Jackie Lee Climer; Stolen Valor thief

| April 17, 2012

Our buddy, Doug Sterner sent us some information on one of his major take downs in Salt Lake City, This is from the local TV station, ABC4 last year when Jackie Lee Climer was first arrested for embezzling thousands of dollars from his American Legion Post where he was the adjutant;

60 year-old Jackie Lee Climer, from Heber, is charged with embezzlement and unlawful acquisition and possession of a credit card.

Park City police say the American Legion noticed discrepancies in its accounts.

He was successfully convicted and sentenced to a year in the county jail. This is the letter Mr. Sterner received from the detective in the case;

Last year, I contacted you in regards to a man named Jackie Lee Climer. I had arrested Climer for embezzling over $30,000 from the Park City, Utah, American Legion Post. The more I dug, the more questionable this character became. You offered me great insight and advice concerning Climer’s DD-214 and military records.

I wanted to let you know that, based in part on your input, we successfully convicted Climer in a jury trial. He is serving the next year in the Summit County, Utah, jail. In one of the more gratifying experiences in my career, I executed a search warrant and ripped Climer’s “Combat Wounded” Purple Heart plates off his car right in front of him. Unfortunately, our adjoining county would not prosecute Climer for presenting his forged DD-214 because the statute of limitations had run out on him presenting the forged document for the original registration. I am eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Stolen Valor case, and am ready to reopen that case should the court, hopefully, honor our veterans and declare that this nonsense has to stop.

We need more detectives with that kind of spirit and conviction.

Here’s his forged DD214;

Compare that to his FOIA;

He’d actually served in Vietnam, but I guess he hadn’t lived up to his own expectations and felt a need to embellish. But it was probably more the fact that he was a POS who happened to wear a uniform once since his malfeasance included ripping off his brother veterans at the Legion hall.

And may I add that Doug Sterner is truly a national treasure.

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  1. David says:

    I can understand bar room embellishments (typical bullshit anyone is guilty of at least at one point in their lives), but forging his records in order to validate said bs is beyond me. His real records granted him access to the lodge, why doctor the paperwork? I guess it’s beyond my understanding of his theft too, so why could I understand his choice to backup his bs with paperwork.

    I always enjoy out stolen valor act blogs man.

  2. I’d like to shake the hand of that cop. In my years of cop work, the ones I “outed” were not things I could charge them with. Although I was still trying to figure out how the one crazy homeless guy, who’d been arrested for every single section of the CA penal code, had a VA medical card in his wallet when I arrested him. During my interview, I found he’d never even been in the military. His claim was he had PTSD from being a Ranger in Granada. I took his VA card and mailed it to them with a note.

  3. OWB says:

    Kudos to that detective! Here’s hoping that one day he gets to hear that we are truly grateful for his actions on our behalf. They don’t get to hear that enough. Sort of like some other folks we know.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. ANON says:


  6. Hondo says:

    On his “DD214”, the only two awards that don’t line up horizontally with respect to the others are the BSM and PH. I guess the clerk who prepared the form must have forgotten them and had to reinsert the form and type them in.

    Yeah, right. This assclown didn’t even have the common sense and ability to come up with a decent forgery. Hope he enjoys prison.

  7. rolled up says:

    this still doesn’t address the annual $10 million dollar contracts Jack Climer wrangled out of Lockheed Martin with his brother in law who ran his company, Veterans Trading company in Park City (VTC) while Jack was driving a bus for Park City!
    Jack’s brother in law used his access to former governor Jon Huntsman Jr. (failed 2012 presidential bid) administration in something Huntsman created called the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) to secure the first in line for business development help. At the time, Utah was giving a company tied to Lockheed martin as their ‘contract capture’ source, a $1 million dollar a year line item budgetary provision to take up the slack that GOED couldn’t fill. This slack is where the remainder of the GOED losers was spun off to – the rest of the veteran business losers.
    While all this was going on, Climer began his $1000 a month embezzlement from the Park City American Legion. The theft spree lasted about 31 months until he was arrested. However, the arrest doesn’t illuminate jack, before stealing the money, needed to first forge a letter of recommendation to become the post commander and, then needed to additionally forge the signatories on the legions bank account access card.
    What the veterans community doesn’t hear in this process, is how Climer had been vetted by Utah’s veterans division leader, Terry Schow, who was appointed by former governor Jon Huntsman Jr. to be the cabinet level vet director for vets because before this – Utah let the lds duplicon establishment dictate the veterans agenda via the national guard that was owned by the lds establishment as an arm of the governors office.
    Then there’s a tid bit on how Jack had been outed by a disabled vet business rep to Terry and GOED – but that poor vetrep was retaliated against instead – leading to his own royal fucking by the governors administration who was looking for an easy veterans business story to help him in his later failed 2012 presidential bid! Jack, went on to become the SBA’s 2009 regional poster boy as well – and was even featured in NaVOBA’s magazine!
    And last, it doesn’t address the fake retired ID card Jack presented the arresting detective at the time of the arrest – when in fact Jack was arrested for banging his partners underage niece in California that led to his earlier arrest and being kicked out of the LA County Sherriff’s office.

    This is really the mother all stories that comes out of Utah. It was tied to the reason Jon Huntsman was prematurely ripped out of the seat in his race for president and is tied squarely to Mitt Romney via Summit Country GOP chair, Harry Glasheen who does the find rising in Park City for Romney!
    This story is far from over.

  8. L8gr8di says:

    Kuddos and congrats to the detective of this case, I have been waiting for Jack Climer to receive justice for his previous crimes. He stole over ten thousand dollars from special olympics and little league in Dublin CA. in the 90’s and only received a slap on the wrist. I have been told many times by his ex-wife that Climer even lied about going to Pepperdine University-he never went there. He also forged trust paperwork and walked into a bank and withdrew money from his father’s trust/will and yet the bank and court did not do anything to him. Climer has done many other things that should have put him in jail a long time ago, but escaped from justice. He should have been sentenced to an even longer term for this crime. Again, congradulations and a huge Thank you to this detective.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Diane, your hatred of this man speaks volumes. Too bad life has dealt you nothing but lemons.

  10. jonnie cancer says:

    the story ends with jackie boy getting a light sentance – a slap on the wrist. He landed up in jail for one year, currently serving in Summit County, Utah, if you want to look him up or send him a file in his cake?

    his company kept the many multimillion dollar contracts for those like Lockeheed martin – or rather – his borther in law and jackie did some quick thinking between the time of arrest and the house of cards coming down on what his brother in law built while jackie boy drove a bus for the city of Park City. so much for being an SDVOB run business – when your brother in law is massaging the governors administration, it’s GOED and PTAC slackers who didn’t give a shit who ran the business so long as they produced a feel good story.

    So jack brings in a few pilots from Hill AFB as ringers prior to his arrest -then transferes ownership to them after the arrest so his masterpiece of fraud will beintact when he comes out of jail in Summit county. the icing on this fraud cake passed out the cakehole of Jonnie Cancer Huntsman’s failed bid into the whitehouse.

  11. the rosa parks bus-ride says:

    VIBE: in as few words as possible…

    It all began as a service officer/advocate in Utah for disabled veterans in contracting under a 501C19 national veterans organization. that advocay beginning in 2007 created a heap of everlasting backlash in the cozy-crony world of the business paradigm in the state and at the federal level in the state. the backlash of writing about the disparity in vetrepenuer contracting opportunities; the report writing to members of the veterans affairs; the reports sent to the SBA committees for veterans – created both a backlash and the former governor’s own push to then find a ‘veteran business star’ among our state population. Utah chose Jack Climer as their poster boy in 2008. That’s when the whole shit house went up in flames.

    As a service officer specific to veteran contracting – I called a red flag on Climer as an illegitimate SDVOB under the federal aquisition rules (FAR) in contracting. But they (Utah’s vetdiv, Utah’s governors office of econ dev etc) had already primed and rammed Climer too far into the’poster boy’ chute to stop the circus that would eventually unfold nationally 3 years later. Namely, Jack Climer’s arrest for embezzling $30,000 from the Park City post of the American legion; Climer’s forging the letter of recommendation to become it’s post adjutant so climers could also access and forge the signatory docs to access the American Legions bank account and the 31 month long spree of siphoning off $1000 monthly before his – and those state public officials who backed him in the Jon Huntsman Administration’s cabinet – came tumbling down in the media and places Like Doug Sterner’s stolen valor watch.

    Well, I was just one of the casualties after red flagging Climer to the state in 2008 when climer was literally given the title of veteran business boy of the year – replete with Washington DC’s own VA small business rep coming to speak alongside Climer at the governors ‘veteran business event’. Since Jon Huntsman was Utah’s ‘king maker’ and part of the $8 billion dollar legacy in the state tied to mormon central – and his upcoming presidential bid – my inconvenient red flagging as a state service officer was rolled under the rug- along with my name and business.

    so – in 2008, being literally run out of business (and the document trail on that alone goes all the way into the chief JAG office at MICC and the VP for the world’s largest supplier of scientific equipment) – I left Utah to work as a contractor in Iraq. That led me to Afghanistan. ultimately, I decided what better way to understadn the problems returning vets faced than going there myself. that ‘myself’ gig included flying into KIA 9x on my own dime and on my own steam.

    The problems of red flagging Climer to the state apperatus – including the Utah vetdiv who was also appointed and created under Huntsman – didn’t stop there. for the pruposes of this story – i will stop here and come back to fill in the blanks and spell correct this effort to better illuminate a story which directly or indirectly is teid into the Romney camp and the Romney way of doing business reflected in this state. I was actively and wuite literally put out of business 4 times – 3 of those times under Jon Huntsman Jr and his cadre of sycophant asspuppets.

    When that was not enough, and i finally returned from my 9th trip into KIA in May 2010 – I finally thought I had cleaned my name and appraoched the governros office to reset the conversation I began in 2007. It was an unwelcome guesture – leading to ultimatley – even if by coincidence – being braodsided two blocks outside my own driveway by the governors legal analsyt at the governor’s office i had been complaining too. then, when the legal analsyt in the current governors cabinet then turned out to be first cousin/family to Jon Huntsman and the era of problems back to Jack Climer – I was no longer amused. Aside from getting typhoid overseas and having to seek out german clinics in kabul I also paid for my own treatment – my ‘war inuries’ happened in utah in returning to utah after first being run out of business repeatedly under the bullshit regime of Jonny Cancer when i was broadsided so god damned hard i pissed blood for 4 months and was gifted a hip impingement. Being put out of business was then called ‘my imagination’ by the asspuppet cadre of those who came to power under Huntsman in Utah – and his family member who totalled my volvo xc70 two blocks from my own driveway – and continues to get away with it to this day!

    The part(s) I left out about Huntsman and Utah’s GOP are an editorial written about Mitt Romney back in 2008 castigating Willard Romney as a ‘privateer’ in his 2008 election bid talking about privatizing the VA’s medical system. That article made its way onto the AP wire – months before the Huntsman admin was setting the stage to run what later became his aborted attempt at the presidency. So this year, when Park City’s GOP chair reached out to me in FB – it was to tel me he was the fund raising guy in Park City for Romney.

    To me, it doesn’t make a bit of difference in my world what and why on which of these multiplicity moving parts is attributed to Huntsman or Romney. I have climbed that mountain of bullshit. I have been a rider at the backs of a Rosa Parks bus for lack of not being a member of thier missionary asspuppey group of insiders I politely refer to as ‘Club Elite’. I hope this begins to clear it up for the VIBE crew…

  12. lodestar says:

    thanks to a national treasure Sterner and Crew…

  13. Sue says:

    This is interesting to me because the Jackie “Leroy” (nickname) Climer I knew was also a Deputy Sheriff in LA. Yes, that is his mugshot on abc4.com. My husband and I and a bunch of our friends and Jackie all socialized. Then the stories started coming out about is honesty (lack of) bouts! He contacted me a few years ago looking for my husband, who had passed away. To be honest, I am not surprised about this. When I talked and emailed with he and his current wife they were both evasive about a lot of things. Sad really.

  14. filthy lucor says:

    so why is jack climer’s company, Veterans Trading Company (VTC) in Park City, still operational today?

    Jack and his brother in law. John Pearce, brought in the current CEO Mr. Costello out of Hill AFB in 2005. Post arrest and prior to conviction – Costello applies for and becomes a ‘disabled veteran’ – transferring Jacks ownership and management interest as an SDVOSB pursuant the FAR, to Costello. Though the entire shit house was founded on fraud – THE LARGEST SINGLE STOLEN VALOR FRAUD IN US HISTORY – Climer is able to salvage his and his brother -in-law’s financial interest in VTC

    see more at (http://vtcusa.com/vtcwp/?page_id=259)

    This is the down payment on a failed house of cards in Utah politics under failed presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr as a calling card known as failed accountability to returning veterans from America’s last two ‘Lost wars’!

    Not only does the entire operation founded on fraud become the largest single veteran owned business in Utah – it is the continuing darlings of L3, Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

  15. Sue in #17 above is so full of crap. Evidently she never heard the earful from the arresting detective in Park city who now works at the Utah AG’s office. This so full of shit Sue overlooks what everyone else knows at this point. had she been educated on how this same Climer was pulled over in Park City with his stolen valor purple heart plates – and how Jack had also presented a forged LA Country retired Sheriff’s ID card to the arresting detective. Secondly – this so-full-of-shit Sue would have received an education how Climer had been kicked out of the LA Country Sheriff’s club after his forced departure as the brief stint Sue wrongly claims as an employment record on Climer – ergo no retirement and yet another forged document in a sting of forged documents used by climer who got over on the entire veterans community with Utah’s immunity and the Dod’s impunity concering contracting. Just sickening.

  16. kp says:

    @19… what is @17 claiming, specifically, that you have a problem with?
    Nothing I see in your post contradicts anything in hers (that I can see).

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am the “current wife” that #17 speaks of. She is so “full of shit” when it comes to the “relationship” she had with Jack and I after her husband died. I had 3 conversations with her – one in which I thanked her for a gift she sent – and two emails. She seemed nice…but I had no desire to be friends after I learned more about her. There was no evasion on my part. She knew Jack long before I met him…and she wasn’t particularly interesting to me. It’s sad that she and all you other folks have nothing better to do than badmouth someone you don’t even know. The L8Gr8Di is Jack’s former sister -in -law who has her own agenda. She never liked him. As for “rolled up”..you sir are full of hate and rancor. The truth about the “purple heart” license plate is this: the police defective that came to our home in Heber to serve a search warrant had actually removed the plates from MY car in OUR driveway BEFORE CONTACTING me. He was a spineless little man who had two follow -up officers on the porch when I opened the door. I have always

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am the “current wife” that #17 speaks of. She is so “full of shit” when it comes to the “relationship” she had with Jack and I after her husband died. I had 3 conversations with her – one in which I thanked her for a gift she sent – and two emails. She seemed nice…but I had no desire to be friends after I learned more about her. There was no evasion on my part. She knew Jack long before I met him…and she wasn’t particularly interesting to me. It’s sad that she and all you other folks have nothing better to do than badmouth someone you don’t even know. The L8Gr8Di is Jack’s former sister -in -law who has her own agenda. She never liked him. As for “rolled up”..you sir are full of hate and rancor. The truth about the “purple heart” license plate is this: the police defective that came to our home in Heber to serve a search warrant had actually removed the plates from MY car in OUR driveway BEFORE CONTACTING me. He was a spineless little man who had two follow -up officers on the porch when I opened the door. I have always supported the police -and told him he didn’t have to worry because I wouldn’t let anything happen to him. I’ve been silent until now…and hope this clears up some confusion.

  19. Hondo says:

    You can quit defending this lying thief now, Anonymous. No one here is buying it.

    We’re also not interested in hearing about your “catfight” with the other commenter above. Please take that elsewhere.

    The facts show Climer was a lying POS and a thief who got caught and did time – just not enough time. Deal with it.

  20. Gail says:

    Hondo I know what happened because I was there. You don’t know a thing about Jack Climer. You’re a man on a mission. You spread lies like your life depends on it. I feel sorry for you. And for your information SIR, I am Jack Climer’s wife. My name is Gail. I was in the courtroom…and heard the whole story. Can you say the same??

  21. NHSparky says:

    IOW, you would be expected to defend him. Then again, why did he go to jail, “Gail”? Could it have something to do with his guilt, perhaps?

    Hondo is many things, but spreader of lies is not one of them.

  22. Gail says:

    If you “gentlemen” were the true warriors you pretend to be you’d identify yourselves instead of hiding behind pseudonyms. And you, bud, were not in the. Courtroom. I defend him because he made a mistake, has paid the price, will be paying the price for a number of years, and is trying to get on with his life. Do you have anyone in your life who would do that for you? Methinks not.

    • Hondo says:

      I know all I need to know about Climer, “Gail”. He’s a lying POS thief, got caught, and did time for it. He was lying about his military record and ripping off his brother vets. Nothing in his past – e.g., no kind of sad story or misfortune – excuses that.

      Has your “man” publicly acknowledged being a liar? Of claiming the sacrifice of others as his own?

      Because that’s what he did, “Gail”. He claimed to be a combat-wounded veteran – to have bled for this nation. And he wasn’t.

      He’s also a scammer and a thief. He scammed his fellow vets, ripping them off – to the tune of $30,000, if I recall correctly. Has he made full restitution?

      Claiming to be a combat-wounded vet when he wasn’t, and ripping of his brother vets when in a position of trust. That’s low – damn low.

      I’ve not led a blameless life, “Gail”. But I’ve never done anything anywhere near that low. And if I ever had, I’d deserve no mercy until I’d made full amends – publicly.

      Come back with verifiable proof of a public apology by Climer and verifiable proof of restitution to the American Legion. Until then, this low-life still has work to do before he gets cut any slack here.

  23. NHSparky says:

    Let me explain the difference to you, Gail. A “mistake” is hitting the wrong gas grade when filling up the car, or letting a pot boil over because you were doing something else. What your “husband” did required him to CONSCIOUSLY make a choice to lie, defraud, and steal. That is in no way a mistake. He knew what he was doing. That wasn’t some kind of “Oopsie!” bullshit.

    Hope that helps you understand where we come from.

  24. Gail says:

    All I know FOR SURE is that you thrive on someone else’s pain and misery. It’s sad that t that you choose to never forgive those who have made bad decisions and are paying for it. So sad.

  25. Hondo says:

    No, “Gail”. We don’t “thrive” on the pain and misery of others. We’d prefer to never need to out a phony vet wearing decorations he/she never earned – because that would mean the problem was so small as to be negligible.

    But the truth of the matter is that there are literally thousands of lying assholes like your husband out there, lying through their teeth about their military record and claiming decorations and qualifications they don’t have. Some are drawing unwarranted VA compensation – which means they’re ripping off the US taxpayer. And among the rest, many are engaged in other criminal or unethical behavior. Want an example? Look at your husband Climer.

    Like your husband, they are all simply con artists. Some are merely doing it to stoke their ego. But many are just low-life thieves and are doing it for economic gain as well.

    But what your husband did was IMO even worse than what we usually see. He used his lies to get selected for a position of special trust and responsibility by his brother veterans – and then he ripped them off for $30,000. That’s on a par with stealing from your own family. It’s freaking despicable.

    I do not know how you can stand to live with such a low-life bastard. Takes all kinds, I guess.

  26. Hack Stone says:

    Well, gail, the members of this board are well familiar with the drill that stolen valor posers go through. You are defending him now, but come back in six or eight months when you realize that he stole from your family, too. These sociopaths don’t care what damage they leave in their wake. They thrive on scamming people, whether it be retirees, friends, co-workers, the government, and yes, their own relatives. We’ll be waiting to hear from you. Jonn will leave the light on.

  27. Kathleen says:

    I wonder Gail if you would consider it a mistake when Jack told his parents and future wife in 1971 about his Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals he said had been awarded?

    Or a mistake that Jack had to resign as president from ALADS (The Los Angeles Association for Deputy Sheriffs) in the early 70’s for misuse of a issued credit card for Union business that he included for personal use?

    Or forgery of a loan signature of his parents to secure a 2nd loan in the mid 70’s?

    Or using the name Joel Climer and his fathers Social Security number to obtain a American Express Card, a mistake again?

    How about his termination from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept in the early 80’s for years of infractions and head butting with superiors? In the termination report it stated the judges at Rio Hondo Court in El Monte, CA distrusted Jacks testimony on his cases.

    Or how about his 1991 Felony Conviction of Grand Theft and violation of probation for the $17,864.42 he embezzled from Dublin Little League located in Dublin Calif. That amount was paid back by his parents when he broke his probation by not even paying the first installment of restitution. By the way $2,000 of that theft was cashing of a check for the league’s “Special Olympics” after Jack typed in his name after Dublin Little League as the payee.

    Was it a mistake when Jacks house was searched regarding the Dublin Little League charges and Detectives found a badge and ID from East Bay Regional Park District Police Department with Jacks name and photo added? Jack was employed by the Dept but only as a Citizen night dispatcher. A Detective returned the badge to find it had been stolen.

    How about his manipulation and embezzlement from his own Fathers estate in 1997?

    Was it a mistake again when his own profile at “Veterans Trading Company” in Utah and other online profiles stated Jack was a “Retired Sgt with Los Angles Country Sheriffs Dept”?

    Gail how do I know all this? I’m Jacks second wife, married to him from Feb 1972, and left him Nov 1996 after a stroke and a year after becoming disabled. We saw each other in court for the hearing of my lawsuit against Jack, I was awarded past alimony from his inheritance from his fathers estate. Hes not paid a cent since Jan 4, 2006, tho I have a still standing/active court order for alimony (till death or remarriage). I’m not trying to be the vengeful ex-wife, just stating what Jack has brought about by his own doings.

    Its noble to be loyal, but one must direct that loyalty to those worthy of it . You will find with time as I did, we lie best when we lie to ourselves. I only wish you the best.

    For those wanting to know about the conditions/terms of Jack’s existing case, the excerpt below was from a email sent by Bob Jones, Judge Advocate American Legion, Department of Utah on April 20, 2012. It was addressed as “Greetings Comrades and Ladies:”

    The sentence includes: To serve not less than one (1) year, but not more than fifteen (15) years in the Utah State Prison (suspended). He was further sentenced forthwith to serve 360 days in the Summit County Jail, to serve an additional thirty-six (36) months supervised probation, and to make supervised restitution directly to American Legion, Park City Post 14 in the amount of $33,000.00 in conjunction with serving the three years probation. Once released from Summit County Jail, he is to find full time and to report regularly with his probation officer. He is also restricted from employment or association with ANY entity which solicits funds in a non-profit status or to have any contact with the members of Post 14 other than providing regular payments on the $33,000.00. Violation of any of the above sentence parameters will immediately revoke to filling the one (1) to fifteen (15) years in Utah State Prison.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Kathy I know the details. I was in Court when he was taken into custody. It’s also very kind and so thoughtful to share Bob Jones’ comments. I appear to be the only one here who is willing to love the man through thick and thin – no matter what. Yes, I read all the information you included in his “discovery”…all the charges…I’d like very much to see proof of all you assert. What I find interesting about this is the fact that you would STILL be pursuing him for “back alimony” if you thought you could get any. I think that speaks volumes. If you all want to destroy yourselves I suggest you keep finding things that are negative about him. He’s a much different man now than he was when you were married to him. Good luck all.

  29. Hack Stone says:

    It doesn’t appear that he is that much different from when his former wife knew him. As I have posted previously, we look forward to your return in a year or two when you realize that he has destroyed your family’s finances. It’s just part of his nature.

  30. y name is Jason. I was this mans son. I am beyond grateful for the dective who pursued this case. This man is beyond evil. All that I have read dosent even begin to scratch the surface of what he has done. I have termanted all contact with him a long time ago. I am grateful that he will never know his grandchildren. That he will never know his kin. He has been considered dead to his children.He is a nothing more than a leach. He takes everything from anyone and everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. I am soo sorry for everyone he has taken from. And I feel very sorry for Gail. When I knew her,.she was a great person. She deserved a lot better than my father. I dont blame her for sticking with him. When you are married, it is for better or worse. But gail, you deserve much better. In a way it is very sad. He deserved soo much more time than what he got. I myself broke the law and had to pay for what I had done, but I learned from what I did, and I have to live with what I did everyday. But I know for him, he will never feel any remorse for what he has done. He has no heart.

  31. EdUSMCleg says:

    Damn. This dude is a first-class a-hole. Seems all he does is ruin lives and his current life can’t see that he HASN’T changed… Feel sorry for all involved and hope it doesn’t take something bad happening for those who are still supporting him to realize he is nothing but scum and always will be.

  32. Jack Climer’s business partner is Michael Gerold, another Stolen Valor fraud:

    Michael testified on Jack’s behalf during that man’s trial in Utah. I believe prosecutors will find Michael’s testimony interesting if they examine his own actions for fraud.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Sad, his actual service record was fine without the B.S. He really didn’t need to forge a few extra medals for credibility.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Jackie Climer now released from Prison has gone into a new business and has suddenly become the Rev J L Climer or Pastor Jack, and has a new website.

    Where is quotes as follows:

    “About Me

    Name: Jack L. Climer
    Home: Roseville, California

    I am an ordained non-denominational protestant minister available as an officiant for weddings, funerals, baptisms and for counseling in Sacramento and Placer Counties. I came to my calling by a very circuitious route having spent many years in business and as a law enforcement officer. I am also a service disabled Vietnam Veteran and very familiar with the unique challenges facing our military members and Veterans today. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I reside in Roseville, California with my beloved wife Gail.”

    Pretty bold and audacious!!! He NEVER quits! It appears that hes now trying a business that will generate a tax free income!

    Read more: http://www.jlclimer.com/about-me/

  35. Real Marine says:

    Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Seems, though, pseudo religion has provided Mr. Climer with yet another hiding place from which to ambush trusting souls.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Mr Climer is such a flag waver and makes a point to overly-inflate his Army Military Service while in Vietnam, let me shed light on a few entries on his DD214.
    This was brought to my attention by a friend who is a 20 year Army Vet.

    “Sec VII CH 5 AR635-200 SPN 411 Early Separation of Overseas Returnee”
    He was discharged early and CH5 is “Separation for Convenience of the Government”

    “Security Guard USARV”
    He provided security for Support Command Installations including gate guards, roving guards, interior sentries on a 24-hour basis at designated facilities.
    A far cry from the “in field grunt” he’s bragged about since his return from Vietnam

    Climer was not a Policeman prior to joining the Army, he was employed as a Guard at the Wayside Correctional Facility in Santa Clarita, CA.

    Comparing his DD214 with the FOIA, the Airborne is clearly another add.

    And noted on the FOIA is:

    To add insult to injury Rev J. L. Climer states he now serve as quote: “a volunteer chaplain primarily for Veterans of the U.S. Armed” Forces.