Sweet merciful crap….It’s Tim Kennedy as Katy Perry

| April 5, 2012

Nice cans.

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  1. 509th Bob says:

    Are you wearing your kilt again? Just askin’.

  2. AmyJ says:

    Thank you for that pure awesomeness!

  3. JohnLindley says:

    There are so so many things about this video that cracked me up….thanks Ranger Up and Tim Kennedy for a great start to my day…I think I’d rather watch Katy Perry but maybe her and Tim can team up for a duet

  4. headhuntersix says:

    Very disturbing and mildly arousing. Tell Tim he can come to the welcome home ceremony if he promises to wear the wig.

  5. H1 says:

    The flying prone position looked painful.
    Were any animals harmed during the filming of this very distured video?

  6. Instinct says:

    I just played this for my buddy who is joining the corps.

    Think I’ll send him a black wig while he’s in boot camp.

  7. Right Rev Mr. Wolf says:

    Be sure to include a chocolate dildo with it. Gets ’em every time… he’ll be FOREVER thanking you for that one.

  8. Just Plain Jason says:

    I died laughing so many times at this video…Tim is awesome. I wonder if good ol sma chadlier thinks this puts out the message of professionalism he wants…

  9. ROS says:

    I wanna sparkle like Tim when I grow up.

  10. Instinct says:

    Mr Wolf – already plan on sending him a box a week, some will have ‘surprises’ and some will just have a letter.

    Figure that if I can make him flinch every time he sees a box in the mail for him my job will be done 😀

  11. Old Tanker says:

    As I said about RU’s last video….I laughed, I cried, but mostly I cried. These guys are teh awsum!!

  12. 509th Bob #1: I do think he wears the kilt much of the time now… But this video is awesome even with that image in mind.

  13. OWB says:

    That was fun.


  14. Miss Ladybug says:

    Watching this last night. Recognized several of the locations: Starbuck’s just south of Anderson Mill along 183, the Chevron @ Anderson Mill & 183, and Camp Mabry. They smushed the bluebonnets! LOL

  15. I laughed until I stopped…then I tried to think back to why I joined the Army in 74’….I can’t remember.

  16. Dano says:

    LoL, Awesome!!!

  17. SSG Medzyk says:

    K……I am now a bigger fan of Tim than before. Anyone that has the balls to do that spoof to that level, is either fuckin’ nuts or badass enough to back it up 🙂

    I think Tim is badass enough.

    HA!! This should be his entrance theme into the ring!!

  18. defendUSA says:

    Right Rev…
    Mwahhaaaa….I love the chocolate dildo story!!
    But don’t forget…Rangers lead the way…Hoo-ahhh!!

  19. NHSparky says:

    Oh, dear sweet baby Jesus on a tricycle.

    Half the shop is wondering why I’ve got tears streaming down my face. The other half is right along with me laughing their asses off.