Brian Camacho revisited

| April 15, 2012

We discussed Brian Camacho earlier this month, here and here. He convinced the folks at Military Minds to fly him to Canada for treatment of his PTSD that he caught on his multiple deployments as a MARSOC stud to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Redacted1775 sends us a link to Gina Cavallaro of the Marine Corps Times who has been following up on the story;

And he won’t, because according to Brian Khan’s brother, Ian Khan, the 45-year-old has never served in the military.

“My brother’s a fraud. He’s obsessed with the Marine Corps but he never went in,” Ian Khan said in a phone interview.

It became clear that Camacho was really Brian Khan after a cursory search for him and his likeness online. Though his Facebook page quickly vanished after the fraud was uncovered, videos of him and his kids at a cellphone store in Harrisburg, and his true last name, were an easy match with his kids’ Facebook pages and those of other family members.

At a loss to explain his brother’s eagle, globe and anchor tattoo, Ian Khan said, “It’s all a game to him. He really believes that he went to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Yes, his name is really Brian Khan and he’s freakin’ 45 years old and still playing dress-up. He’s never spent a day in the military, but, obviously, he has enough money to buy up all kinds of shit to stick on his uniforms. Maybe he caught the PTSD from his uniforms, especially if he’d bought them in surplus stores and the former owner had the PTSD. You just can’t get the PTSD virus out of your clothes.

So, if you’re in Philadelphia and see the little turd wearing his fake finery about town, send him our regards.

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  1. Redacted1775 says:

    Someone should hold a Sons of Anarchy style tattoo removal ceremony for this douche rocket. Knife, or fire?

  2. PintoNag says:

    “It’s all a game to him. He really believes that he went to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    That’s not a game, that’s a form of pyschosis. There’s no telling which way this man will jump, or what he might do. What he needs is a padded room, and FAST.

  3. Nobunny says:

    Oh great. He has reproduced?!

  4. Seanp says:

    I hope they bring felony charges for fraud against him… douchebag piece of shit.

  5. OWB says:

    This one is almost too easy – he’s one SICK puppy. While prison might not be the best place for his mental health, it’s a great place to start his recovery from his delusions of manhood.

  6. Hondo says:

    Redacted1775: were he sane, I’d personally vote for belt sander or wire-wheel grinder vice knife or fire. But if he actually is crazy enough to believe the shit he claims, perhaps a padded room followed by a laser is more in order.

  7. Lthrnck1775 says:

    Why not just add “Wannabe” after the USMC tattoo…. 🙂

  8. Flagwaver says:

    I find it fitting that Brian Con has such an appropriate name… sorry, Khan.

    These people are frakking ridiculous. Why in the heck don’t they just sign up and earn the honor rather than believing they can get the honor off the rack at the surplus store? Not to mention, they give the REAL vets a bad name with their “PTSD Stories.”

  9. Civilwarrior says:

    I once worked with a guy who CLAIMED to be a Marine Vietnam vet. He never wore the uniform, or claimed decorationsor anything like that, but he had everybody convinced he had been in the corps. He never wanted to discuss military stuff in detail with me, probably because he knew I would have figured it out pretty quickly. Didn’t find out he had been lying the whole time until after he died. Such a HUGE disappointment.

  10. Seanp says:

    Yeah, I worked with this guy…he seemed pretty cool and talked about being in ranger battalion back in the day. Didn’t take long to start getting suspicious….then I found his “Just Cause” 3rd Ranger BN hat however, I knew he got out in 86. WTF?

  11. Marine_7002 says:

    Maybe he and SgtMaj Mailman should get together. They’d get along famously, what with wearing those FNG jackets and all.

    On another note, this low-life scum-sucking bottom-dwelling Communist skidmark has been passing himself off as a Marine for a while:

  12. Marine_7002 says:

    Is this the Facebook page that the Marine Corps Times article might have been referring to? I don’t have a Facebook account, can someone look it up?

  13. Civilwarrior says:

    Tried looking up that FB page, and redirected back to my own. I’m assuming that link has been taken down.

  14. NR Pax says:

    The fact that someone older than eighteen was wearing a beat me up jacket should have been proof enough. But this new revelation is even more pitiful.

  15. Dano says:

    Was not that photo used by another scuzz ball fake before? Man these guys are really hard up for attention. I do hope he has to pay back all the money he has scammed which included the plane fair to Canada etc. Then again you can not get water out of a dry well. Hopefully this fellow will be made an example of, also I will be letting the Royal Canadian Regiment know that the Cpl in the photo was with a scammer. Who knows maybe someday he (idiot) can explain how he was standing tall with a front line Infranty Cpl from the RCR who was problay in Helmund province or panjawai… Total fuck head who should pay. Also in 2006 thank you to the A10 who saved our ass big time near the Zarwai district center.

  16. Robert says:

    Sounds like psychosis.

    Anyone see Taxi Driver before? It’s about an ex-marine (De Niro) driving taxis while trying to cope with the moral corruption around him.

    One of the theories of that film is that the main character was never really a Marine. He just obsesses about being a Marine and pretends to live out that lifestyle…even going so far as to shave his head, Recon-style while writing letters to his family detailing secret government ops he believes himself to be involved in.

    Get this guy some help.

  17. Dcm says:

    Whatever happened to this guy?

  18. Just An Old Dog says:

    He dropped out of sight, no more coverage on him.

    He’s probably living in a van down by the river,,, you know how the rest of the story goes.

  19. JRC says:

    He has recently surfaced in Florida.

    and changed the spelling of his last name