Ranger on the loose

| July 16, 2012

A couple of you have sent us links to this story about John C. Buckley IV in Lexington, KY who is on the loose while he was out on bond after being convicted of raping his girlfriend. Apparently, he cut off his ankle monitor and dashed off into the wilds.

Buckley’s training as an Army Ranger “gives him the ability to engage in defensive and combative tactics at a very high level,” Roberts said. “As such, we do not want citizens to independently approach him or try to take him into custody. If you see him, call 911 immediately.”

When Buckley was arrested, Bradbury said, police confiscated multiple weapons, including a handgun, an assault rifle and a shotgun. Buckley also had body armor and a stockpile of ammunition, he said.

Court documents say Buckley suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Court documents say Buckley kept a scrapbook with photos of the people he had killed “over there” and showed them to friends.

The good folks at the Ranger Training Brigade have verified to us that he is indeed Ranger qualified, in fact, they were impressed that he hadn’t failed any of his patrols at the school. So this probably isn’t going to end well at all for anyone. Just reading the article gives the impression that the police are rightly concerned about what will happen if they run into him. According to Kentucky.com;

Because of his violent past, authorities were concerned Buckley might try to harm victims, detectives and prosecutors who were involved in his case.

“He blames the police department for his criminal acts; he blames the commonwealth’s attorneys office,” Bradbury said. “He blames everyone but himself.”

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  1. UpNorth says:

    So, he’d be free if only the 12 people on the jury were more “nuanced”?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This guy been getting away with a lot of shit for a long time. He hides behinds his lawyer daddy and rich uncle. He’s bitch. Always trying to use a gun to scare someone.

  3. John Buckley says:

    Remember, there’s two sides to every story. When there is 36″ of information to a yardstick, and only 5″ is presented to the jury…well, the outcome is predictable. You all wore uniforms. Did you ever get skeptical about what you were told by the powers-that-be? Perhaps you should be equally skeptical of what government is telling you about this case. And you should never…ever…call for the death or maiming of one of your own without the rest of the story. Remember Con Air? As a kid, Buckley was motivated to become a Ranger in the Batt because of the injustice he saw in that movie. Almost all the media you read in this case comes from WKYT-TV and the Lexington Herald Leader…both of which are part of the public relations team for the Commonwealth Attorney. Reporters should be inquisitive…not government stooges.

  4. Hondo says:

    John Buckley: yes, there are two sides to every story. The jury heard both – and voted unanimously to convict. The convicted individual then pulled a “cut and run” – and as far as I know, is still on the run.

    Sounds to me like the legal process did it’s job, and he’s guilty – but doesn’t want to do the time for the crime. But I guess I could be wrong

  5. Marine_7002 says:

    @103: so where’s the remaining 31″ of the story? That’s the responsibility of the attorney for the accused to present, if the information contained therein would have supported the accused.

    Did that attorney present a case? If so, and he didn’t present any of that remaining 31″, why? Did he do discovery? Did he put up a fight to obtain any evidence, testimony, or other exculpatory information that he/she felt may have been hidden by the prosecutor? If he/she could not obtain that hidden evidence, did he/she file an appeal on that basis? And did he/she file a complaint with the state bar association regarding the prosecutor’s violation of the requirement that the prosecution turn over all available evidence to defense counsel?

    And if the accused’s counsel was too inept or too incompetent (or both) to properly represent him, why did he “cut and run” instead of filing an appeal?

    Yeah, we’re skeptical…12 people saw and heard enough to convict, when one “no” vote would have been enough to find him “not guilty”. And instead of filing one or more appeals based on what is supposedly withheld evidence, he cuts and runs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have known John for over 10 years and he’s not the monster that they say he is. He served nearly all his career with the third Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment to include two combat jumps which in this day and age is rarely heard of and a purple heart. He he should be hailed a hero for combat actions and Prior to discharge for PTSD actually taken care of instead of pushed to the va.

  7. 2-17 AirCav says:

    Well, Anonymous, most monsters don’t advertize their monstrous acts. The account of his criminal behavior in sexually assaulting his former girlfriend is horrendous. He videoptaped it to boot. That’s very smart. And that tape was no doubt the most damning piece of evidence against him. The jury took about 60 minutes to return guity verdicts. He was on bail, subject to home monitoring. That’s not common anywhere when one is charged with rape. Instead of taking his due, he ran and is now properly regarded as a dangerous fugitive. That’s your friend that you didn’t know. One other thing. To its credit, the defense did not use PTSD as an excuse for his crimes. You, on the other hand, seem to want to do so.

  8. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    The prosecution presented their case. The defense presented their case. The jury believed the prosecution. Any questions?

  9. John Buckley says:

    Gentlemen and Ladies:
    It’s been very interesting to read how so many fellow vets are willing to crucify one of their own. Did any of you see the movie Walking Tall (not the girlie-man Rock version of the Millennium, but the 1970s version with Bo Swenson)? Well, our family has lived that for the last three years…it’s just KY, not TN. And I grew up in this town.
    I’m John’s Dad. I sat through this trial as a Harvard-educated lawyer (don’t get too hateful…I was a fighter pilot for almost a decade before I went to law school). I will tell you that there are MANY questions that arose DESPITE the tape…oh, did I tell you that there were other tapes with the exact same two people and other parties? But wait a minute, those folks could not testify that this type of HORRENDOUS acting out was custom and practice in the S&M community to which the “victim” introduced John. Did I mention that John got into trouble for pulling a weapon on a police officer a couple of days after returning from a contract tour in Iraq a year before this incident…a cop who NEVER ID’ed himself as a cop until John pulled his weapon, and whom John thought was hijacking his car? A grand jury returned a “no indict” within a few minutes…confirming that they thought the police officer’s “version of events” was not true? See http://www.lexingtonprosecutor.com/Indictments/Indictments_12-9-09.htm. Almost immediately, lawyers in my hometown were receiving calls from police officers asking how ANYONE could pull a weapon on a cop in Lexington and get away with it (it was easy…the grand jury believed the other witnesses’ version of events – not just John’s – in that parking lot that day, and they did not believe the cop). John should have moved away…but he stayed to help his girls and go to college. The die was cast, and the police and prosecutor were going to do what they needed to do to get him. Of course, his lifestyle (as many on this website have commented) made such a stand very easy.
    There’s a “rest of the story”, folks, that goes beyond the conviction. There are allegations of witness tampering – soliciting false statements of a witness by a cop (former partner of the cop above who is now an investigator for the DA)and an assistant Commonwealth Attorney. John’s running will make it harder to investigate those bad acts, if they occurred. Perhaps for the folks on this website, rather than being so vocal about damning one of your own, you might go the extra step and wonder if “there but for the grace of God go I.” If you take that extra step, you might become more wary of ticking off big government with guns and badged…which I’ve just done by going public with these words.
    John C. Buckley III, Lt. Col. USAFR (Ret.)

    • Trey says:

      I agree with you, my name is Trey, I know john personally, you actually know my mother as well, Betty you all went to school together, John is a good guy, I still write him to this day and look forward to every letter, wish him the best, and look forward to his appeal, it’ll all work out, Lexington is just a corrupt shit hole, and the arresting officer Burkhart is a peice of shit whore as well I know her sadly as well

  10. Honda says:

    I know John Buckley IV very well and the truth is that he is an asshole and a pathetic scum bag ; he lied to all of his family members, ranger friends, all the women he dated and slept around with(which are a lot). His “father” Buckley III is defending a lie because he does not know what the real truth and he chooses to ignore the real facts, such like all the other family members involved in this case. John Buckley IV is a manipulative person who uses “EVERYONE” in his life for his own agenda. He even used his two little innocent girls so that people felt sorry and empathetic towards his situation and he created his little “victim” story. BTW now there are three girls and “counting”, which he NEVER took care of as a father. He always managed to manipulate the women he was with and the little times he shared with his kids, he took pictures to portray his fake appearance of a “devoted father”. He abused women verbally and physically; he abused the trust of his family and friends. He assured to me and many of his friends that he have had a rough life, and probably he did. He sure did serve our country such as many others have. You can blame his actions on his hard childhood, PTSD or any other mental illness he might have. He deceives, cheats, causes pain to all the people who ever cared for him, never kept his promises, and never obeyed the law… This is an example of someone who chooses to take the wrong route in life and ended up hurting many, his damages will prevailed for many many years on others. He will be forgiven in the hearts of others but I do not know how he can live with himself
    PLEASE stop portraying this guy as a “victim”. He manipulate the systems as much as he could throughout his life and ALL the legal issues he had face, sooner or later it had to catch up and it did; Since he never stopped living his reckless life style.
    I wonder who he is using now…

    • Hondo says:

      For the record: no, the above comment is NOT mine. I do not know John C. Buckley IV.

      • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

        I figured Honda was a cheap japanese imitation of you my friend, not worth the effort to concern myself over.

  11. Green Thumb says:


    He made his bed.

    Time to sleep in it.

    All of his good deeds gone due to his immaturity and abject stupidity.

    A shame….

  12. John Buckley says:

    Give me a call. I’d love to know what you know. I am not ignorant of the sins in my son’s life. But I do know one thing…the enemies of the Republic are not al-queda, or even Usama bin Ladin. The enemies of the Republic are folks with guns and badges and color of authority who believe that the ends justify the means. External threats will not bring down the Republic. But internal rot…corruption and intrigue and good ole boys/good ole girls…THAT will bring down the Republic. John may be a particularly despicable human being…I don’t know. But if he did not do the crime, and would not be convicted but for the bad actions of government…well, are you concerned? I am. Feel free to call. http://www.buckleylaw.com
    John C. Buckley III

  13. bluglvs says:

    “I don’t know nothing about a drive by”. Ring a bell?

    Also don’t answer his dad. He has all his lines setup for recording and one wrong word/ text/ email and he will prosecute you for fun.

  14. Lexington Vet says:

    Mr Buckley,
    I also had many dealings with you son in Lexington and I am happy that he is on the run. He is a predator on so many levels. The courts have proven that he is a sexual predator, which is no surprise to those of us who spent any time around him at all. In addition to the women who have filed charges there is a list of girls who were and are scared to say anything.

    I witnessed and in fact intervened on an occasion when John was trying to leave a downtown bar with one of our friends who was way to drunk to know what was going on. John was enraged and almost violent when we insisted that she (a girl John had met 30 min before) go home and not with him back to his cave of an apartment. In the end there was much speculation on how she had gotten so drunk as she only had 2 drinks on her tab…. Rohypnol anyone.

    On more than one occasion John would get into arguments with patrons of Lexington’s downtown bars and berate people saying that they didn’t know shit because they had not “served” like he had. If someone stood their ground in an argument John would threaten them with violence. John was known to brag about beating up untrained “civilians”. Most bar operators in Lexington were concerned about John as a customer but scarred to ban him.

    As for his service, I do recognize the extreme bravery that John showed in combat over and over again. With that said, John violated everything it means to be a Ranger long before the guilty verdict and spent most of his civilian life doing bad things and hiding behind his service record.

    I understand that you are obligated to defend you son. Keep on preaching the conspiracy but even if John was setup and railroaded there is a reason so many people lined up to crucify him. He is a bad person and a danger to all those around him. I am sure he is long gone, working as a private security contractor in some shit hole country where they welcome thugs and fugitives to do the dirty work of some corrupt cooperation or dictator.

    I just hope he stays there and that all his crimes & brutalities catch up with him 10 time over.

  15. John Buckley says:

    Thanks for your willingness to share your opinion, Lexington Vet. I m grateful.
    Bluglvs, you do not know me from Adam. You’re wrong. I tape nothing. You have my word. If you know anything about me, you know I’m speaking the truth. Civilians (including me and you, unless you work for the Commonwealth) “prosecute” no one. That’s what government (and alas, sometimes it’s corrupt agents) do.
    Happy Thanksgiving gentlemen.

  16. John Buckley says:

    As for me, I pray for my son’s safety, and peace in his life. Most of all, I pray for his redemption.

  17. Curious says:

    I am still curious to hear, what his purple heart was for and when he recieved it. Also what his medal of Valor was for, sence we have his dad on here maybe he will enlighten us.

  18. John Buckley says:

    Jumped onto Kandahar airfield in invasion of Afghanistan, fall 2001. Wounded in Tora Bora in early 2002. One of a few dozen Rangers who participated in the Battle for Hadiythah Dam in initial invasion of Iraq, spring 2003.

  19. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    “As for me, I pray for my son’s safety, and peace in his life. Most of all, I pray for his redemption.”

    I am sorry for your pain. I truly am.

  20. Hondo says:

    Mr. Buckley: I’ll accept all of that as true. It’s also irrelevant.

    Your son was convicted of a violent felony. Running away won’t change that fact.

    If he remains on the run, eventually he – and/or others – are very likely to end up seriously hurt or dead. It’s in his best interests to cease running.

    Do what you like. Were he my son, I’d try to convince him to turn himself in before he gets killed – or kills someone else.

  21. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @120. I think it’s safe to say that the Dad’s prayers would be answered if that were to occur because it means his son is alive, no one gets hurts, and there’s hope for future postive change and, as he says, redemption. I feel for the family, not because I have any similar experience, but because they too are victims here. They raised a boy who entered manhood in the service and who distingusihed himself in service. Beyond that, I have no idea what the family did to deserve this fate and I wish them well.

  22. Hondo says:

    2-17 Air Cav: I am not insensitive to the pain the younger Buckely’s crimes have caused his family. However, his father appears to be defending his son’s actions and – frankly – appears to be in denial. Above, he continues to absolve his son from blame and to hold “corrupt state agents” responsible for his son’s current felon-on-the-run status.

    In short, the elder Buckley appears to be publicly supporting his fugitive son – who also happens to be an escaped felon convicted of a violent and particularly abhorrent crime. Absent some incontrovetible proof of prosecutorial or LE corruption, I just can’t condone that.

    I too wish Buckley’s family were spared the pain they are going through due to their son’s crimes. But if someone or something can’t convince the younger Buckley to turn himself in and face his predicament vice running, I fear they’re in for a whole lot worse pain in the future.

  23. Curious says:

    So he received it in 2002 or 2001? How was he wounded? Can you provide any info on the Medal of Valor he received?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Short of pulling his DA file you are not going to be able to prove his awards, but they are true. I have known John and family a long time and state that he has two combat jumps with the Regiment. I am not sure how many purple hearts he has or what the valorous award is for, but I do know that one purple was for breaking his foot during the jump into Kandahar in 01.

    However the bullet wound in his shoulder, (which he told everyone that he got overseas) was actually from one of his ex girlfriends who during a fight he gave her his gun and told her to just shoot him, which she then proceeded to do. This took place in Colorado Springs (around 05 time frame).

    While in Colorado Springs, John had multiple run ins with the authorities, culminating in him shooting someone in the hand outside of a bar.

    Buckley III doled out years of abuse while John IV was a child. There was one memorable Christmas that John IV had his arm broken by John III protecting his younger sister. It was a wonderful Christmas present.

    Moving forward his mom found herself a new boyfriend who didn’t want kids, so guess who got to go into the foster system….John IV and his brother and sister. That would always make kids feel loved, especially since John III and his new wife were too busy to be bothered with kids. Thank goodness grandma and grandpa came to the rescue and got them out of the system and took them into there home.

    John IV was then sent to a military type school for anger issues…I wonder why?

    He later enlisted, and joined the Regiment. Little brother now has a pot farm and baby sis joined a cult. They all had a winning chance right from the start.

    He did awesome in the Rangers where he came into his own but after a few years something happened in his personal life which finally broke him and he left the Regiment and pcs’d to Ft. Carson to be closer to his family “where he would truly thrive”. And those who knew him well watched the descent into self destruction.

    So, no John III there is no conspiracy, just a man who at one time was one of our finest, but chose the wrong path, and for his crimes there is no redemption, just justice. He will never turn himself in, he will die fighting and I hope it happens sooner rather than later because the longer he is free the more innocent people will be hurt.

    I don’t know if it is nurture or nature but John IV is a sociopath, who cares for no one but himself.

  25. John Buckley says:

    Wow…where is your source for all these “facts” about my family, Anonymous? I doubt it was John, but if it was, how do you call him a liar in one sentence, and cite him for truth about his upbringing in the next? You are wrong in most everything you said. But it’s easy to hide behind the name “Anonymous” while seeking to destroy others’ character. I’m a simply guy from KY, so I’ll use simple words you can understand. You’re a liar…you’re probably working for the Commonwealth, and you seek to stir the pot to elicit a reaction. You may even be the Asst. Commonwealth Attorney or police investigator who suborned perjury from a key witness in these cases. Either way, you’re a worthless punk who probably had significant problems of your own growing up. I’m sorry you feel the need to beat up others with your lies, particularly as Christmas comes around. And if you take umbrage with anying I’ve said, feel free to call. After all, you’re the government. Yu know where I can be reached.

  26. J says:

    I’m an Army vet with deployments and all that. I dated John when he was in Colorado Springs at Fort Carson (and was already suffering from PTSD). We met at replacement. While I would like to place a disclaimer here that I have not spoken or seen him in quite some time, I can say, as a woman, and particularly as someone that has shared his bed:

    He’s not a rapist. I have extreme difficulty believing that he intentionally hurt a woman.

    I only happened to Google him, just a random though, and just now found out about all this. I’m very sorry for his girls, most likely the only real victims in this debacle, and I’m also very sorry about the choices he’s made that have led him to this point.

    My prayers are with him and his family.

  27. John Buckley says:

    I think your intuition is right, J. Thanks for sharing you experience.

  28. Killer mans son says:

    Buckley III, I would like to extend my condolences, and offer my words about John. I knew him well and love him deeply. I believe in him and I believe in redemption. He may not find redemption in this world, but he finds redemption in the hearts of those who love him, and in the minds of those who believe in him. I think about him each day and hope so much that he finds peace.
    I hope the new year finds you well. And may Johnny feel the warmth of our love, wherever he lay tonight.

  29. Green Thumb says:

    Maybe this guy should re-read the Ranger Creed.


  30. Anonymous says:

    And he is caught and behind bars…

  31. Doyle says:

    I met this kid when he worked at the Dame in Lexington. He seemed like a braggart and got quiet when I told him I was 82nd infantry. He just seemed like a punk. I wasn’t impressed cause I’ve seen dead people and killed people too. That said, I don’t think he raped anyone. He said she said is a bad situation to be in. Any way, he got caught in Laramie, Wyoming today and I hope his life gets straightened out and he gets some help. If not for him for his lil girls.

  32. LexVet says:

    I’m glad they got him and I hope he spends the rest of his life in a small box. He is a brutal abusive man and his Vet status does not justify his actions.

  33. yetanothergirl says:

    I dated John IV for a brief time. I can say with certainty that Anonymous(#124) got this information about his family directly from John IV’s mouth. I heard much of the same account from John himself. He did not paint a pretty picture of his childhood, upbringing, or parents at all; especially his father. According to your son III, you are a monster who abused him, his mother and his siblings for years. As far as him being a liar; I have personally witnessed him lying to a police officer about his identity. I can also say that I am not surprised one bit that he raped someone; he was a hot mess when I knew him and I can only imagine that it progressively worsened. IV does not hold himself accountable for any of the crimes he has committed regardless of the damage it has caused; it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault! I guess the entire Lexington PD & DA is to blame for his actions!? HA! Entitlement should be the key word here. He should have gotten help years ago. I feel fortunate that I was not one of his victims and my heart goes out to those he hurt.