Paul Tillson; the verdict

| April 23, 2012

[Editor’s Note: This Paul Tillson lives in New Jersey – he’s not the Paul Tillson in Oregon who we like immensely and served honorably without embellishing his military record]

I’m sure you remember this guy, Paul Tillson, who beclowned himself at his own wedding with this load of crap;

Well, we finally got our hands on his FOIA, so let’s see how much of his stuff matches up, shall we;

Well, he’s a Staff Sergeant, not a Sergeant First Class. He has nine months total of active duty, and three months were Basic Training and Advance Individual Training. He was infantry in the New Jersey National Guard until May ’91 when he became a supply sergeant, but oddly enough his 2-1 says he was a squad leader supply sergeant.

Then in August he was activated and sent to Camp Doha, Kuwait with a Heavy Maintenance and Supply unit as the company clerk. That’s how he got the CIB that he thinks he earned – cuz being the company clerk in a mess kit repair company after Desert Storm ended is just like being infantry in Desert Storm.

Someone who knew him at the time told us that he faked an injury and was returned early from Kuwait. He came back in January ’92. That same person told us he started faking the Gulf War Syndrome after his return, I wish they’d change the name of GWS to National Guard Syndrome, because those are the only guys who seem to get it. If there are any DVA OIG guys out there, you might want to look into that.

Then he went back to his infantry duties in the NJNG until he left the service in 1993. So he spent ten years total in the Guard, and nine months of Federal service. So he really had to scurry to get all of those medals. Here’s the other half of his FOIA;

Yeah, that’s quite a bit less than what’s on his uniform. Here’s his 2-1 to support my recitation his military service;

It turns out that Paul married a Brazilian woman. That’s why, when we could see the other pictures, there was another guy in what looked like a foreign uniform. That was Paul’s new brother-in-law in his Brazilian uniform.

Tillson with tits on his shoulder

Apparently, he tried to defraud the military with phony/forged military records for a disability claim and it didn’t work, but his forgeries still exist. He also failed in his attempt to defraud Odyssey Cruise lines when he sued them when he fell out of their deck chair. Those were the “war wounds” he reportedly showed the photographer who took the pictures at his wedding. Who goes around showing everyone their wounds, anyway?

And, oh, yeah, if you can’t tell by the pictures, Tollson’s brother-in-law (his sister’s husband) owns an Army/Navy surplus store.

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  1. streetsweeper says:

    Well done, Lilyea! Damn, you rock for a retired platoon sergeant. Don’t care what I heard about ya…

  2. Hondo says:

    Ditto streetsweeper’s comment above, Jonn. Ya done good!

  3. AW1 Tim says:

    Agree with the above.

    But he’s just exercising his 1st amendment rights to defraud people, correct?

    Oh wait…….

  4. Borderpundit says:

    At the end of the day, the sadness in this is that what he really did was: good enough. He raised his hand (honestly), took his training, even deployed, and did some assigned work for the country. Too bad that wasn’t good enough in his mind. I know one old-timer (Vietname) and one old-old-timer (Korean War) who both did shit work in the Army. They joke about it now, the motor pool and policing for cigarettes. But both take a quiet pride in having worn the uniform; and the thing is that they are treated as equals by current GIs, even if the current ones might be rock stars for having CIBs or V devices. This clown could have had respect, even for doing admin work — at least, more respect from GIs than one who didn’t serve, or was a “human shield” lefty freak in Iraq, or an “occupier.” Tsk tsp. This clown has to live his whole life on the Internet, shamed for blatant lies. I wonder what will happen when the Brazilian military guy finds out about this and reports it around in their Portuguese language. Marriage gone in 3, 2, 1…? Thanks for the leg work, This Ain’t Hell.

  5. SJ says:

    Borderpundit: well said. I’ve said that REMF is a relative term: if you are point on a patrol, everyone behind you is a REMF. But, the REMF’s and I have been one are necessary.

  6. SJ says:

    Why the latest in everyone wearing 82nd patches? A few weeks ago it was Marines.

    CIB over right pocket?

    Re: “Well, he’s a Staff Sergeant, not a Sergeant First Class. He has nine months total of active duty, and three months were Basic Training and Advance Individual Training.

    How does one make SSG in 9 months? I’m confused.

  7. I hate phonies. But I love big boobs.

  8. Blanka says:

    That is quite the pair of bodacious ta-ta’s…

  9. Adam_S says:

    #6 He was in the Jersey NG. I think Jonn was saying he had 9 months of actual active federal service.

  10. L says:

    Did he get demoted at the end of his career. His last two MOS’s were listed as 11H1OE9 and is titles were Gunner, Excess and Gunner; instead of earlier where he was a 11H3OE9 listed as section leader?

    For those who don’t know In the the army the number that comes after your MOS denotes your skill level so a 11H1OE9 is an Mechanized infantryman <E4 without any additional skills, but has gunnery training, then it jumps one number for each rank. So SGT would be 11H2O, and Staff 11H3O. These were would also be in line with his titles (section leader, then back to gunner).

  11. Adam_S says:

    And yeah her rack is as impressive as his. Problem is her face is on par with his as well.

  12. semper says:

    Adam s beat me to it! +1..nice rack….lady….way better than dick sweat husband

  13. It’s fucknuts assclowns like this shit sucker who give the Guard a bad rap. Some of us dummies actually did stupid stuff like volunteer for deployments—while others were running away. I’m going to do a blog post on some of the assclowns I knew who ran away when deployments came up.
    Is it OK to kick this dipshitnumbnuts in the balls if I see him? fuckingpissesme off.

  14. UpNorth says:

    CI, go ahead. While you’re at it, kick him for the rest of us.

  15. BCousins says:

    Some guys give the Guard a bad rep but the Guard has pulled a big share of the load in the last 10 years. My Ohio NG Infantry company commander son is now on his fourth deployment, this time in Trashganistan. I was a lowly loggie officer on active duty from 66 to 93 and the award I am most proud of is the Basic Parachutist Badge which I legitimately earned and proudly wore. I am amazed at the ass clowns who wear, not only illegally but improperly, things they didn’t earn. CIB with star over the right pocket? Ranger insignia under the right pocket. Tillson urgently needs an ass-kicking or to commit hari-kari with that saber he’s wearing.

  16. Doc Bailey says:

    This fool beclowned himself. I can’t imagine how the hell a Staff Sergeant should have known how not to dick up his uniform so badly. It kinda makes me wonder HOW he got promoted at all.

    I feel sorry for his wife.

  17. Marine_7002 says:

    @14 CI Roller Dude: empty the magazine!

  18. Dano says:

    Most excellent news! another clown blowing up their past career. Wow awesome getting the goods! Well done Mr. Lilyea

  19. NHSparky says:

    The more I see these clowns, the more I’m convinced that there needs to be TWO Phony Tournaments–the Jesse MacBeth Tournament for the rest of the world, and the Ballduster McSoulpatch Memorial Phony Tournament just for the guys from New Jersey.

    Two reasons for this–first, seems like the Jersey phonies outnumber the rest of the nation, and second, as previously stated, they’re like the ACC of phonies–they’d hog up all the top brackets and basically win every tournament. Becauase face it, who are the biggest douchenozzles so far this year? Pretty much all from Jersey.

  20. PAO Sgt says:

    @15, Its a shame that idiots are painting the Guard in such a light. Last stats I saw, the Guard is 37% of the Army’s operational force. Not a small number. However, its shitbags like this that make us look bad.

    Oh, and I am tracking down the current up to date numbers from the JOC, so if that’s changed I’ll correct myself.

  21. jerry920 says:

    I’ll wade into this as I have served on both sides. I spent 13 years on Active Duty (1st Inf, 9 Inf, 3rd Inf, and 2nd Arm divisions), then getting sent to USAOC&S to be an instructor.

    I first bumped into the NG at Cam Bullis, Texas, it must have been in ’84 or ’85. They were a pathetic lot. They showed up with 5 raggedy trucks, umpteen cases of beer, unkempt hair and mixed civilian/military uniforms. Even us lowly Support Battalion mechanics were under impressed.

    While I was at APG I changed components to AGR. I spent my last 7 years as a Active Guard/Reserve. Desert Storm was the wakeup call for the Guard. I was deployed to Ft. Stewart, Ga to train up deploying Organizational Bradley and Abrams mechanics of the 48th Brigade. They had never even heard of or trained as a CTF. It really hit home how badly prepared they were for a war time mission. The 48th went on to fail to back to back NTC rotations and never did deploy (I don’t think, memory fades here though, I wasn’t in that unit, it’s just what I read)

    The Guard came back from Desert Storm with a new outlook on life. They got new equipment (When I arrived to my AGR post in ’91 they had just gotten M60A3’s, they M48’s were still there waiting to be shipped out. Training and prep took on a whole new meaning. Instead of spending a couple of days in the field, the units would roll in, draw equipment and disappear to the ranges and tank trails to reappear dusty and disheveled but with some good training 2 weeks later. I found I had a new respect for the Guard.

  22. jerry920 says:

    Slight correction, I went AGR in the summer of 89. Dang I must be getting old. Got CRS (Can’t Remember Sh#$)

  23. Hondo says:

    Personally, I can’t really see how this dipstick reflects badly on the active Army, the USAR, or the ARNG. The asshole appears to have been out of the service entirely for 18 or so years. Maybe he was one of those purged during the post Desert Storm tightening up of the ARNG that jerry920 spoke about in comment 21 above.

    Sounds more to me like he was simply a worthless POS, irrespective of component.

  24. PAO Sgt says:

    “Sounds more to me like he was simply a worthless POS, irrespective of component.”

    Amen, Hondo. Regardless of component, a waste of space if ever I’ve seen one

  25. CavScoutCoastie says:

    jerry920, that’s interesting. I joined the 48th Brigade (GAANG) in 93. Actually I was a 19D with E-Troop 348 Cav (later changed to 108 Cav). The failure of the 48th was a common talking point and my understanding is that alot of heads had rolled right after Desert Storm. As Brigade scouts, we were quasi-independant with our training anyway; no Battalion over us and Brigade just told us to go do scout stuff for training. I was there from 93-99 and was impressed by them. There were alot of DS vets and the Brigade command was determined to eliminate the shame of what had happened. It was a good time to be in but there were definite horror stories about the brigade prior to DS.

  26. jerry920 says:

    #25. All the problems I saw with the 48th, were related to Command problems. The guardsmen were soldiers, and would perform the duties expected of them. I was cross training the org Bradley mechanics on the Abrams and one of their officers came over and told them not to worry, they’d never see another one. I was floored as this LT has obviously never heard of or been involved in a Combinbed Task Force before, and I knew his org folks would be seeing them in the future.

  27. bkay says:

    It is apparent now that Paul Tillson lied to the photographer and either his new wife Eleuza was also scammed or was part of the scam in order to get military discounts and freebies for their so-called American hero wedding. I hope the photographer and anyone else that they scammed press charges and makes them pay for fare for their “fairy tale” wedding. The stolen valor charges specially wearing the purple heart will hopefully one day land him in jail.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What is it with these posers wearing the patch from the 82nd Lately? When you first posted about this guy, the first clue for me he was a poser was the 82nd combat patch, SFC Rank, and a Basic Parachutist badge. If he was a platoon sergeant (expected position for an E-7 in an Infantry platoon) for any length of time in division, it would be expected of him to attend the Jumpmaster course at the 82nd Advanced Airborne School, Pull his night hang(night Assistant Jumpmaster duty, or Night AJ) after doing a safety or two, and get Senior rated. You’d think since he was already trying to make himself look like a 3rd-world dictator he would have put on the master-blaster wings, why half-ass it? Kurt Lazarus said it best, “Never go full retard.”

  29. RayRaytheSBS says:

    What is it with these posers wearing the patch from the 82nd Lately? When you first posted about this guy, the first clue for me he was a poser was the 82nd combat patch, SFC Rank, and a Basic Parachutist badge. If he was a platoon sergeant (expected position for an E-7 in an Infantry platoon) for any length of time in division, it would be expected of him to attend the Jumpmaster course at the 82nd Advanced Airborne School, Pull his night hang(night Assistant Jumpmaster duty, or Night AJ) after doing a safety or two, and get Senior rated. You’d think since he was already trying to make himself look like a 3rd-world dictator he would have put on the master-blaster wings, why half-ass it? Kurt Lazarus said it best, “Never go full retard.”

  30. karen says:

    as a vet i have just seen on the news about three shooting, ironicly they all have this guys name. so in my opinion, you are posting and putting others in danger. what if one of these guys was him that was shot im sure an investigation will proboble follow, that puts all of you who post pictures and other info at risk for charges, as a vet i am saying you are no better then him.

  31. Hondo says:

    Not finding anything about a Paul Tillson in NJ being shot on Google, “karen”. Want to post a link?

  32. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Karen, sober up then come back and post. Either that or get back on your psychopathic drugs. It doesn’t matter, you’re whacked!

  33. Jonn Lilyea says:

    As a vet, I haven’t seen anything on the news, if one thing has anything to do with the other.

  34. Anonymous says:

    @35- I don’t want to register to read the link, would you please cut/paste here? Thanks.

    @31- Tillson has already been eliminated from the contest, Your lobbying is too little, too late.

  35. Redacted1775 says:

    Dammit, i did a google search and it went right to that link, now it doesn’t work. Whoever Karen is she’s just spreading her lunacy all over the internet. It’s pretty much the same post, I just found it on other websites.

  36. Hondo says:

    Gee, “karen” seems to be using an IP address pretty near Bayonne, NJ. Wonder if that’s a coincidence?

  37. NHSparky says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me. School isn’t in session yet and the /b/tards over at 4chan are tired of fapping to hentai pron.

  38. Paul Tillson says:

    Need your help!

    Here is the Situation: There is a person who has the same Name as I, this person from NJ is being blogged as a phony by many people there is a Photo of him at his wedding in uniform with awards he did not earn (Stolen Valor) and there is another side to this, Paul Tillson from OR. here is the repercussions to Paul Tillson from Oregon, from the actions from Paul Tillson from New Jersey, I’ll start with a little about me, Paul Tillson for OR. I served in the United States Army from 1982 to 1990 with a break in service when I served in the Oregon Army National Guard, so I have one Honorable Discharge from the National Guard and two Honorable Discharges from the Regular Army the last was a medical discharge for injury sustained in the line of duty (No Purple heart) my Disability percentage allowed me to go to college under the Veterans administration’s Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation program, and I received my BS in MIS, when I graduated our economy was failing and Jobs are difficult to obtain, so I started my own IT company that is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and does On Line Computer Repair.

    So here is my dilemma: when a prospective client Google’s my name “Paul Tillson” their are many links to the Paul Tillson from NJ and unless had seen me because they would know he is not me, they could easily assume that this person in NJ is me, and I know that would not do business with that person. Because my Company can repair computers remotely, we can repair a computer anywhere as long as the computer can connect to the Internet (if it can’t then we instruct on how to connect).

    Solutions: Change my name? (I like my name), hire people to blog about my company and include my name, to make his name drop on his ranking? (can be expensive), I know I can add a photo of myself, and add my middle name to my website, create a drive for Facebook Likes on so my Facebook Friends can click the like button there.

  39. Lisa says:

    Thanks for making the distinction on your blog between the two Paul Tillsons. The Paul Tillson located in Oregon is a good friend of mine and a graduate of Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon’s nationally recognized and ranked technical college. It’s very disturbing that my friend and fellow Veteran is being attacked by people that don’t know the true situation.

    The Oregon Paul is an honorable man who would give the shirt off of his back to help someone. If you need help with your computer, he’s the one you want to fix the machine for you. I hope people will pass the word about the “two Paul’s issue.”

  40. A Proud Infidel says:

    Mr. Tillson from Oregon, I tip my hat to you as well, and I hope you’re successful in your endeavor to distance yourself from that PX Ranger in NJ, and I wish you success in your business as well!

    @13, there are also “Old Coots” like me who found out we could re-up into the Guard, and did so after 9/11. I joined the FL NG’s 53rd BCT after a 9 year break in service, and I’ve done A-stan & Kuwait since. I’m in my 40s, and i can do circles around the twentysomethings when it comes to PT! Something to do with too muck XBox? Oh well, my nickname in my platoon during A-stan wasn’t “Fred Flintstone” for nothing, unlike these kids, I DON’T “just have to have” any and every newest gadget the day it comes out!

  41. dana mathews says:

    he is not write in the head PTSD but that’s his fathers uniform he was in.

  42. FC2 Dewclaw says:

    Oh noes… HE GOTS THE PTSD!!!111!!!

    How did he catch the PTSD, “Dana”? Per his FOIA records he never saw combat….

    Did he catch it from repairing mess kits in Kuwait? Or did he catch the PTSD from faking an injury and returning early from deployment. Maybe the unfortunate Joe who had to pick up his slack when he headed to the beach kicked his ass inside out… THAT’S how he got it…

    Father’s uniform my ass.

  43. stacy says:

    first I disagree with other sites posting pictures of this mans spouse. use a cropping program, leave this poor lady out of it, that said my husband works for military records SIDPERS I was told by him that in his file was documentation on two fire fights this man was in. I am happy to report after doing what a wife is great at: he removed all documentation hinting to any combat related issues. just in time I’m told right after that several other agencies requested the records both (hard copy) and computer disk.
    lets see him recover from this.

  44. John says:

    Wait a minute…this asshole got out in 1993? Than why is wearing the OIF ribbon and GWOT? Plus was he in Somalia? I see the same UN ribbon I received for UNCONSOM II?