Ken Aden, the continuing saga

| July 7, 2012

So the Democrat candidate for Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District, Ken Aden, probably encouraged by others in his party who thought they could still win their elections after being found to be liars, in regards to their military service, you know guys like Connecticut’s Dick Bluenthal, Aden is still making excuses and throwing fingers at everyone but himself and his campaign. The Arkansas Gazette reports (behind a pay wall);

Party leaders last week asked Aden to apologize for exaggerating his military record when he claimed to be a Green Beret and to have deployed to Afghanistan. As of Friday, Aden had not returned phone calls to party leaders. Several Democrats in the state Legislature have emailed and called Aden, but none of those queries had been answered either. “I am concerned that candidate Aden has not been forthcoming with the facts surrounding the questions about his education background and military career,” said Tyler Clark, the Washington County Democratic Party chairman. “Ken has had several opportunities to present specifics, and the residents of the district are still waiting.”

Maria Baez de Hicks, vice president of Arkansas Democratic Women and a party committee member, said Aden’s embellishments “seem to be a long pattern of behavior, of lies.” “I believe he has hurt the party and will always be ‘That Democrat,’” she said. “Other Democrats who want to help the community will be hurt by his legacy, by that halo of craziness that surrounds him now. I really hope the party finds a way to remove him from the ballot.”

Hey, Ken, just hang in there a few more months and it will all disappear – you still have a shot, buddy.

But the dingus who writes at a liberal blog, Esrati, in Ohio has completely different advice for Aden and the voters of Arkansas’ 3rd district;

Kenneth Wade Aden may be a liar, but, as long as we continue to auction off seats in Congress- we’ve got a House full of them.

My advice to the people of Arkansas 3- tell him to stop campaigning and don’t give him another dime, but go ahead and vote for him and send him to DC- where he’ll either fit right in- or actually make the rest of them so nervous that things may actually change.

Yeah, vote for him despite the fact that he can’t tell the truth if his life depended on it, so we need more people like that in Congress, just because of their party affiliation. Dingus.

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  1. DR_BRETT says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning SEN BLUMENTHAL — that !@#$%^& !!
    By the way PETER SCHIFF (great man) ran for Senator in Connecticut — voters there had better become more thoughtful .

  2. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Un-forkin’-believable! He’s 100% BUSTED and yet he can’t give it up. His mom should have been laying down when she had him instead of standing up and letting him do a PLF on his head when he was born.

  3. Beretverde says:

    Dave Chace, spokesman for the U.S. Army Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, N.C., told the newspaper Aden couldn’t be confused about completing Special Forces training because he signed paperwork after his instructors kicked him out of the course stating that he understood he had failed and was not allowed to continue training necessary to become a Green Beret.

    “Those formal counseling sessions were documented in accordance with Army policy, and we have those forms on file here at the school,” Chace said. “And he signed it.”

  4. Hondo says:

    Thanks Beretverde. Aden’s definitely “stuck on stupid”.

  5. David Esrati says:

    Dingus here-
    Writer of the “liberal blog” suggests you stick it where the sun don’t shine.
    I was part of the group of people that exposed Aden in the first place- without my posts about him in Dayton Ohio- where he never mentioned his “Special Forces Qualifications” were part of the undoing of this fraud.
    Now that Aden has pulled out- the voters are left with a Republican blow hard incumbent and a green party candidate. Considering this is a country that prides itself on choice- we sure don’t have many when it comes to the ballot box- do we?
    I didn’t serve to protect the dinguses we have in Congress who buy their seat for a million each- and neither do you.
    So – if you want to call people names- point your muzzle in the right direction- the liars we elect.

  6. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, it was my fault that Arkansans chose a liar for their Democrat candidate – members of Aden’s own staff had doubts about him, but stuck by him anyway. We out phony soldiers here, and we’re not partisan – we’ve outed Republicans, too. I even saved a Democrat from being branded a phony in the 2010 election. But you supported Aden even though you had suspicions about his veracity. I guess that’s why you’re a dingus – not calling names, just making observations.

  7. ROS says:

    I’ve but one quandry, Mr. Dingus: Is your comma broken?


    Comma Abuser

  8. David Esrati says:

    nope, comma works.
    Our process is broken. We elect liars, frauds, crooks and partisan jerks.
    Quit worrying about labels, ask the hard questions like where do you stand on important issues like prosecuting the people on Wall Street who ripped us off for billions, or why health insurance companies can pay their CEOs millions, while denying you health coverage.
    There’s a lot wrong in America, but as long as you worry about abortion, gun control, immigration and gay marriage- we’re all doomed.

  9. ROS says:

    Those 4 aren’t important to you?

    Lemme break it down for you, sugar:

    From the bottom……..

    Gay marriage- WTHFF the government should have any say in a service performed by a church is beyond me. As far as I’m concerned, if a church wants to marry 2 dudes or 2 chicks, more power to them. In regards to “marriage” being sanctioned by the government, that’s a civil contract and I, personally, would prefer the government step off.

    Immigration- We can’t afford our own citizens, much less those we can’t even count. Then there’s the crime, housing those who’ve committed those crimes on our own dime (don’t even start arguing that shit; I live in south Texass and am bound to pop you in the keyboard if you argue it), and the plain fact that it’s both a security issue and flat-out disrespectful to those who come here and follow due process.

    Gun control- Oh, I has it, and my groupings prove it. Exactly what good do limitations on firearms do? Sure, lets curtail an innate right to protect us and ours and allow criminals to maintain their own firearms. Brilliant.

    And abortion- YOU may not have respect for life, but people such as myself do, and we would prefer to not fund that with which we fundamentally disagree.

    You go ahead and worry about people making money while the rest of us work on dusting off that pesky Constitution with which politicians enjoy wiping their asses.

    And if you think support of a disrespectful liar such as Aden is in any way justified because all politicians are crooks, you’ll just never understand the integrity that which he dishonestly claimed as his represents.

  10. NHSparky says:

    David m’boy, how’s tricks down at the local OCCUPY camp? Anyone get raped, overdose, or catch a nasty case of scabies yet?

  11. Devtun says:

    He feels its like horse shoes and hand grenades, that being in SF pipeline qualifies as close enough. Jeezus man, just having served puts you a leg up over vast majority of U.S. Congressional members. In a race for national office he must have been cognizant (maybe not) that his background would be scrubbed REALLY hard – especially if claiming SOF experience.
    No shame in not getting the green beret – few do. Just think had Ken ever gotten elected, he would have blended in perfectly with the rest of the scoundrels on Capital Hill. Better luck next time – IF there is a next time.