John Kerry on “Swiftboating” Obama

| August 19, 2012

From our buddy, Gateway Pundit comes the news that John Kerry took to the internet to defend President Obama from what he calls “Swiftboating”. Well, actually, he didn’t defend the President, all he did was try to make us feel sorry for him that the truth about his service was made public. From;

Seeing the new outrageous attacks made against President Obama from a shadowy Republican-allied veterans group called OPSEC, which take issue with the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, remind me all too well of the notorious “Swift Boat” attacks I faced in the 2004 campaign. I honor and appreciate the service of my fellow veterans, but a false attack is a false attack—no matter who’s making it. It’s not enough to wish them away or dismiss them because they come in part from “birthers” who still won’t concede that President Obama was born here in the United States.>

Yeah, former presidential candidate John Kerry, if the claims against you were false, why haven’t you signed your SF 180 yet? He said he would during the campaign, but here we are eight years later, and nothing has changed.

Kerry continues;

Faced with all this, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Romney and his allies are resorting to the same national security smear tactics I faced in 2004.

Smear tactics? Really? All I needed to see was the short clip of John Kerry on patrol by himself in Vietnam to know the rest of his stories were false. Who does that? And the fact that he left Vietnam, left his troops behind as soon as he had his three Purple Hearts. What real leader does that – irrespective of how he was awarded the Purple Hearts.

And, oh, since “swiftboating” means bringing a phony’s true military record to light, how can Obama be “swiftboated” when he has no military record to bring to light?

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  1. The Dude says:

    You don’t know a thing about leadership Lilyea, you’re a republican hack!! You attack someone with 3 purple hearts and a silver star but celebrate somebody whose daddy got him into the air national guard and never went to vietnam..

    As per Navy regulations he was allowed a transfer because of 3 purple hearts.. You would have done the same thing.. From what I have heard you would sold your men out on a constant basis to make yourself look good..

    Kerry is a piece of shit but I am sorry he has a more impressive service record than you do.

  2. jonp says:

    Yeah, OPSEC is so “shadowy that they issued a public statement with their real names and a list of the members is widely available. Kerry is a poodle. Poofy hairdoo and kept by rich women.

  3. valerie says:

    John F’n Kerry published slander in his alleged autobiography. The men he wrote about decided that they would object to his lies, and they put their objections in writing. The title of the book is “Unfit for Command” and it demonstrates that these men undoubtedly had a point. Further, the so-called historian that co-wrote Kerry’s “autobiography” gave an interview on C-Spann that included multiple admissions about the very serious inaccuracies in Kerry’s book.

    The Washington Post shamed itself by publishing a thoroughly dishonest story “debunking” the Swift Boat Veterans’ story, claiming that the reviewer could not even tell what had upset these men, and then publishing a second story claiming that they had successfully “debunked” the book. After that happened, quite a few people decided to read the Washington Post stories a little more closely, and sandblast them for lying. Their circulation dropped, too.

    As far as I am concerned, “Swiftboating” means the act of successfully calling out a liar for publishing slander.

  4. Redacted1775 says:

    The dude, yet another exhibiting the effects of permanent cranio-rectal intrusion.

  5. Frank says:

    I believe Kerry hasn’t signed his SF180 because it would show the charges levied against him by the military for ho-nobbing with the Cong in Paris – and the pardon afforded him by the buck-toothed peanut farmer from Georgia allowing him to hold federal office.

  6. 32 nd Guards MRR OPFOR says:

    I thought I remembered seeing the Navy OER for Cmdr McBragg where his evaluator mentions Kerry telling him that he thought the Swift Boats were “Boston Whalers” or words to that effect.

    I guess the clueless twit thought that reflected well on him.

    I know that you could receive a very high score but have career terminating evaluation by faint praise or the subtle wording in the narrative… i.e. “almost always shows sound judgement,” In Kerry’s case, maybe not so subtle.

    Kery’s OER screams pompous self centered ass.

    Just a Grunt- I believe I was at Ft Irwin during the same period as you. D Company 6/31 Inf and HHC NTC ( driver for ADC) 1984-1986.

    Pro Patria

  7. Nigel Brooks says:

    One of the problems with challenging Kerry’s Silver Star and 3 Purple Hearts is that if he is to be held to a standard and the awards questioned – then everyone who received such an award should be held to that same standard. Perhaps it is true that had he been in another service at another place, Kerry would not have received those awards – but the fact is that he received them.

    My friend, Doug Reese was a US Army advisor and was present on another boat during the incident for which Kerry received the Silver Star. I have every confidence that if Doug had felt that the SS was not warranted, he would have told me so.

    I think that it is unwise to attempt to criticize Kerrys’ awards and whether or not they were warranted – he received them.

    What is worthy of criticism however, are his actions following his service in Vietnam. Actions such as allaying himself with a group which had contemplated violence to further their anti-war aims. The act of throwing medals over the fence at the Pentagon, then when it became politically expedient – resurrecting those medals of valor and using them in his campaign for political office. His words before the Congress wherein he claimed to speak on behalf of Veterans who “testified” in the “Winter Soldier Investigation” about rape, cutting off ears, cutting off heads, taping wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turning up the power, cutting off limbs, blowing up bodies, randomly shooting at civilians, razing villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan etc etc etc.

    For that Kerry should rightly be condemned.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, please…! Mr. Kerry needs to stop whining. I guess your outing him still rankles his little feelings.

    Using words like ‘smear’ and ‘shadowy’ is a classic way of causing discomfort in a reader. There must be something — well, ODD, or WRONG — about the subject.

    So, for your edification, here’s a list:

    weird or weirdly

    Put together in one sentence, they become comic relief, as follows (borrowing from entries that some of you have made):

    “John Kerry mysteriously has not signed his obscure SF-180 because it would show the obscure charges levied against him by the shadowy military for hobnobbing with extremist Cong acolytes in Paris. The nameless men he wrote about decided that they would object to his weird lies, and they put their occult objections in writing.
    Kerry is a peculiar sort of poodle, with a weirdly poofy hairdo and is kept by shadowy, obscure rich women, the acolytes of extremist apocalyptic shadow figures.”

    Hope y’all are havin’ a bodacious weekend.

  9. AW1 Tim says:

    Kerry is a mouth-breathing, tax-dodging, lying, two-faced scum sucking gigolo whose service in the US Navy is an odious thing, the stench of which has still not been adequately scrubbed from our otherwise proud history.

    He and John Murtha both deserve a special place in hell.

  10. Pal of ours did the leg work: “To Set The Record Straight

  11. The Dude says:

    @9 Murtha and Kerry do deserve a place in hell but the fact that you would never say the same thing about any republican now matter what he did shows why you do as well.

  12. Michael says:

    The office that these people hold is far far to important to egnore all the black smoke being given off by this one man,you get out you put in .Our nation is to precious to take a chance on men and women such as these . Thousands of people could do a much better job than they are doing.