White Supremacists busted in FL

| May 9, 2012

From our buddy, Gateway Pundit, the news that 10 skinhead dolts were arrested in Florida this past weekend (KSEE News link;

A group of white supremacists rounded up in central Florida over the weekend were stockpiling weapons and training for a ‘coming race war,’ where they planned to kill minorities, immigrants and Jews, according to authorities.

Court documents reveal the ten members of American Front were preparing to become active again and recapture media attention, possibly with an assault on Orlando City Hall, in an effort to attract new recruits.

They were also allegedly planning to manufacture the deadly toxin ricin, which the government considers a weapon of mass destruction.

Filthy inbred scum apparently had a few acres out the woods for their training area, and they had reinforced the perimeter with concrete and railroad ties and had firing ports on their trailer. But here’s the part that mystifies me;

Last summer, a member of the US National Guard, who was in a Missouri chapter of American Front, visited the group in Florida for hand-to-hand combat training and instruction on fighting with knives, the Sentinel reported.

First of all, what is the US National Guard? Never heard of it. Why would the article even mention one guy who came from Misouri to train with the ass clowns? Unless they’re trying to make the point that there are dangerous members of the military ready to fight a race war, like the Department of Homeland Security said a few years back. One guy in the Missouri National Guard doesn’t a conspiracy make.

By the way, I’m stockpiling arms and ammunition, too, but that doesn’t make me a white supremacist. Just prepared.

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  1. Ben says:

    Sounds like they just wanted to make a connection between the military and skinhead militia psycho assholes.

    Scary veterans…scary.

  2. Ben says:

    I like the Ted Cruz ad at the bottom. I have been hearing about him. I checked out his website and I like what I see. Go Cruz!

  3. Old Trooper says:

    @1: Potok and the rest of the morons at SPLC and DHS have been trying to make that same connection for a few years, now.

  4. LZ says:

    Active again? Were they active before? Maybe they should be punished, perhaps by deportation… Maybe to Africa. As far as this turd from the guard goes, he’s a piece of shit and you can find them in every demographic.

  5. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    I love white superanusists! 98% of them are so ignorant they don’t know when someone is yanking their chain, the other two percent have enough brain cells to make total asses of themselves!

    Is the US National Guard a whites only secret squirrel branch of the USGov that conducts top secret ops that even the pouts doesn’t know about?

  6. UtahVet says:

    I stockpile ammunition. That is to say, I reload various calibers and sell them at local markets and trade shows. And when they don’t sell, I make more of them. Hence, “stockpiling.” I also stockpile guns. As I always explain to my wife when she asks why I need another gun, “honey, I don’t currently own that one.” That to me is a perfectly good reason to buy it.

  7. Sansa says:

    “Potok and the rest of the morons at SPLC and DHS have been trying to make that same connection for a few years, now.”

    Well, no they haven’t. They weren’t trying to make this connection. They were just referencing the data the FBI compiled and published on their investigations, which showed this connection.

    Those findings were that military and ex-military being recruited, being involved in domestic terrorism plots and the heirarchy of these groups.

    Something exactly zero people would be surprised by if they thought about it rationally for several seconds. There’s been a 3 fold increase in militias during 2 wars that have produced a surplus of returned vets with world class military training over a decade.
    Who are you recruiting for your militia? Ex-bus drivers?

    The only conspiracy and fuzzy logic involved in this connection was where conservatives didn’t like right-wing extremists being pointed out as the largest domestic threat and therefore decided to pretend this was a random DHS PR declaration instead of being a reaction to FBI findings on who the criminals turn out to be.

    The National Review has been trying for years to connect Solyndra to the Obama administration in the same way. By citing the published documents nobody can refute that show that’s the case.