“Stolen Dick” Poe and the case of the Phantom CIB….

| June 6, 2012

WELCOME MSNBC FOLKS! For the latest info on how this guy is lying, please CLICK HERE to go to the most recent update.

BRIEF UPDATE: The promotion to E6 was an innocent transcription error by others, not by Poe. Unfortunately for him, the promotion is the only thing that WOULDN’T violate the SVA.

Just a reminder of the ACTUAL RECORD:

Sgt. Timothy Michael Poe served in the Minnesota Army National Guard from Dec. 3, 2002 until May 26, 2011, and performed as a supply specialist.

His military records indicate that he served with the Minnesota National Guard in Kosovo from Oct. 10, 2007 until July 15, 2008, and was deployed to Afghanistan from July 28, 2009 to Aug. 30, 2009.

Sgt. Poe’s official military records do not indicate that he was injured by a grenade in combat while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, as he reports. The Minnesota National Guard can also confirm that he was not awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds sustained in combat.

Now, this guys real perfidy was taking in my friends at Defenders of Freedom, who had to put out this release last night:

Defenders of Freedom’s mission has always been to help meet the needs of our Troops. We strive to assure that our assistance is given to those who meet our giving criteria. Since being alerted about Tim Poe last week, we have been unable to substantiate his claims. We have reached out to him, but have been disappointed that he has been unwilling to talk with us. As a result, in the best interest of Defenders of Freedom, we have chosen to disassociate with him.

Defenders of Freedom thanks the men and women from the 114th Transportation Unit with the Minnesota National Guard who alerted us to the discrepancies in Tim’ story. We appreciate your service in Afghanistan and will remember the sacrifice of your fallen comrade, George Cauley.

Just remember that next time Jonathan Turley some random douche tells you that Stolen Valor is harmless lies that don’t hurt anyone. They hurt Defenders of Freedom, who could have allowed an actual wounded vet to take part in their activities.

Anyway, another friend found this picture from one of the DOF events, and it shows the wounded guys that were partaking, and their service. All the info on the bios is from self-reporting.

So, let’s blow up Poe’s background:

In case you can’t make it out….
* Purple Heart
* Bronze Star
* ARCOM with star*
* AAM with 3 stars*
* Combat Infantryman’s Badge (YOU SON OF A BITCH)
* Air Assault
* Kosovo (confirmed), Iraq x2 (nope) and Afghanistan x2 (32 days.)
* Post- ETS promotion from E5 to E6. (See update, transcription error)

But yeah, he was only lying to honor other wounded vets.

* See comments below, apparently dude is claiming like 6 and 8 medals. Honestly, I never got any stars on anything earned except the Reserve Components Training Medal and I don’t think I ever even wore it. I did get a few stars on my “Successfully lived through an Article 15” award, but that might only be a state thing. Or maybe not even that.


From another source:

Confirmed that Poe is the guy I was thinking of, he was in my battalion on ADOS orders same time as me. And this isn’t his first time getting caught lying on the record. He put his Jeep in the ditch after leaving a bar in 2008 and told the police he was on duty at the time to try to get workers comp to pay his medical bills.

He actually was injured in Afghanistan, but by falling off a truck at the MOB station and hurting his back. He reinjured himself in country (allegedly) which was why he left after a month. In that time he never left the wire. Typical faker, when told he was being given a medical discharge, he fought it saying he could still be in the Guard, he just couldn’t deploy….

Also, I can confirm that his MOS was 88M20 on the Astan deployment which makes me even more pissed about the CIB claim. The only other MOS he holds is 92Y20.

Poe was assigned to med hold on 24 April 2010 and released 08 April 2011.

From his You Served interview….

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  1. Strike and Kill says:

    I hope for the positive, by this Valor Vulture getting busted on a national television show it will bring this serious crime against Vets and Service men and women to the forefront and push the Supreme court off their asses and quit petting people like this and make it a felony crime punishable by prison and fines, to date it is all just a smack in the face to all those who have served honorably and to those who have died defending our nation and constitution…… I hope that they let him walk out on stage, stand there a minute, don’t let him sing, and just tell him “NO” and then tell him why as he gets “booed” off the stage….fitting end to his musical career….

  2. Bill Andersoot says:

    Here’s the website for the band Tim Poe’s doctor told him to form years before he started stuttering. http://webpages.charter.net/crawlspace/bio.htm The guy’s an unbelievable creep.

  3. Bill Andersoot says:

    93 Spade: He’s changed his story at least once. He originally said his back was broken when an RPG hit his vehicle. Now he’s changed his story and says it happened after he volunteered for hero duty and saw a guy with a launcher. According to Tim, he thought nothing for his own safety and rushed to cover his “guys” from the blast. What a hero. This jerk is a championship bullshitter. http://www.wfaa.com/news/Charity-helps-disabled-veterans-get-back-into-the-workforce-155855655.html

  4. Andy Kravetz says:

    Doug, I make every effort to give Jon and the people here props at my blog and on my Web site. The problem is, well, we are small potatoes.

    I still think the bigger story is why he felt the need to lie in the first place. What he did, if true, is awful but why? That’s what I want to know.

  5. jager00x says:

    So much for the Army Values.
    Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity. Personal Courage
    I’m not sure how a human being could be devoid of all of these things, but he has managed it.

  6. tgkrato says:

    This loser could only dream of being a War Hero. Lie to the public and sending in a picture of a person that looks like him, you cant get any lower. Then his girl friend seems like she beleave him. To her, everyplace you go people will reconize you and tag you as a LOSER just like your boy friend.

  7. c.jones says:

    I wonder if he got the stutter after he fell off the truck an not by the RPG?

  8. tgkrato says:

    This loser could only dream of being a War Hero. Lie to the public and sending in a picture of a person that looks like him, you can’t get any lower. Then his girl friend seems like she beleave him. To her, everyplace you go people will reconize you and tag you as a LOSER just like your boy friend.

  9. Gallagher Fan says:

    In a year this will all be firgotten and Tim Poe will get on with his life. I suggest you get on with yours.

  10. DesertMP - 1st Gulf War says:

    When I saw him on AGT I was really hoping this guy was for real. But as someone who was in 20 years ago with the 82nd. I am really disappointed he would’ve taken it that far. Most everyone I know “embellishes” a little bit but not to the point of faking an injury and commendations. To claim a CIB when you haven’t earned one really insults those who earned it. I wish I’d had one, I know I earned it because I was right there with the infantry. But my MOS didn’t rate one (95B) at the time, and in the end I’m ok with that. We’ll forget about him in public, but it will make us more wary of those who DID earn these commendations and that’s the real injustice in my book.

  11. 68W58 says:

    Gallagher Fan-yes, most of America will forget this douche. But we won’t and that’s what matters. All he had to do was go on the show and say “I was hurt in Afghanistan and had to medically retire from the service” (all of which would have been reasonably enough true and would have gotten him the credit he was after) but instead he had to make himself more than he is. Whatever you may think of that, most of us here believe that such behavior is way out of bounds and we intend to make sure he doesn’t benefit from it.

  12. HA says:

    Check into it a bit further and everyone will realize he was never in Kosovo either… Stay back Supply in Rochester, MN during that whole deployment….

  13. Hondo says:

    HA: FOIAs are enroute to and/or in-process at both NPRC and the MN ARNG. We’ll see if either comes back showing he served in Bosnia.

  14. Denise says:

    I saw the performance on AGT … I am a woman and was crying along with everyone else. I thought “what a sad story, but hopefully with a wonderful ending”. After learning what happened and reading all the above comments I am absolutely appalled at what he has done. How dare he? Every single time I pass someone who even “appears to be” in the military I ask them…..and I tell each and every one “thank you for your service”! And I mean it! My Father was a Marine and we were taught to trust, respect and admire our servicemen. We were taught to thank our troops for what they have done. While I don’t understand all the acronyms mentioned in the above posts, I hope that he is prosecuted for all of the false claims and lies about the awards he “received”. To each of you on here (and those that aren’t) I thank you dear servicemen and women for keeping me safe at home. I have a life threatening illness which will eventually kill me…but at least I will die in a land where I don’t have to dodge bullets, grenades, tanks, etc. like you do! And that is because of all of you! Thank you for your service! And if you are ever in San Diego, let me know and you’ve got a nice, hot home cooked meal waiting for you!!! grammadede@hotmail.com

  15. Jim says:

    Actually, the devices are not stars, they are Oak Leaf Clusters. On the Army Commendation Medal (ACM) he has one Silver Oak Leaf device; on the Army Achievement Medal (AAM), he has one Silver and two Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters. The claim is that he was awarded the ACM six times and the AAM eight times; all for merit and none for valor since there are no V (valor) devices. That’s a total of 14 merit decorations over a 20 year career, a significant part of which was in the reserves. Though not impossible, it’s unbelievable for an Army Staff Sergeant. For merit, none of the 14 awards, except maybe the last one, can overlap their time periods for which service was meritorious enough for those awards. They are much more difficult to earn while in reserve status. That means he would have been decorated for meritorious service about once every year over 14 years to about once every year and three months over 20 years. To do that once or twice is rare. To do that 14 times in one career strains credulity. A person with that much merit in service would have been justifiably and certainly submitted for a Meritorious Service Medal (the non-combat equivalent of a Bronze Star Medal), or, although highly unlikely unless it were incredibly exceptional merit in a position of exceptional responsibility, the Legion of Merit, for the sum total of the career achievement and awarded at retirement. How he would have been that meritorious without being promoted beyond Staff Sergeant or being given a Warrant Commission lacks credibility.
    I have an Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM) with First Oak Leaf Cluster. I accumulated two AFCMs over four years of active enlisted service immediately after the Vietnam era, a relatively quiet but very tense cold-war era. For my time in service and rank, two AFCMs without at least one for valor was rare. I can tell you that I was the only junior enlisted person (E-4/NCO) on the AFB with two. When I made E-5, there were a couple of others my rank around with two, although they had been in the service in a lot longer. I had to carry a copy of the orders with me to defend wearing the service ribbon because it was justifiably challenged all the time by junior officers who knew it strained credulity, especially when the first one was without accompanying Good Conduct Medal or Longevity Service Award ribbons. BTW, most of them thanked or offered appreciation for the service when they read the orders. I came to appreciate that some officers were willing to challenge what they thought was stolen valor (in this case, merit). The false claims Poe made have him doing what I did at about twice my rate and for 20 years continuously. Simply put, it is an outrageous claim to uniquely meritorious service and Poe’s falsehood merits the disgrace it has resoundingly earned.

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    If Timmy “Pinhead” Poe had simply gone on AGT for the audition and tried out, he’d have gotten just as much applause. He had a nice voice. But he couldn’t keep his big, fat, stupid mouth shut, could he?
    I’ve competed in horse shows and ice skating. No one has ANY sympathy for you if your horse quits at a fence or you take a fall in a short program. Tough luck, you lose, stop whining.
    Histrionic personality disorder is how a shrink labeled Jerry Sandusky, the alleged pedophile currently standing trial in Pennsylvania. It describes someone who has a craving need to be the center of attention all the time, no matter the cost, especially to other people. And there is no pill to cure it.
    Timmy Poe, on the other hand, said he thinks he has PTSD, which means he doesn’t know what PTS is or how it works.
    I think it’s fair to say his days of puffing himself off and conning people are pretty much over with. I doubt anyone will even believe he actually did the singing on that audition.

  17. Jim says:

    @Ex-PH2 – Yup! Poe has enough singing talent to do well at it if he just hadn’t lied about his military career. He’s very typical of some vets I’ve met who were in rear-echelon support jobs, such as postal, clerical, logistics or supply roles during Vietnam, some in Vietnam, but who make all kinds of false claims about being Rangers, Green Berets, Navy Seals, some special forces type or former POW with all kinds of significant decorations, none of which are true. Instead, the realities are that they adequately performed in non-glamorous jobs and, after returning, realized that they had little to show for their average performance. They desparately want the recognition and value significant earned decorations have for others, who did heroic and valorous acts or gave or made distinguished meritorious service or achievements, sometimes with distinction. The military doesn’t just recognize combat, gallantry, valor or heroism. It also recognizes a large range of achievements and service ranging from outstanding to uniquely meritorious with dinstinction. Anyone in the military can earn at least some kind of recognition for meritorious achievements and service. It just takes the will to achieve and serve beyond your ordinary honorable duty. One may have to ignore the criticism and ostracism from peers who don’t see merit in and can’t stand to see anyone else get credit for being better than ordinary. One of the lessons from Poe is that the time to be better than ordinary is always the present time. Another lesson from Poe is that history is too late to change, but there is always the future. Poe could have truthfully characterized his honorable service, his service related injury(ies) and his discharge for them and received his just due for efficiency, hornor and faithfulness of service, which is not as worthless as he may believe. His obvious talents for music, performance and entertainment could have been celebrated. His greatest challenge will be how to become extraordinary in the wake of his recent past.

  18. Steve says:

    If I am mistaken please let me know but if you have earned 3 olc it would be 1 higher olc for ever three???

  19. TPM says:

    “Poe was assigned to med hold on 24 April 2010 and released 08 April 2011.” **whistles** I was a bonus baby, so a broken arm sent me to the PEBD. “He is fine, back to the infantry. It’ll take 3 months for orders, son.” Those 3 months were a little peek at college weekends, if you catch me drift. I almost forgot what the Army was like.