Walt Hunters to face protesters

| July 17, 2012

The folks at Walter Mitty Hunt sent us a link to a post over there about how they’re facing the same dilemma folks here in the US faced in March of 2007 when protesters threatened to desecrate the Vietnam War Memorial which gave rise to the Gathering of Eagles and eventually blunted the effect of anti-war protests. The folks at Walter Mitty Hunt are calling for their members to join them in protecting their own memorials from protesters.

However, their protesters in the UK are protesting under the guise of opposing defense cuts. From what they tell me, the protests are being supported by the British National Party (the BNP), described to me as a “right wing fascist party in the UK”.

The Mothers of our Fallen have taken these protests and shown them for what they are, downright disrespectful. They have created their own campaign to ensure that our Memorials are not pulled into this blatant power struggle. They do not wish the protests to not go ahead, they are simply asking that the memories of their children, as well as every other fallen hero, are not tarnished by what is no doubt going to be a very messy ordeal.

As usual, as soon as anyone disagrees with these villains, the abuse and lies are not far behind. Have these mothers not been through enough? Why must they have to endure the spite and vicious stupidity that is these women and their followers?

The politics of the whole thing are a little difficult to follow (I needed some clarification before I wrote this), but it’s an informative read and demonstrates how little the cultural differences are between what our veterans face on opposite sides of the pond.

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  1. crucible says:

    Remember too the sumbitches did in fact desecrate the Wall in 2007 IIRC by throwing some sort of acid/chemical mix over several areas-I worked right acress the street (still do) and saw it the day it happened. Thankfully, like the rest of thier pathetic lives, the antiwar maggots failed in this one as the concoction wasn’t strong enough to cause permanent damage and Park Service was able to remove/repair/buff it out.


  2. PintoNag says:

    This is still a bit confusing. Protesters protesting defense cuts are desecrating war memorials? Is this similar to our problems with IVAW? Or am I missing the point here?

  3. David Moore says:

    It’s unfortunate when the memories men and women who sacrificed their lives for their home country are abused by protestors and politicians for some sort of gain.

  4. DR_BRETT says:

    “. . . their protesters in the UK are protesting under the guise of opposing defense cuts.” —

    Sneaky, Lying, Back-Stabbing Bastards — aren’t they ??
    (*the polite form*)

  5. Devtun says:

    Where are Code Pink slimeballs? I mean aren’t we using drones to maximum effect to inflict bodily harm on fellow human beings? How many countries are we currently bombing that we have not declared war on? We’re bombing in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and quite few others. BO also tripled number of troops in Afghnistan and barely a peep from Code Pink.

    Remember these maroons protesting near Dubya’s ranch in Crawford? With a Democratic POTUS, these CP f*ckers folded up their tents and went back to living with their parents and still collecting unemployment (probably). With Democrat in office – obliterating people from sky is acceptable, maybe fashionable even.

  6. rb325th says:

    I know one of the mothers involved in trying to convince those fucktards to not protest at the memorials. She lost her son just over 3 years ago in Afghanistan. To her and so many others those memorials are sacred ground, not to be used or desecrated as a tool to protest anything. She has been vilified and torn to shreds by those bastards! BNP, from what I have seen of them…. they are a bunch of thugs who are much like our own skin heads.