2011

I just got off the phone with Sean Beery who called to apologize for his malfeasance as far as his bio on Facebook and company website which we wrote about earlier this weekend. I noticed that both have been pulled like he told me he was going to do.

Beery had no explanation for the reason that he was trying to deceive the public. He explained that he tried to complete Ranger School but broke his ankle in the last few weeks. I don’t know about that, but I have no evidence to prove otherwise.

He said he’d attended a couple of Blackwater firearms courses, but he was never a Blackwater firearms instructor. Beery also copped to the other misinformation we pointed out.

He tried to explain to me about the information that is incorrect on his 2-1, but i told him that he should have corrected that before he got out of the Army. So that’s a cautionary tale for you guys who are still in the military…make sure your records are straight.

Beery ended his phone call by thanking us for “lifting this burden” of deceit from his shoulders. I told him that we’re not removing the post and he seemed fine with that.

I’m sure there’s enough in his record that he can still point to with pride that is correct and I don’t want to put him out of business, but with the Stolen Valor Act in danger of extinction, the public blogs and search engines are the only recourse we veterans have to police our ranks for the time being.

At least, he didn’t try to do like Jon Cryer, the Chippendale SEAL when he called and attempted to convince me that his story was true.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Whether or not he is actually contrite will be determined by whether or not he posts the BS information in another forum or venue. If he does, no mercy. If he doesn’t, consider it lesson learned.

    As has been stated many times–why is it someone has to take a perfectly honorable and eventful career and just pile so much crap on it as to make it obviously phony? Integrity, once departed, rarely returns.

  2. Thanks for the update, Jonn.
    So now, Y’all; see what a little “outing” can do for a fellow? He thanks us for lifting the burden, as he well should. Had he been a 100% poser, ala M/SGT Soup Sandwich, I would not have felt so strongly, but this guy has a record that many of us here would love to possess. He knows what honor is, he knows what being downrange is, but yet chose to embellish, most likely just to bring in more bucks.
    Sean, now go out and tell others how not to perform.

  3. 2-17 AirCav says:

    I think that this was handled quite well and, as Sparky said, time will tell. My money says that he’ll clean up the record–his postings–and take rightful pride in what he actually accomplished as a soldier. You know, if you are good at what you do, customers will find you for what you offer, not what you claim to have done in the past.

  4. teddy996 says:

    Hey, at least he took the first step, Sparky, and it was a big one. He could have went the McChippendale route, but he took the hit instead.

    I’ve got high hopes for Mr. Beery.

  5. SSG Anderson says:

    Thanks to all the guys from, Grunts R Us facebook for all the help in getting this guy outed.

  6. Beretverde says:

    Seems to me that this guy is a “Spot-light Ranger.” The spot light was on him… and he shone. Once it is off… he’ll morph back. I’ve seen it too many times. Fuck him.

  7. OWB says:

    Kudos for finding a sliver of lost honor and at least doing this much. (Reserve the right to join the ranks of those giving no quarter should he make any more phony claims.)

  8. Pat says:

    I’m betting he feels like crap, which he should, and doubt he’ll repeat. He’ll grow his business and make money for the service he provides, not off of his bio.

  9. AGEFMB says:

    @1″As has been stated many times–why is it someone has to take a perfectly honorable and eventful career and just pile so much crap on it as to make it obviously phony?”

    Because everyone wants to be big bad billy bad ass. It’s the same reason we never hear anyone fraudulently stating that they were an AG officer in a Division G1.

  10. Doc Bailey says:

    This guy was in 101st and 82nd, and had a CIB to his name, Why embellish this at all? there’s plenty to be proud of there. That’s what I don’t get. Its one thing a guy who didn’t have any career trying to say he was Special Airborne Ranger Forces, but someone that was in and knew better? C’mon!

  11. Beretverde says:

    “He explained that he tried to complete Ranger School but broke his ankle in the last few weeks.”

    So he then awarded himself a Ranger Tab.

    “He tried to explain to me about the information that is incorrect on his 2-1, but i told him that he should have corrected that before he got out of the Army.”

    So he awarded himself a combat star for a jump he never made.

    Thank you all for lifting the burden of deciet from his shoulders. If you didn’t expose him- the poor Sean Beery would be a basket case plodding through life- known to all as an Airborne Ranger, who made a combat night parachute jump.

    This guy is slippery and he is playing you like a fool. Again…fuck him.

    There used to be two types of people… those that are, and those that are NOT.

    Today I see that there are three types of people, #1- those that are, #2- those that are NOT, and #3-those that want to be, and will lie, cheat, and steal to be in the “ARE” category.

  12. Jonn Lilyea says:

    He’s not playing me. I’m just telling you what points were hit during the conversation. I left my personal judgements out of the post because that’s all up to you guys.

  13. Beretverde says:

    @#14 Point taken. Not shooting the messenger…

  14. NHSparky says:

    Like I said, I’m reserving judgement. If he doesn’t repeat, good on him. If he does, burn his fucking ass.

    Hey, not too many people claim to be bubbleheads. Guess all that shit-pumping and keeping the rock hot just like all those guys did in Crimson Tide (what a fucking joke of a movie) was just too high-speed for those ground-pounder wannabes.

  15. Bubblehead Ray says:

    Yeahhhh that’s it Sparky. LMFAO

    Can’t watch Crimson Tide, barely made it through the first time. I still want to know who had to clean up the dog shit.(sounds like an A-Gang job… LOL)

  16. tcsmith2000 says:

    get a life. all you have time to do is try and discredit and bash someone. get a life.

  17. NHSparky says:

    Yo, shitbag–we don’t discredit them. They do just fine all by themselves on that score.

  18. Jeff says:

    Yep, he lied. But I can understand the issue with the DD-214. I never served within 100 miles of a large body of water, yet my DD-214 says I am a qualified Diver. I have been trying for 12 years, at least once a year (SInce I retired) to get it removed, yet every year after I do, I go to Keesler AFB to get a printout of my 214, it still says Im an Army Diver. Hell, maybe Ill just go get a job with one of the big Oil Companies, I can work on the offshore platforms, and learn on the fly.

  19. DR_BRETT says:

    No. 20
    Is the U.S. Gov’t — really THAT S.N.A.F.U.-ed ??
    (If so, out-of-control Heavy Truck ready for the ditch.)

  20. Joe Williams says:

    Okay,Ray and Sparky,I was a Marine Nuc/bubblehead helo crew chief. I think Ray once lanched me and my helo out of one the missle tubes. Now laughting and running for my bunker(storm cellar).

  21. Gents, when you have enough of a record… that should be all you need. I myself am a non-combat former marine (and I spent almost 7 years in….. in Motor-T and other endeavors). Yup, a r.e.m.f. No biggie, it is what it is.

    Thing is, I am damn proud of my time in the Corps, and can’t imagine the need to claim anything other than what I did while in. Not everyone could be a combat seal, force recon, or an infantryman… some have to do other things to support the guys who were and are in harms way. The fact that Scotus overturned the Stolen Valor law just torches my shorts, and you can believe I (and others) will be there to support you guys and your efforts.

    Semper Fi.

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