Jay Polk, the Occupy San Diego dead Master Sergeant

| February 4, 2012

That dead Master Sergeant Jay Polk who Vets For Peace memorialized last month, about whom there are doubts regarding his death? Well, he was almost a Special Forces Master Sergeant, well as close to a Special Forces Master Sergeant can get to a Reservist who got booted out in clerk basic training at Fort Jackson;

Here’s his storied and extensive career:

It looks like he spent more time in the MEPPS station than he did at Fort Jackson.

Now you mean to tell me that those cum bubbles in VFP spent more than four months with this blivethead and they didn’t see a one month basic trainee drop out, but they did see a Special Forces Master Sergeant in him?

But it was more about what he gave them than about what he actually was. He gave them a martyr, well, not now, he made them look like the dipshit goofballs that they really are. Of course, we’ve exposed a number of VFP phonies here, so their inability to spot a real veteran is well-known at TAH. At least this one wasn’t wearing his father’s medals to “honor” his service.

We’ve exposed enough of these Occupy phony numbnuts to rightfully doubt that any of them are veterans. Not only did he make the Occupy numbnuts look like jokes, he took in the DU numbnuts, too, and got them thinking that there are SF troops in Syria. Good job, Jay, you jerk-ass BOLO, you. By the way, if it isn’t obvious, I think the fucker is still alive.

Thanks to the POW Network folks who’ve been leading the internet on this guy.

Added Feb 6, 2012; For posterity and through the magic of internet cache, the now-deleted DU hysteria;

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  1. AW1 Tim says:

    Well done, Jonn.

    Doing the work the MSM would rather you didn’t do. 🙂

  2. cacti35 says:

    We can handle the truth!

  3. Scott says:

    Well, what a surprise.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Jonn, a small correction, if I may: the Occutards don’t need phony vets to make them look like jokes. They got that one covered just fine all on their own.

  5. NSOM says:

    That DU link is priceless. Those retards truly have no idea how the world outside their bubble works.

  6. Well, isn’t “almost getting a clerk MOS” kind of like being in the special forces? (I know the answer…I’m pretty sure that retards like this will never change.)

  7. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    You guys have it all wrong. Why my extensive training as a Maintenance Officer has allowed me to see a side of the Army few know about.

    A trained eye can see that the Elders of Black Operations felt a disturbance in the Force. They soon realized that a highly motivated dude was misplaced as an E1 clerk. They swooped in, offered him E213 Rank….or Masta Sargent to you plebes. Gave him his own squadron of killa ninjas.

    You are looking at the bona fides of a top sekrit supa ninja.

  8. Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else says:

    He wasn’t in Special Forces, he was in Very Special Forces:


  9. Redacted1775 says:

    #7 Facebook memorial page that proves there’s some pretty fuckin stupid people out there.

  10. Tman says:

    That comment on facebook hilarious. Wonder how long it’s going to be up.

  11. Old Trooper says:

    I’m shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED!!!

    Ok; not so much. What I am shocked about is how many absolutely dumb as a stump morons there actually are out there. It makes me nervous to know that our future relies on these idiots.

  12. ROS says:

    But is he really dead?

  13. streetsweeper says:

    @ #13- ROS….He’s hiding from a felony beef out of Iberia Parish, LA….Cold beer says so. Hehehe….

  14. UpNorth says:

    OT, looking at the CiC and what the R’s seem to want to put up against him, the number of dumb as a stump morons should not surprise you.

  15. ROS says:

    Sweeper, I’m inclined to agree. 😀

  16. Desert Lobo says:

    I saw him at Kentucky Fried Chicken with Elvis.

  17. Doc Bailey says:

    John, quit lying! You know he was a Super SF Ninja Super Secret Squirel who was killed while riding a horse into Syria after saving a baby from an Airstrike on a residential complex.

    /sarc off

    Can we come up with a poem called “Fakers Funny Farm” and read it at Occupy San Diego in honor of his faux heroics.

  18. Bubblehead Ray says:

    I just read some of the Facebook comments by the other occutards. The iPhone needs a face palm font.

  19. Tman says:

    Comments still on Facebook, bloody hilarious.

  20. Former3c0 says:

    All this talk about the dead not being dead reminds me of that 80s zombie movie “Return of the Living Dead” where the army had those secret barrels with a zombie and whatever kind of gas made more zombies… don’t suppose there’s a connection do you?

  21. Dee says:

    Honestly people, get a life! Obviously you all haven’t anything better to do then making idiotic comments on here about people you know nothing about. Typical …. so typical.

  22. NHSparky says:

    Apparently you didn’t know him all that well either. That’s gotta suck.

    And I’d say we know the Occutards pretty well.

  23. Easy 8 says:

    Wow. I got a bit behind so I’m just now reading all this (to include the DU thread). So Nadin Nadin Brzezinski (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003248998183&sk=info) is more than likely the one who penned the original article (Nadin Abbott) for East County Magazine. And she of course is the one on DU who posted numerous times defending the story because of the “non denial denial” she got from Jay’s command. Incidentally, I noticed in that thread (post #142) that SHE and her HUSBAND have also seen combat.

  24. Easy 8 says:

    Also, here is another FB profile for him which lists US Army Special Operations Command as his employer: https://www.facebook.com/jay.polk2?sk=info

  25. Former3c0 says:

    Welcome to the internet, first time?

  26. Doc Bailey says:

    Such a shame that the truth never seems to agree with your message. Facts and logic. Always the enemy of Liberals.

  27. NHSparky says:

    Easy…you gotta good read on her character when even her DU buddies hate her condescending ass.

  28. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, the DU article has been deleted as of yesterday, so let me guess…we’re not going to hear how sorry they are that they got taken in by a career criminal and they’re going to perpetuate the myth of a SF MSG killed in action in Syria.

    Screenshot of the DU article has been added to the original post.

  29. NothingSpecial says:

    @23; “nothing” = trying to confuse you with the facts.

    Typical … so typical.

  30. Marine_7002 says:

    @23 So do tell, Dee…what do you know about Secret Command Master Gunnery Chief Polk that we don’t already know from the documents that tell us about his miniscule length of service and his many (i.e., 0) accomplishments?

    Semper Fi

  31. ma says:

    I remenber the moment jay the conman presinted himself in my face lies fell out his mouth a twin engin four seater privet plain was overhead jay said he had just jumped from it ( really ) and yes there are idiots there at the san diego civic center who fell for J’s shit ( not occupyers but some homeless ) jay scamed me an others who will not admit it , he is a petty thief , a pathelogical lire, and let me add he is not even good at it . When he would bum cigerrets somehow he would end up with the whole pac somthing he would do while looking dead in your eys and the promis to repay (slight of hand ) yeah he got me 3x and when it came time for him to pay up he dissapeard. One day begging the next day dead i hardly doubt it , i knew it was a lie the moment i heard of it . Jay said he and his san diego girl friend were sapose to be headed to louiesianna to her family where she is to give birth to jays baby while jay conects with his wife and children there . The baby was due in February ………..

  32. ma says:

    Any one beside me notice jay polk ‘birthday is April fools day born the year of the cat / rabbit ya think it explains some of the SOB behivor L O L let me add jay is not the only thief lier posier out there at occupy there are others ( crimmanals ) waiting to take advantiage of good people , isn’t that right shanin ‘ boxer , liesa ,angel , and chris .

  33. Green Thumb says:

    Dude definitely had a career in APL’s lobbying wing.

    Too bad.

  34. rb325th says:

    Someone has been busy removing the facebook “events” and profiles above. Scrubbing the internet… how poserish