The Michael Yon story

| July 15, 2012

Michael Yon is busy stirring up his minions to incite them to kill me (yes, at least one of them over there has been quoted as wanting to “kill him stop that gean pool”). I’ve been blocked for months from Yon’s Facebook page, so it’s been reported to me.

He’s upset because because he’s been picking on TSO again and I sent him the picture from his FOIA that I’ve had for months. There was nothing in there that was really earth-shattering, so I didn’t bother with it. But since he’s hinting that I broke into 10th Special Forces Group headquarters to get that picture which he claims was taken just prior to some secret mission he was going on, I figured I’d better show him how I do my business.

Here’s the FOIA form on him;

Here’s the photo that he says I broke into 10th SFG’s HQs to steal. Anyone in the military in the 80s would recognize it as a standard ID card photo;

Here’s his assignments for his whole 4 years and 11 months of service;

It looks like out of his 4 years and 11 months of service, he spent 2 years and 3 months as a student. Then he spent 14 months at 10th Group in Ft Devens, MA, then 17 months at 10th Group at Bad Toltz in Germany before he was discharged.

And his awards and schooling;

See? It’s all pretty boring. But there it is, it all came from the National Personnel Records Center in St Louis, not from one of my countless ninja assaults on a Special Forces Headquarters somewhere.

Yeah, I know, that’s pretty boring, too. I’m sorry. But it’s Sunday and I’m trying to watch reruns of Maggie Q in Nikita on Netflix.

As the Wikipedia page on Michael Yon quotes him “If a writer wants to make money, he should avoid truth and tell people what they want to hear. Yet to win the war, tell the truth.” I guess he opted for making money.

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  1. Redacted1775 says:

    Yon’s fan base seems like a bunch of total fucking retards.

  2. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Guys, I stand corrected, brain-dead brian DIDN’T post another inane comment!

    I’ve also figured it out! I went to and found out that wittgenfraud and lesbo warryck wolf are cousins who had an incestuous relationship and ‘brian’ is the retarded product of that union!? Both are too ugly and stupid to be able to “hook up” with a ‘normal’ person so they turned to each other! After six months of trying to figure out who got to stick what into whom, they did it and voila! brian!!! How else can you explain “brian’s” vacuous posts?

  3. Redacted1775 says:

    I think it’s funny how his posts go widely ignored.

  4. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @ 54 Bro, that’s what we all need to do to people (?) like Insipid, brian, joe, etc. The rest of us have admitted when we’ve been corrected or a point we held was disproven, etc. These guys won’t. They try a misdirection play, convolute facts, make up points, flat out lie, blah, blah, blah. We need to treat them like we did bratty little shots when we were kids. Don’t play with them and they’ll either change there ways or stay home.

  5. Brian says:

    Saying that it is so ain’t going to make it so,
    and it ain’t going to make you any smarter, and
    it ain’t going to make you feel any better about
    yourselves either. At the end of the day when all
    is said and done, you will still be creepy losers.

  6. Old Tanker says:


    Speaking for yourself…..

  7. Brian says:

    @ #54 – The facts, just the facts, m’am. 🙂

    The truth of the matter is that you are too
    uneducated and too stupid to engagee in any
    semblance of a rational discourse on issues
    which I have addressed on these threads her

  8. Brian says:

    @#57 – (yawn)

  9. Redacted1775 says:

    #59 Quiet you! Grown ups are talking! And if you’re going to question one’s intelligence, at least run a spell check or something, you fucking retard. That is all.

  10. J.M. says:

    Who is the Brian guy anyways? I’ve been away for a while. Did the bar here at TAH get a new crazy guy that sits in the corner and licks the windows? I thought we got rid of all the lead based paint…..

  11. Old Tanker says:


    Do you need me to explain that for you? I can go slower if need be…

  12. Brian says:

    You’re too sharp for me, Old Tanker. Yessiree.

  13. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @ 61 J.M. brian is some silly little boy whom I’ve determined is the product of an incestuous relationship between douchebag 1st class wittgenf*ck and poser extraordinaire lesbo warryck wolf. brian is the recipient of all the things, bad, that can happen as the result of said incestuous relationship. You know, deminished mental capacity, extremely close eyes, exceedingly slack look on the face, etc. I’ve suggested we simply ignore him and eventually he’ll slink back to mom’s basement or under his slime covered rock.

  14. Brian says:

    In any case, ditzy, you need to get some new material.
    All of your come-backs are inept, trite and very stale.

  15. Brian says:

    Sneaky Lilyea believes that since he can’t win, he cheats.

  16. Brian says:

    There isn’t [any] difference between Lilyea and
    the people who steal valor. He is such a fraud.

  17. Joe Williams says:

    Ingore the these trolls. They are too drumb to play with .

  18. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Joe Wlliams, I agree 100%. I’ve suggested that they do to the known trolls what they did to wittgenturd and moderate them before they let the troll’s comments be posted. His 1st post was @26 and all nine of his posts are nothing but insipid remarks. They add NOTHING to the discussion which are being conducted by adults.

  19. AFMSgt says:

    Well Yawn is getting a taste of the IVAW medicine, they used his image to call him a terrorist.

    Maybe he will get the hint about those guys but I doubt it.

  20. ROS says:

    Priceless. He’s all about filing suit for unauthorized use of his photos, though.

  21. Brian says:

    Besides me, there is only one other posting here. Lilyea and all of that paranoid schizophrenic’s other personalities posing as sock puppets, the number of whom depend on whether or not that psycho is taking his meds. When I leave, that loony will have conveesations with himself. LOL

  22. ROS says:

    You could always try out your theory and unass.

  23. ARoberts says:

    The best thing about this posting is that it brought Yawn and Dullass together. Now thats a pair to draw to. Yawn bitched about milkooks so now hes got an honest to goodness real kook hanging out over there posting stuff.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Yeah, ARoberts, I don’t think he’ll be the first kook over there. I’ve been told there are at least three death threats against me now. I don’t mind the death threats, except that they never follow through with them.

  24. ARoberts says:

    I go over there for the laughs. Hell old Dullass is over there telling people he has an 8 digit grid to your place Jonn. Between Dullass and the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists its been great. Too bad Im all out of popcorn.

  25. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, ask TSO or Zero how easy my house is to find. I had to ground guide them in. Then once they find it, they have to make through the withering gunfire.

  26. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 56 … Sorry Brian, but I am a stickler for details. You used the contraction “ain’t” three time in one sentence. If you just slowed down your thoughts, took a deep breath, and restructured your sentence properly, you would not sound like such a FRIGGIN MORON.

    “Saying that it is so ain’t going to make it so,
    and it ain’t going to make you any smarter, and
    it ain’t going to make you feel any better about
    yourselves either. At the end of the day when all
    is said and done, you will still be creepy losers.”

  27. Lobster says:

    So this Dallas douche canoe claims 100% disability yet jumps out of airplanes all the time? Hmmm…..

  28. Green Thumb says:


    PTSD – Personified Turd Slurping Disorder.

  29. Jim Legans, Jr says:

    Damn! I sent that fucker fifty bucks a while back!

  30. Brendan says:

    @#70 kinda sucks that the photo of now LTC Beiger has been used by IVAW at all. He was a great BN Commander. It is too bad they try and use it for some misinformed propaganda.

  31. Dwayne says:

    We have seen the enema and he is us!

    The peter-pull has turned into a dick meet and competition.

    Everybody’s on the same side here, right? Can we get along until vic’try is ass-ured?

    Puh -leeze?

  32. Green Thumb says:


    I served under LTC Beiger (then CPT Beiger) back in the day.

    A great person, great officer and a great leader.

    I will stand toe to toe with the man that says otherwise.

    IVAW are fucking shitbags.

    COL Beiger is a good man.

    Fuck those “on the bench” clowns.

  33. mike says:

    Stop crying about Mike you big baby….Mike Yon