Talentless hackery at new heights

| February 24, 2012

Yeah, so I told Adam Weinstein that I hated his lying ass when he “friended” me on Facebook, and that it would blow up in his face someday. It only took a few weeks for him to get his eyebrows singed. He posted this shit that he wrote as Mother Jones’ “national security writer” this morning;

Weinstein perpetuates the lie that we’ve talked about several times that the proof that the military supports Ron Paul because more people who identify themselves as members of the military give money to Paul than any other candidate. That’s complete horseshit, because any goober off of the street can give money to the Paul campaign can identify themselves as members of the military on the form. Given the history of Paulians and their internet tomfoolery, I wouldn’t put it past them to have an organized effort to do just that in this case.

Weinstein goes on to “report” that the reason most members of the military support Paul is because they’re anti-war…and who does he interview to prove that point? Adam Kokesh of IVAW and Jake Diliberto of Rethink Afghanistan – both of them are anti-war, always have been since they found a political niche for themselves.

And Weinstein’s proof for military support of Paul was the “Veterans for Ron Paul” rally from this past weekend that I attended. As I reported, there were less than a thousand people at the rally, then the group weeded out veterans from non-veterans for their march on the White House and had barely 500. I didn’t see Weinstein write about the actual numbers. So out of millions of veterans in this country, because 500 showed up, we’re all Ron Paul supporters. Fuck you, Adam.

Then Weinstein makes the most egregious statement of all;

Soldiers tend to see Paul as understanding the pressures they face better than the other candidates because he’s the only one in the group who served in uniform, as a flight surgeon in the Air Force and Air National Guard during the Vietnam era. The libertarian’s service gives him “street cred,” Kwiatkowski noted.

Yeah, with my two decades of service in the infantry, the person who knows me best is the Air Force OB/GYN. I don’t even think Adam, a Navy veteran, can identify with me. But mostly because he’s a lying, talentless hack.

Yeah, we all know that the media wants Ron Paul to be the Republican candidate because he can never win against Obama, but Paul is a racist crackpot and his followers are even more crackpottish. To throw members of the military involuntarily into that clown car ride is beyond the pale.

UPDATE: By the way , be sure to read the comments at the article. Supposedly because you all support Ron Paul it’s proof that you’re all racists. Did I say “Fuck you, Adam” already?

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  1. Bobo says:

    “Soldiers tend to see Paul as understanding the pressures they face better than the other candidates because he’s the only one in the group who served in uniform, as a flight surgeon in the Air Force and Air National Guard during the Vietnam era. The libertarian’s service gives him “street cred,” Kwiatkowski noted.” Two glaring aspects of that quote that any vet would pick up and understand what they say (and don’t say) – “flight surgeon” and “Vietnam Era”.

  2. Nah Jonn. Don’t need to read more than your citations.

    I’m scared of clowns anyway!

  3. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    Wow, according to those comments the 4th ID and the 101st AA are currently stationed in Israel, waiting to invade Syria. Good to know.

  4. The Torch says:

    @3: It’s common “knowledge” on Ron Paul websites that the US military has all sorts of troops deployed to Israel. When you show them that the actual number is 40, and half of those are embassy guards, they just ignore you.

    It’s so difficult to talk to a Ron Paul supporter because they simply don’t care about facts. Here are some facts that they will simply never accept:

    1. Ron Paul voted for the war in Afghanistan. He did NOT vote for a manhunt against a single target, bin Laden. he voted for an open-ended war, fought on whatever turf the president chooses, against whichever enemy the president chooses.

    2. Ron Paul is the pork barrel king of the Republican Party. His projects are almost always extraconstitutional.

  5. J.R. says:

    Talk about projection. The Paul crowd is full of stormfronters yet they play the race card on everyone else. Did you know those of us in the military have been secretly trained to round up and execute American civilians? Its true! A Ron Paul bot told me so.

  6. Cedo Alteram says:

    Hey Jonn, I read through his entire article and there isn’t a single assertion you/TAH haven’t disproven here. Now mind you this is Mother Jones so integrity isn’t a high priority but still.

    Weinstein is the same guy who Hanson took apart a while back for implying that military was pushing a conservative agenda. I think as a liberal who actually served he is looking for any silverlining and will skip over facts that are not consistent with his theory.

  7. Liam B. says:

    I’m an independent, I try to select the candidate that makes my skin crawl the least. This year I’ve shed so many layers, I am more akin to a snake than a human being…and that’s referencing both sides.

    I have had the opportunity to serve in both OEF, and OIF…and hate the way these candidates use the military as a tool to gain popularity.

    I would NEVER vote for Paul…he’s a crackpot…and a bigot. I cannot abide by bigotry in the United States, in the 21st century. In fact all the candidates are bigots. Its disgusting.

    Santorum: Religious Quack, a bigot too, and would make us kowtow to his pope. As far as social experimentation in the military…I’d pay good money to watch that clown attempt basic training in any branch. What is his great plan for saving America? We’re still waiting for that, right?

    Romney: Sends mixed messages about bigotry and everything else…what does this fool really want…aside from power…Maybe someday he’ll stand for something and not change his mind (coward).

    Gingrich is Gingrich is Gingrich…need I say more?

    Obama: Yes, sir, please apologize to these assholes some more…we should feel bad that they are killing us over a frackin book..after all for an anti religious bigot, you seem awful concerned over the feelings of THESE religious QUACKS. And enjoy the view as Assad butchers his own people with the help of Iran and Russia (the bad guys btw)…while Iran builds a nuke with the blessings of Russia and China (again, the bad guys)…granted you were CinC when we got the Al-Qaeda bosses, but sir…inaction is leading to another group of turds ready to take their place.

    I need help…advise…or council…which bigoted, arrogant, self serving douche nozzle should I waste my vote on this year…cause frankly…i’d rather find some one else…not on the ballot…will Christie give up and run? Or Hillary? it seems like she’s trying to take care of the shit the Prez won’t.

  8. Liam B. says:

    To elaborate this rant a little more.

    I think that America IS in decline, but not because of her citizens. Its her politicians. They are all bigoted…towards any idea, belief or consideration that is outside their narrow view of what life should be like, and how best to pigeon hole the people. We have become a nation of power-seekers, as opposed to a nation-united.

    Will we ever find one of these “gentlemen” actually stand up for something or someone, whether or not they share a common belief? All I ask for is a candidate who is honest, reasonable, and considerate of the fact that our diversity, our democracy, our freedom of choice and enterprise, and our honor make us strong, and not rhetoric and the foolish antics of power hungry filth.

    To the gentlemen running…I have had the honor of standing next to good, decent men and women fighting for a common cause…each other…and I will tell you I am sickened by your conduct. You have no business claiming support of the military, or preaching how much you love it. You don’t, we’re not stupid…we know…you see us as a tool. If any of you had a shred of integrity, or loyalty to the people of this country it may be a different story.

    I would like to watch all the candidates chew over this one publicly in a debate [its from basic training (ca. 2000), and according to my Drill Sergeant, was universal throughout all 5 Branches and the Service Academies.]

    The Maxim….I will not lie, cheat, or steal; nor will I tolerate those around me who do. How many of these fine upstanding “gentlemen” would be left on the stage to converse with?

    I now rest my argument, and go back to more productive tasks.

  9. Rurik says:

    I was initially attracted to Paul years ago by his supposed support for constitutionalism, but I gradually soured as I saw his reflexive blinkered pacifism. Wearing a blue suit after receiving a ddirect commisson does not a soldier make.
    The final straw came five years ago while confronting the Communists, Nihilists, and Anarchists of International ANSWER, IVAW and Code Pink in Washington. To my surprise and disgust, heavily mixed in with the assorted Commies, were the Blue-shirted Paulbots. Birds of a feather …. Flock them. all.

  10. Paul says:

    Yeah, so I do read this blog occasionally, and I am an OIF combat vet, med boarded out in 2009. I think to dismiss support for RP is ridiculous. I know that while I was in, I supported Ron Paul – and there were several other Ron Paul supporters – however, most people I knew seemed to support Obama.

    We lost a lot of good people overseas. I’ve always been conservative, but I wasn’t anti-war until Iraq. Ron Paul fills that niche. Anti-war sentiment in the military is real – even among those disheartened by groups like the IVAW. Support for Ron Paul among recent veterans is real.

  11. J.R. says:

    “Support for Ron Paul among recent veterans is real.”

    Ron Paul’s military support numbers are a lot like Obama’s jobs saved/created numbers: easy to claim, impossible to prove. I have yet to run across a real Veteran who is a Ron Paul supporter. Apparently its like snipe hunting. And the IVAW? Considering the bulk of them have been proven here and elsewhere to be phony Vets and/or criminals, I wouldnt lean on them as proof to back up any point other than the existence of phony Veterans. As for Paul’s “niche,” he also fills the Stormfront niche, the truther Prison Planet niche, the government conspiracy niche, the military imposing martial law niche, and a whole host of other niches that no sane person should ever associate with. He’s a cranky old bircher nut who has accomplished nothing despite many terms in office. He’s not qualified to shine my boots, let alone be our President.

  12. Daniel says:

    While I suppose it’s possible many Paul supporters are actually part of a coordinated effort to pretend to be military, your argument would also seem to imply that there is a significant number of real military members who lying about their career affiliations when they donate money to other candidates. Is that a coordinated effort too? That part doesn’t really make as much sense.