Tuesdays with Claymore

| January 31, 2012

The only thing you can count on anymore;

Finger pointing

The Hazzards of racism

110 volts of pure beige

…assuming he’s not stoned.

China: #1 in making crap

Girl Scout kooky

AP photog…shooting the truth ends Occupy?

“I swear to God, I’ve had it with the religious people.”

Steve Jobs, maybe not the left-wing demi-god after all?

And then there’s Apple’s work motto…nice.

Say it ain’t so, po-po!

So in Obama v2.0, is Iran the Iraq or the new A’stan?

Look for the union labels.

Second hand accounts published on the internets are always true.

…and I was hungry around lunchtime today, so people must be starving in America.

Norway and Sweden, makers if shitty furniture, and irrelevant since the Vikings.

Free Don Siegelman! Wait…who?

Dissent was patriotic…during the Bush Administration.

Hugo Chavez supports the farmers.

Redefining “free speech”, leftist-style.

Americans “mono-lingual” and estupido.

Occupy DUmbass

“…a Southern man don’t need you around anyhow.”

Occupy the median.

Estrogen Revolution in you Tutu

“Human Made” Climate Change

Saul Alinsky; Father of the shit in.

Tell me again how great government monopolies are…

These boots are made for talkin’.

Impeachy keen!

Queue Alex Jones and don your foil hat, folks.

Getting a little gassy.

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  1. Country Singer says:

    The mental gymnastics of the left never cease to amaze me.

  2. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    Wow, whole Lotta denial in the Oakland flag burning thread. It must be nice to be able to use “agents provocateur” or “government conspiracy” to ignore facts and reality, kinda like Matthis does.