2012 Ballduster McSoulpatch Stolen Valor Finals: Day the Deux. Jake Diliberto versus Jonathon Sharkey

| August 22, 2012

And then there was two.

Now, before you vote gere, or after anyway, go and do a favor for TAH friend Cassy Chesser. In case you missed it yesterday at Blackfive, Laughing Wolf posted:

Cassy Chesser is a pundit, a Marine spouse, and mother. Right now, she is in a contest to get her son Wyatt, who has Downs Sydrome, on the cover of Carolina Coastal Parent magazine. If you are on Facebook, you can help. First, go like Carolina Coastal Parent magazine. Then, go vote for Wyatt’s photo. With your help, they can win.

The picture is absolutely precious, and unlike Diliberto and Sharkey who grew up to defame and steal from all of us, Wyatt will never do any of that. Cassy is a wonderful young lady, so if you could offset our bad karma for voting for the bigger of two douchenozzles by voting for a picture that shows innocent joy, I would be mucho appreciative.

And now, the vote. After the fold is the bio in case you don’t already know who these guys are.

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
Ya don’t like my point of view
Ya think I’m insane
Its not sane……it’s not sane.

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BTW: someone asked whether Diliberto would apologize. I doubt it, but maybe Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan could put out something. They can be contacted at: bravenewfoundation.press@gmail.com

Top 10 Facts about each candidate:


1. Lists favorite quotes as passages from the Bible, and then this not-so-Biblical inspiration: “you dont wont to be dancing horizontally and getting rust on the tools when you could have used dong bags!!!” -Tom Skalkos.

2. While every Marine is an Infantryman, not every infantryman can peel potatoes while his men go into battle after he himself got out of it by engaging in improper acts.

3. Thinks that Afghanistan can be fixed by Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan: “The Pakistani people have a vested interest in not destabilizing their own country, so they’ll help out,” he explained. “Iran is being plagued with the heroin trade, [so] they have a vested interest in securing their borders and destroying the poppy fields. Saudi Arabia … there’s not a country that loves their Islamic brothers more than them.”

4. Admitted what we knew already: “I want to tell u I have something in my head– but u both know it is empty…”

5. Claims to be a Conservative/Republican, then advocates that Ron Paul run as an independent candidate to ruin the Republican chances.

6. Blogging at the bastion of Conservative Republicanism, Russia Today, Jake Diliberto says President Obama cannot control the Pentagon, making him unfit for office.

7. His Linked-In profile sets out his vast military career: While performing US Marine duties in Operations Enduring Freedom (2001) and Iraqi Freedom 2003, I basic duties of Marines, in addition I performed security task forces, patrols, and continued training exercises, and basic Counter Insurgency Operations. While in Iraq, I worked with existing Police forces and trained them

8. His DD214 doth protest very much.

9. And from the “They Must Have Moved Tora Bora to Pheonix File”: Jake Diliberto knows what it’s like to be afraid and unsure of the future. The Marine served in Iraq and in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan. He watched his best friend die from a bullet wound.

10. And he doesn’t even flinch as Larry King asserts he is an Iraq and Afghanistan vet, even though he knows full well that isn’t true:


1. Has Special Forces Sniper Tattoo on his right forearm, April Tattoo on his rightbicep and Satanic Pentagram with Vampyre Wings on his right Shoulder, Dragon Tattoo on his left forearm and Triple Moon Tattoo on his left bicep.

2. “If I was President when the US Navy Seals went after bin Laden, I would have lead the military operation. That’s the difference between a Combat Arms Veteran and a civilian. I know not only how to draw up a military attack, but, lead the attack to complete success.”

3. He stalked a young chick: She told police that “in a desperate attempt” to get him to leave her alone, she had e-mailed him that she was a member of an elite vampire hunter society and that continuing their relationship would put him in danger.”

4. Jonathon Sharkey – who also goes by the name Rocky Flash – was sentenced at Marion County Court to two years in prison after threatening to murder Judge David Certo and his family.”

5. But, no, he’s a wonderful guy….“In the same breath, all the good things I do for people, is because I want to… Not because a Bible, minister or Jesus tells me to. My good deeds are done from my heart.”

6. This explains his fetish for the fatties….”There are sanguinarian vampires, which are blood feeders, which I am. I only feed on female or like cow or pig blood. I prefer cow over pig,” he said.

7. Absolutely the worst Elvis impersonator to ever live. (Plus the interview sucks equally bad.)

8. If I had PACER, I would tell you about his lawsuit against the Governor of Indiana:

Appellees: MITCH DANIELS, In his official capacity of Governor of the State of Indiana and GREG ZOELLER
Plaintiff – Appellant: JONATHON SHARKEY, In his official capacity as King of the Vampyre Nation

9. Also likes to fake credentials: “Jonathon Sharkey said that he has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Southern Christian University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Although there was (they’ve since changed their name) a Southern Christian University in Montgomery, Alabama, there’s never been one in Lake Charles.

10. Worst Actor EVER.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Sorry, Peter Gabriel. I really do love your work – in particular, that from “So” and “Us”. But that drunken, keyboard-cleaner huffing psychotic elf that occasionally moonlights as my muse showed up, pointed his bow & arrow at my crotch, and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. To wit: write this piece of doggerel.

    I’m not sure he’d have hit me – he was looking pretty wasted and might have missed the wall, much less me. But I really didn’t want to take any chances, especially given where he was pointing that arrow.

    So I’m tapping your excellent music, Mr. G. With apologies, based on “Kiss that Frog” and in honor of Jake “ Dildo-man” Diliberto:

    Hook that Shark!

    T-A-H readers
    Let me introduce Dildo-man
    He alone can get you singing
    He’s all puffed up, wanna be your king
    Oh you can do it
    C’mon C’mon C’mon C’mon C’mon C’mon
    You can vote for him!

    Splash, dash what’s that sound?
    Sharkey fool says he’s a bigger clown!
    He’s already jumped off in the deep end
    Even though he’s too fat to swim

    So what’s one tournament
    Finals ‘gainst a douch
    Aaah, Dildo’s wanting it so much
    I swear that this is teh stooped
    Those lies he’s telling you
    Oh can you see the state he’s in
    Dildo’s just a bigger douchebag
    (Hook that Shark)

    Get this to the public eye
    Gonna hook that Shark gonna make him cry
    Can’t you hear the Shark a-choking
    Don’t you know, this ain’t for joking
    Aaah, some think he won’t
    I know he will
    Don’t you know Dildo’s tongue can kill
    Watch him, Watch him, Watch him, Watch him, Watch him, Watch him,
    Watch him hook that shark!

    Let Dildo sit beside you
    Lie right to your face
    He claimed he went to A-Stan
    Never set foot in that place
    C’mon now, vote for him
    He’ll win this tournament
    Vote for him, and he will
    Make some cents!
    Make some sense!

    Vote for the liar, c’mon watch the Dildo hook that Shark!
    Vote for the liar, c’mon watch the Dildo hook that Shark
    Vote for the liar,, c’mon watch the Dildo hook that Shark
    Vote for the liar, c’mon watch – hook Shark!
    (Hook Shark! Hook Shark!)
    (Hook Shark! Hook Shark!)
    (Hook Shark! Hook Shark!)
    (Hook Shark! Hook Shark!)
    (Hook Shark! Hook Shark!)
    (Hook Shark! Hook Shark!)

  2. Old Tanker says:

    Nicely done Hondo! I’m still pulling for the Inhaler though…

  3. Old Trooper says:

    I’m still pulling for the pud inhaler, because the dude is a dirtbag, beside being just creepy and teetering on the cusp of gheyness. I watched his interviews and when he talks tough, as though he was going to kick Arnold’s ass, he said it with a slight wisp in his enunciation as though it had more to do with tying each other up than anything battle related.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Well done Hondo, although please don’t do one to the tune of “Red Rain,” or else that song will be forever tainted in my eyes and ears.

  5. Hondo says:

    Sorry, NHSparky. That drunken bastard of an elf held me at arrowpoint for a long time and seems to like Gabriel’s work, too. And in particular, he seems to like “So”.

  6. 679Prig says:

    Im crushed that Gunny Driveway is out. I thought he had the Right Stuff, the moxie to go all the way. Now crying into my virtual beer. 🙁

  7. SJ says:

    Ah Ha! Evidence of the Establishment trying to sway the results of this vote Chicago style: clever, subtle, reversal of the sequence of the pictures and the ballot. The Man thinks we are brain dead and will do a Pavlov and assume the first picture would be the first vote. Bet this is how Driveway Gunny got screwed out his deserved win?

  8. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:


  9. Ptolemy in Egypt says:

    Gunny! Gunny! Gunny!

    Alas, looks like Jonathan “I know how to draw up a military attack” Sharkey has to go the distance.

    This guy puts the azz in assclown

  10. LebbenB says:

    Nice touch with the Blind Melon lyrics. Kinda sums up my view of The Inhaler.

  11. Lucky says:

    I kinda want to see Dildo singing “I’m just a teenage Dirtbag babyyyy…” because that is what he is acting like. All the posers and hosers like him, Matthis, and a Soldier from my second deployment named Ray ( PX Ranger, couldn’t even mount a pinter with a 240 to a M1151!!) need to be punished with a newer, better SVA.

  12. JAGC says:

    I have a dimmer view of the fakers who initially come across as somewhat credible vice those who come across as obvious whackadoos. I was trying to think of why I have this view, particularly since guys like Ronad and Sharkey are so fun, and it brought back a memory of my first SV experience. (picture wavey story-telling lines)

    Prior to becoming a JA, I was in a unit preparing to deploy to Iraq in the mid-2000s. We had a Gulf War veteran who rejoined the Army and joined the infantry. The guy was older than the rest of us and commanded a great deal of respect. Everybody liked him, particularly the young guys, and he was Ranger tabbed, etc. In short, his word was gold to everyone, but particularly the young guys. We made it to Kuwait where we had that 10 day period of extreme boredom before moving north. One day, coming back from the DFAC, it turned into a scene where a woman discovers her man was cheating… All of this guy’s stuff was littered in front of the big tent. An irate senior NCO was literally taking this guy’s stuff and throwing it out the door and there was crap everywhere… Turns out, they did a tab check and discovered that he was lying and was wrongly wearing the Ranger tab. This guy was immediately transferred to another unit, and our NCOs made damn sure that the new unit knew about his transgressions. Meanwhile, this guy’s wife sent an email to our unit first for wrongly accusing her husband of fraud, and then turned to berating our leadership for acting harsh.

    Sorry for the long story. But that’s where I’m coming from in voting for guys like DiLiberto, Clumpner, etc over the more obvious dirtbags.

  13. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    I thought Sharkey was my guy for the win, but I have been thinking a lot about this as well, probably spending more time collecting my thoughts than I should considering these guys are both serious 4ssholes…

    Diliberto is the more the sinister of the two despite Sharkey’s claims. As others have pointed out no one is going to take that fat piece of sh1t seriously or think he represents anything beyond the narrow world view of the not quite criminally insane.

    Diliberto on the other hand, with his made for TV looks, dresses and acts the part of a serious man with real life experiences that have changed him speaking on behalf of veterans and using his voice to analyze and perhaps even direct policy opinion. He is the true serpent, his word is that of the devil as his lies create the false impression of truth in the minds of the public. He isn’t just usurping the honor of those who actually served he is also usurping their collective voice and making them his own. He is indeed, a very bad man.

  14. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    VOV, would you please quit using logic?! Since Gunny Dung-pile was so unceremoniously cheated out of his rightful place on the winner’s podium, I was going with Sharkey because of his total mental retardation. Looking at Dildoberto, he’s caused way more damage to us, honest veterans, than Sharkey could ever do in two life times. DAMN!!!

  15. PALADIN says:

    This guy Dilliberto looks like some latte slurping yuppie pussy.
    The kind of guy you love to hate, a little puke who would never have the guts to go into harms way, but would lie his ass off to get his 15 minutes of fame.
    Typical little yuppie pussy..he got my vote, as the other guy is a clown, the kind you laugh at.
    This Dilliberto piece of shit does more harm than the other
    type because he speaks with clarity and dresses the part, therefore he can pull the wool over the eyes of people who don’t know better.
    I’d love to meet the little turd in person.

  16. Sluggo says:

    Go inhaler!

  17. INHALER says:

    BLACKFIVE : POSERS HOSERS! 09/03/69-10/01/79 USAF A/C LOADMASTER Jumpmaster Qualed-
    Rigger-Persl/Carg/ARMY: Trained can’t wear rigger wings not af- grounded/med reasons/72- made it to senior 9 SKILL Instrucror Level EQUIV- COMBAT ENGINEER INSTRUCTOR-Short tour- Ft lost in da woods- tear prgm/ best/Trng/Instructors/ arrv student/ less 1wk/CADRE/3DD214/ NO HERO HONORED TO HAVE SERVED WITH SAME! Got all the pretty veggies on the salad bar and the menu says i was where HERO’S were. Doesn’t make me ONE! Tell any one of these heros they are just like these street warriors that paint their medals of war all over so every one can be afraid of them and they don’t have to sAy a word. HERO’S don’t talk about it because they will say they aren’t one. Presents at BDAY all have pretty wrappings and different sizes and shapes. The outer paper gets ripped off and throw in trash. Size and shape hasn’t changed, but the presents inside. Yup sure is!! But YOU better. BE THE ONE THAT GETS THE “BLING” BRASS RING THE GOLD! Because otherwise YOU JUST ENDED UP IN A WORLD OF SHIT! Need some HERO’S to send all ten TV hell no FIRST!
    Broken Down FlyBoy end/msg

  18. Appolgies INHALER: this ole man doent noe thees heer electronical thigamabogs sews I soree I poesered on yuse naem!
    BROKEn Down FlyBoy
    no HERO!

  19. One more thing the poser’s in power arern’t OF BY & FOR ARE & that’s why our OFBY &4 are put on the TERROR WATCH LIST on DEROS! MILLIONS OF OF BY & 4’S ARE EVERY WHERE WE’ED EVERY WHERE! OOPPSS ! Too Late POSERS WE C U !
    no HERO but I’ll DIE ON MY FEET IN A PILE OF BRASS I’LL NEVER live on my knees

  20. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Oh, good, this one talks to himself.

  21. JBS says:

    @18,19,20…WTF was that?

  22. TSO says:

    @22, we wish we knew.

  23. Green Thumb says:

    @18, 19, 20.

    Go fuck yourself.

  24. Green Thumb says:

    @18, 19, 20.

    My apologies. I forgot to add: