Soros predicts riots

| January 24, 2012

Our buddy, JammieWearingFool writes that in an interview, George Soros “gleefully” oredicts riots springing from the Fleabagger movement when it gets a little warmer, and their bravery swells a bit more;

As anger rises, riots on the streets of American cities are inevitable. “Yes, yes, yes,” he says, almost gleefully. The response to the unrest could be more damaging than the violence itself. “It will be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which, carried to an extreme, could bring about a repressive political system, a society where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.

We can only hope. I’ve noticed that the gleeful Soros hasn’t summoned the courage to join his willing smelly minions in the streets.

Meanwhile, someone sent me this flier in my email about the “Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign” which is planning already to occupy the Republican National Convention;

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and others will march on opening day of the Republican National Convention on AUGUST 27th, Monday from 3pm to 530pm.
This is a March of the Homeless, the Poor, the Unemployed and Supporters to call for a STOP TO ALL FORECLOSURES, STOP THE CRIMINALIZATION OF THE POOR AND HOMELESS, HOUSING AND FOOD ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!!

Yeah, no plans to march on the DNC? Last I checked, the Democrats control the White House and the Senate. I’m just sayin’…

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  1. OWB says:

    See? It is really IS possible to agree with even a far leftist – at least on content. Yep, he and his DNC comrades have set us up for riots this summer. They did their recon using fleabaggers.

    Of course Soros is gleeful! Those of us who love this country still are not.

  2. Eodman says:

    Anyone with half a brain knows that “Occupy” is merely a rehearsal for a reprise of the riots of the ’60’s. Considering that Soros is likely financing part of this, it’s not surprising that he’d make that prediction.

  3. Country Singer says:

    Yeah, sounds like Soros has issued orders to his troops.

  4. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    So far Soros has been wrong. he is looking for an “Arab Spring” here in teh US and it didn’t happen.

    One thing they always forget is that the US nearly invented protesting….the Occupy BS happened and not many took notice. Americans protest over everything its like Brando said when asked what he was protesting…”Whatta got?”

    Give. Me. A. Break. I went nearly all summer wihtout even noticeing the that thing in New York. Waste of time.

    If they are intent on doing something grab a uniform and occupy Kandahar. There are bigger things happening.

  5. Spigot says:

    Soros…he’s my pick in the Dead Pool thread on LF…gone in 2012.


  6. GruntSgt says:

    Making a list and checking it twice…PR24 Check, weapons cleaned and oiled check, Randall sharpened check, ammo inventoried check, “Deuce gear” ready check…Okey Dokey I’m preppped. Bring it assholes!

  7. NHSparky says:

    Nothing like a Nazi collaborator wanting more violence.

    Dear George, bring it, fucker. I WANT you and your little minions to burn shit, occupy churches and piss on the crosses (whoops–ya’ll already did that), and generally show the American public in an election year (arguably the most important in my voting lifetime) why we should reject liberalism and the pain and suffering it inevitably creates.

  8. Frank says:

    Gee, Georgie – how come you aren’t leading the charge yourself?

  9. Old Trooper says:

    @7: Sparky, you and I both know that Soros is one of the elites that will be safely tucked in his ivory tower with plenty of security around him. He’s one of the ones giving orders to the drooling moonbats that will be out there in the streets. Same as Shabazz and the rest of the chuckleheads; they talk a good game, but do so from the confines of safety.

    However, if the recent “occupy” protests are an indication of what they can muster, no one will really notice, other than the leftist media. As Stuck Mojo says “bring it to my home; you’re in the danger zone, cuz the season’s open”.

  10. DaveO says:

    Easy to predict what you pay for.

  11. TopGoz says:

    I’m confused… Or maybe they are. Soros expresses concern that riots will lead to a breakdown in civil rights, yet his expressed corrective action is to throw massive support behind the one political party that has done more to limit and erode civil rights over the last 150 years than any other?
    I guess ignorance is the liberals’ most effective weapon.

  12. Beretverde says:

    He wants riots!

  13. Curt Kastens says:

    Yes the liberals that I know are so ignorant that they consider Soros and archconservative double agent only pretending to be a liberal. It is often difficult to
    find common ground when someone has a totally different set of percieved information or background. How do you for example discuss global warming with someone who does not know that it is mostly a conspiracy to promote business interests. Or how do you discuss peak oil with someone who does not know that this concept is a consoiracy to promote panic. Or on the other side of the coin how do you discuss abiotic oil with some one who thinks that is a conspiracy to hinder perception that peak oil is real.
    Some liberals may be right about somethings but there is no need to pay any attention to them because they can no more unite for a common cause than Laurel and Hardy.

  14. UpNorth says:

    Strange that you would get the flier from the “poor people” on the same day that Owebowma is going to tell us that those of us who work and pay our own way, are somehow the problem and the leeches and Occutards are the answer, Jonn.
    And, I’m sure that Soros will spend the summer somewhere convenient for him, Switzerland, Monaco or the like.
    “Where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.” Yeah, who’s still in the White House, Georgie Boy? Who would “constrain” that individual liberty?

  15. Just Plain Jason says:

    George Soros is a kind old man who just tries to help poor people through his many charaties…he was meerely a teenager when he stole possesions of other Jews that were being sent to death camps. Soviets…siding with them against his own people it was for their own good… collapsing economies…pshaw…economic justice…nazis…

  16. Doc Bailey says:

    A Nazi sympathizer who fleeced the Jews, no punishment. ok. SOB decides to fleece the American people after 9/11. No punishment. Ok. . . Brought up on charges by the SEC, so he retires. . . ok. Is the sole man behind, Media Matters, and is hugely responsible for the violence of OWS.

    I seem to remember a line “. . . all enemies, foreign and domestic” which I think should really be applied here.