The Jake Diliberto fairy tale continues

| June 15, 2012

Hondo went ahead and got a FOIA on Jake Diliberto, the guy we profiled the other day who goes on Larry King and Russia TV, and writes for the Huffington Post under a bio which claims he’s an Afghanistan and Iraq veteran. As we mentioned the other day with the colorful narratives from his fellow Marines, Diliberto has been to neither Afghanistan nor Iraq. Here’s his DD214;

His records say that he was in “Afganistan/Pakistan” but we know from our three witnesses that he only got as far as Pakistan before he flattened his penis and got sent back to the boat to scrape barnacles or whatever they do on boats these days. Here are his assignments;

Notice that this document supports what Diliberto told me in emails; that he only made it as far as Kuwait in regards to Iraq. Of course, he made it sound as if he was doing some top priority security mission that occasionally took him into Iraq, but that’s not what the records say.

And, although Diliberto, claims that he was “Special Operations”, his records show no school time for any special operations units, not even airborne training. Hard to be special operations without BAC. It also supports his fellow Marines’ claims that he was a major shitbird. His only awards were for service and awards for what his unit did, no personal awards. I don’t even see a Good Conduct Medal.

This is typical of the folks who leave the service and try to get involved in the anti-war movement. There’s always some malfeasance that they don’t admit to, and they try to make themselves appear larger than life, but in their hearts, they’re just shitbirds. And Diliberto started out as an IVAW member. Just another Iraq Veteran Against the War who never went to Iraq.

Thanks to Hondo for riding herd on the FOIA. And thanks to those Marines who came forward and shared their tales of Diliberto. I always felt that something about him didn’t add up, and they confirmed my suspicions. Some times I love this job too much.

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  1. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    Wow, not even an ETS award. Just a kick in the ass on the way out.

  2. MSgt)491 says:

    Hondo, Jonn, You two are true patriots. Thanks for the extra grunt work in getting this out there. Just for clarification. We (the entire Amphibious Ready Group) which consisted of the USS Battan, USS Shreveport and the USS Whidbey Island all received the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for making a transit through the Straits of Hormuz. I spent much of that time, cleaning Afgani dust from my cracks, sleeping, smoking cigarettes and eating hot chow in the Chiefs Mess. Let me further illustrate why we went through the Straits. It was to go to an MWR facility in the United Arab Emerates in Jebel Ali. Main mission. Eat Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and drink mass quantities of beer. Not always in that order. Thank you once again. In a way you did make old “Cosmo” famous. I just printed his DD-214 off and am hanging it in my man cave. Upside down of course. Next to the upside down Certificate of Appreciation that I got when I retired with Barack’s name on it! SHORE PIGS UP! RED PATCH!

  3. he might have been in the “Special” olympics?
    I love how you out these retards. I really makes my day. Now I can go to work and have a fu–ing smile.
    Great public service you’re doing here- keep it up.

  4. PowerPoint Ranger says:

    Surprising that he made/kept Corporal with the kind of buffoonery described by his fellow Marines. Army or AF I wouldn’t be surprised at him being an E-4, but I’ve heard from the Marines I’ve known over the years that Corporal is a little tougher for them with the cutting score system. Not my area of expertise, maybe some of the Marines here could elaborate a little more.

  5. Hondo says:

    MSgt)491: thanks, but nah – no great patriotism involved. I just hate seeing a lying POS profit from lies about their military service. I’d go after him even if he wasn’t an anti-American lying POS, and I think Jonn would too. See the articles here on one each Wittgenfeld, Dallas.

    Jonn: I think we have the smoking gun now. I didn’t realize Diliberto’s ship had cruised the Persian Gulf before or after supporting Operation Swift Freedom. If the ship entered the Persian Gulf, it operated West of 56 degrees East latitude. As MSgt)491 noted, the entire area of the Persian Gulf inside the Straits of Hormuz was defined to be part of the SOUTHERN WATCH area from 1995 until Iraqi Freedom kicked off in March 2003. So as long as the ship was in the Gulf the required 30 days consecutive, everyone on board would rate the AFEM for that – even if some of it was spent on liberty.

    I was wondering why he had an AFEM and not the GWOTEM. I guess we now know why.

  6. Redacted1775 says:

    With everything coming out on these IVAWtards having embellished or straight up fraudulent service claims the question now is, are any of them actually LEGIT?! So far, nope.

  7. DR_BRETT says:

    Have him EAT those barnacles, after scraping —

  8. Andy Kravetz says:

    Civilian here. I have a question, why would a person get a medal for going on leave. I read Hondo’s answer above about the AFEM. But why does the military give awards for apparently going on leave? No disrespect intended or implied. I think the more us civilians understand what the medals are and how they are earned, the harder it is for a phony to surface. Thanks and keep up the good work on the blog and rooting out phonies. I, for one, appreciate it.

    Andy Kravetz, reporter
    Peoria (Ill.) Journal Star

  9. NHSparky says:

    Andy–if you’re referring to the comment in #1, it’s not uncommon for a member separating from the military to receive either a Letter of Commendation or personal medal (in my case, it was a Navy Achievement Medal) as an “end of tour” or retirement award, kind of the military’s way of saying, “Thanks for playing, have a nice life.”

    But as part of normal acrued leave? No. Not unless they saved someone’s life in the airport (which I’ve heard of happening, but obviously a rare exception.)

    As far as Hondo’s statement in #5, think of the areas in which one can be eligible for receiving; i.e., “in the box.” Stay inside the boundaries of that area for the required amount of time, you get the award, regardless of what you did while you were there, be it in combat, support, or watching fireworks on the beach drinking a beer.

    Think about it from the perspective of all the folks who got SW Asia and Kuwait Liberation Medals back in 1991. I was on AD then, but because I was never there, I am not eligible for those awards.

  10. Hondo says:

    Andy: NHSparky nailed it. If you spend the requisite time in the defined area of eligibility, you get the medal. It doesn’t matter if you were humping a ruck, driving a truck, or down the street getting a . . . sandwich in the chow hall. (smile)

  11. OWB says:

    Following up on the correct explanations above, perhaps a bit more would further clarify?

    Everyone who served during Desert Storm was awarded the NDSM (National Defense Service Medal) wherever they served based upon the idea that every member of every service was contributing something to the war effort. This was for a period of time. Even reserve forces got the NDSM if they performed any active duty during that time frame.

    The Kuwait Liberation Medal was only give for being within a specific geographic area during the time frame. This one also applied to all services.

    Then there are the specific service medals and awards, some individual (for performance, for longevity, for firing well, etc) and some for being with a group that performed well.

  12. Hondo says:

    Minor clarification, Andy: a ship making a “liberty call” isn’t the same thing as being on leave.

    Naval folks here can correct me, but as I understand it a “liberty call” is a period of reduced activity where only those on watch are required to be on the ship, plus perhaps some number of personnel to handle unexpected things which might crop up. Others are allowed to go onshore “on liberty” for the purpose of mental and physical “recharge” (at least theoretically) to recover from the stress of being at sea. I’m pretty sure leave is not charged.

    For military personnel deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, only R&R and emergency leave was/is authorized. Taking leave within the Persian Gulf area or Central Asia is a NO GO; you have to leave the AOR on leave. That was the case in 2007, had been for a few years. It still is the case as far as I know.

  13. NHSparky says:

    Hondo–correct. Liberty is much the same as the “pass” system in the Army in that it can’t last past 96 hours without mustering back at command/ship.

    Typically what we’d do is be in 3-section duty (4 if we were really lucky) in either a liberty (duty section only onboard) port or working port (normal workday upkeep/work and duty section stayed on board after daily work completed.) If you didn’t have duty, hit the beach.

  14. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    I can attest to the service awards. Everyone on duty since 911 gets the NDSM…and there is no end date yet. I “earned” the KDSM for Operation Foal Eagle which I did in 1999. I was there 45 days, which qualifies me. Though it wasn’t available at the time since they changed the requirements after I got out, like around 2006 I believe. So I have to apply to have it added to my record.

    Not sure I want to. I dunno.

    Any case, fucker needs to crash and burn. That’s for sure.

  15. ggt1_02 says:

    I was on the Shreveport during this deployment with the BLT. This turds name sounds familiar, I am going to have to look at my float book to jog my memory. We only spent a few days to a week in the Gulf and it was only as the MSgt says, to eat burgers and drink beer. To the author, thanks for going after these scum, I personally did little more than sit in a hole in the ground while in country and claim no more than that.

  16. Hondo says:

    Steadfast&Loyal: If you don’t have other campaign or expeditionary medals (i.e., AFEM, GWOTEM, ICM, ACM, SWASM, etc . . . ), you may well want to do that. The KDSM counts as a campaign medal for veteran’s preference purposes.

  17. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Ok, someone needs to go to head-shrinker school so they can explain to me how these turds can lie to the world and look themselves in the face each morning. They KNOW they’re gonna get outed here yet they continue to do it! Jeepers, Jonn & Co. could have their own tv show!? Something like “America’s Most Infamous Posers”!? Could you imagine TSO showing up at Ronad Mailahn’s basement with a camera crew and FOIA information in hand and grill Gunny Driveway? I can see Jonn standing next to a screen shot of the asshat saying, “Be on the lookout for this waste of human skin. He’s wanted by all honorably discharged veterans for being a thief, liar, fraud and all around pervert.” Just like what’s his name on “America’s Most Wanted”!!!

  18. Andy Kravetz says:

    Thanks for the explaination. I think a big problem that exists is the language, the code if you will that is in the military. I have been writing about the Guard and the Reserves for years (it’s my job) and know more than the average bear. Still, and for good reason, I pale in comparsion to your knowledge. So thanks. I use a lot of the information I glean here for stories or at least to keep up to speed. Appreciate all that you guys do, either on the blog or in real life.

    Andy Kravetz, reporter
    Peoria (Ill.) Journal Star

  19. CRaissi says:

    The only Marines I ever saw get awards upon EAS (or beginning of terminal leave) were retirees of E-7 or higher. Most of them got an NCM. I’m talking E-8s and E-9s leaving with a commendation medal after 20 to 25 years of service. The most impressive one I saw was an E-7 (Gunny) leave with an MSM after 20, and, to be honest, he was shit hot and deserved more.

    Though our Group SgtMaj in Iraq got a Bronze Star for, basically, just walking around eating our care packages. His award write up said it was for increasing our morale. Yeah, no, that didn’t happen. We all hated the guy. So I’ve seen abuse of the system in the Marines, but that stuff was only on deployment, never at EAS.

    Honestly, the Marine Corps prides itself on not giving out awards. I got my first NAM as a LCpl and my second as a Cpl. When MCAS Cherry Point got a motivated CG an we had to wear charlies on last Fridays, people looked at me like I raped their wives. I knew Majors who didn’t have as many personal awards as me. I almost (but not really) regretted having two NAMs.

    What really demonstrated to me the difference between the services and their awards was when a friend of mine was basically volun-told to drive a bus in Iraq. The program was run by the army until TCNs could show up and take over. At the end of his two month working party driving a bus, working eight hour shifts, he got an army achievement medal. That never happens in the Marine Corps, and it taught all of us in III MAW and II MAW that if we would have joined the army, we could have sharted, successfully cleaned our own butt holes, and received Bronze Stars.

    What I’m trying to say is that the Marine Corps doesn’t hand out medals as cracker jack prizes. So as a former Marine, if I see an E-4 or E-5 without personal awards, red flags don’t pop up. But what pops up to me is the lack of a GCM. That would throw up red flags for me.

    Depending on his MOS, attaining Cpl could have been no big deal. Even with an NJP on his record. Seriously, the cutting scores for attaining Cpl and Sgt are online. They go back a few years beyond when I got Cpl in 2004. You can confirm them if you’d like. Basically, the scores then were low enough that, in most MOS’s, if you had a first class PFT, were an expert shot, and did your MCIs, you’d get promoted soon after you were eligible.

    So a Cpl with no personal awards is no big deal. A Cpl getting to EAS with no personal awards AND no GCM after four years? That would be an indicator. Red flags should be flying. And I’m not talking about the red flags you see on the range shooting the KDC.

    But he writes for the Huffington Post, so who gives a fuck? Who goes there for anything other than nip slip photos?

  20. Blanka says:

    Is it legal for Huffington Post to publish a false claim of combat veteran status?

  21. Lukey says:

    On the other end of the spectrum tho, as F-ED up as it is, I’ve known Marines who have gotten wounded in theater before hitting the required time in theater to rate the campaign medal. So they get a purple heart without a OIF/OEF campaign medal. Kind of unbelievable if you ask me!

  22. Redacted1775 says:

    Actually if you’re wounded in either theatre, you rate the campaign medal automatically without a time requirement.

  23. Hondo says:

    Redacted1775 is correct regarding the ACM and ICM, provided the wound was due to enemy action. Engagement by the enemy confers campaign medal eligibility regardless of time spent in the area of eligibility. A Purple Heart is evidence that a wound or injury was due to enemy action, and thus that the individual was in fact engaged by the enemy.

    The same is not unconditionally true for wounds or injuries due to accident vice enemy action, though. A wound or injury not due to enemy action must require MEDEVAC out of the area of operations to confer campaign medal eligibility prior to the requisite time in the area of eligibility. And as I read it, it must also be incurred while performing official duties in the area. That would appear to exclude self-inflicted wounds or injuries due to personal misconduct, but I could be mistaken about the latter.

    Ref: DoDM 1348.33, Vol 2.

  24. Hack Stone says:

    My experience with getting awards is somewhat skewed. As a comm puke, I split my time between combat units and maintenance units. I was at Electronics Maintenance Company (ELMACO) in the early to mid-1990’s, and we had an NCO that racked up five, count them five, NAM’s in a span of two years. Chesty Puller couldn’t pull that one off. She had certain attributes and talents that made uniquely qualified to maintain the morale of a certain CWO. I was standing in formation when the Battalion Commander was awarding her yet another NAM. He asked her who she thought should get a NAM. She named her L/Cpl liberty buddy, and just like that, he had a NAM. Later that year, at the Marine Corps Ball, I saw the L/Cpl with his one and only medal, the NAM. I asked him what he did to earn the medal. His response? “I don’t know.” And that is why I hated being in maintenance battalions.

  25. Ex-PH2 says:

    #17 Yat Yas, there are people who want the ‘glamour’ that comes with being in the spotlight. When they go this far, it’s got a name now: histrionic personality disorder. Jerry Sandusky, the (alleged) pedophile from Penn State, now on trial, has been given this description. First time I heard it was Wednesday (6/13).
    Usually, they become stage/screen actors, so it’s harmless and they entertain us.
    However, they are also frequently con artists, and in regard to all the phony soldiers like Doofus Humongous here (diliberto), they can and do cause a lot of harm by the things that they say and do, which casts doubts on the real veterans with real histories. I just never thought I’d see anyone BS-ing about World War II or Korea OR Vietnam.
    It’s a never-ending task, but certainly not a thankless one, and you just have to keep at it until it’s completed.

  26. Ann says:

    Hack, now THAT is quite the drug deal. I’m so impressed that I almost overcame my nausea.

    I think it depends on the unit and their immediate higher ups. I was in an aviation support squadron who didn’t have NAM approval authority. Our group was super stingy so thankfully most of the NAMs I knew of were warranted. The one thing I had a problem with was the NAM quota that would be awarded to the Group as a whole regardless of if there were more worthy Marines than would be allowed to receive one.

    I’d make a joke about how she must have been quite the Chesty Puller, but if I did I have a feeling that he would unearth himself to beat me silly with all his Navy Crosses.

  27. Hondo says:

    Ann: From the above, I’m guessing she was quite the “chesty” . . . something. Hell, maybe “puller” is apropos. (smile)

  28. Ann says:

    Hondo, I’m pretty certain I’ve identified her as Corporal Slutlina ‘Chesty’ McSlutster. I’m sure we’ve all seen her name on a portajohn wall somewhere.

  29. Joe Williams says:

    @20 No, the HuffPo will blame they will blame the person being written about for the false infro. Not they failure to check the infro. Joe

  30. Hondo says:

    Ann, she “gets around” then. I believe she’s one of those rare individuals who’s served in every branch of service. (smile)

    There are male equivalents, but usually the ass-kissing they do is figurative vice literal.

  31. gc5953 says:

    CRaissi’s post is absolutely true. I was a Marine Corporal with no personal awards, but I had my Good Cookie. Was I an outstanding Marine? No, admittedly not, but I was no shitbird either. Did what I was supposed to do, was technically proficient in my job, stayed out of trouble. I’ve known plenty of excellent Marines who should have rated some kind of personal award but never got one. It’s just the way the Corps is. They really do pride themselves on being stingy with awards, the idea being that if a Marine gets one you know he truly earned it. I received a couple of letters of commendation and one meritorious mast – in the Army or the AF they might have been an achievement medal.

  32. Just an Old Dog says:

    My old eyes cant really see his DD214 that well,,, looks like he was an 04 shore party/log type. Pretty sure they aren’t included when Spec Ops units form up. The Personal Awards aren’t a biggie,,, The Corps can be pretty stingy… I had only a SSDR and a Good Cookie for my first 8 year. Lack of a good conduct medal COULD be an issue. As I recall you had to have three years without NJP (not sure if you were allowed to have one). If he was one of those “intellectually superior” shitbirds who thought he could beat the system and got his nuts smacked a few times it could explain his current antics.

  33. I know him says:

    So I know this guy. When I meet him something just don’t seem right about him so I went ahead and looked him up. To my surprise, not really, I find this. Anyone interested in finding out info, let me know.

  34. Green Thumb says:

    Clown this man is.


    Bring it.

  35. Green Thumb says:

    Is this semen sampler even on the radar anymore?

    Any updates out there on this shitbag?

  36. Sparks says:

    He wants to be famous again? I say we help the turd out…a lot!