EXCLUSIVE: TMZ suckered in by Poe

| June 7, 2012

Who saw this on TMZ:

Guess what kiddos….

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Norman Bone directs movement as his patrol turns around on a narrow path in the mountains of Parwan province in Afghanistan on Oct. 25, 2006. Bone is a patrol leader for the 561st Military Police Company, Fort Campbell, Ky., attached to 10th Mountain Division. DoD photo by Sgt. 1st Class Dexter D. Clouden, U.S. Army. (Released)


Way to go TMZ, way to go.

Hattip to Anonymous

2 updates here real quick:
1) TMZ got the picture from NBC. Which begs the question, when you go to TMZ, why does it say “Exclusive” on the photo.
2) The lady at TMZ told me the story was the exclusive, and not the picture. You’ll have to go to their link and let me know what the exclusive part is.

Everyone apparently has an exclusive on this, except the guy who actually posted the story first, me. And for the record, full credit should go to the men and women of the 114th if it goes to anyone, because they’re the ones we owe credit for all things to.


Hey the picture is wrong also, the HMMWV in the pic is an M1114 without frag 5 armor(this became mandatory in 2007 in Iraq) if he was in A-stan in 2009 he would of been in an M1151 which has a very different window on the door, and why in 2009 is he wearing IBA instead of IOTV, and mix matched ammo pouches? makes sense in 2006 which is the actual pic date but doesn’t make sense in 2009.

The commenter here is a former troop of mine who is like a 1SG or somesuch now. I wanted to highlight it, because it is the kind of thing that troops notice, and the media NEVER notices. Just great stuff.

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  1. bluesdoc70 says:

    As any Vietnam veteran can tell you nobody wanted to be one when America was using us for a** wipe now every lying punk in America claims to have been there and won the MOH…The media are two faced gullible pri*ks who love a victim not a veteran..pi** on the media they ain’t your friend.

  2. Bruce says:

    I was in Vietnam 68/69, serve with the 4th infantry, got my helmet shot off my head by friendly-fire, while on combat mission, CO seize my “helmet, cover-up the shooting incident by never writting “incident report. I was angry soldier leaving Vietnam, an I remain “angry.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, we all have ours. There’s a kid sitting at the BART in almost new utilities, from his cover down to his boondockers.everyday, although his sign no longer reads”former POW, Purple Heart, worked with every branch of services” I saw that and told him he’s a lying piece of s***. he now hides is sign when I walk by. The cops have run him off several times.