Dingus anti-Obama phony soldier

| August 29, 2012

Jeff sends us a link to the UK’s Daily Mail who found an idiot named Dennis Paul Hamm who thinks he has a clever message about President Obama. It’s not clever, just ignorant.

Anyway he claims he’s 55 years old, but that he was in the Army from 1973-1976, obviously trying to convince us he was in Vietnam. But, if he joined in 1973, he would have been 16 years old so it’s not likely.

He also claims he graduated from his high school in 1975. Nice of the Army to let him finish high school concurrently with his military service, huh?

I’m not even going to go through the work to get his FOIA before I call bullshit on this Grade A moron who apparently failed basic math.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    The jackwagons are coming out of the woodwork in droves today.

  2. I always suggest “do the math”. Anybody who’s younger than I am couldn’t have served in Nam. I was in West Berlin when when it ended, so anytime somebody in my age group claims to have been there, I know it’s bullshit.

  3. Hondo says:

    Service from 1973-1976 is possible, but highly unlikely. However, barring a fraudulent enlistment it’s possible only if he joined at 17 and turns 56 later this year. And that doesn’t square with his claim of graduating from high school in 1975. Getting a GED in 1975, maybe.

    But since the eligibility for the VSM ended on 28 March 1973, it’s a lock he’s no Vietnam Vet.

    Guess it’s time to send another FOIA letter to NPRC.

  4. Green Thumb says:

    Yet another nutsacksual imposter.

  5. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Wow, I knew we were falling behind in math and science. I had no idea that so many would be afflicted later in life…well at least that can be counted as a good thing for our society. That someone so f$cking stupid he can’t add his own age up correctly is still alive and semi-functional.

  6. Devtun says:

    Another Frank Abagnale type charlatan.

  7. jgeorge57 says:

    Just became familiar with your web site and love it. I have a friend that presently is an Army Sgt/Maj at Fort Know, and he and I look for these assholes constantly. We call them out and find them quite often. Keep up the good work

  8. Anonymous says:

    @6 Except Frank Abagnale was extremely talented and bright. And now works for the FBI, if I recall.

  9. Curt Jones says:

    I heard this really interesting tidbit recently. I am sure that all TAH readers knokw that the US which is 4% of the worlds population uses 25% of its resources. But what I heard recently at some kind of symposium I suppose it was, is that 65% of the worlds mind alterating drugs are consumed in the USA.
    Americans need this kind of medication becasue they work so damned hard. They work more hours now than they did in 1941 when they were preparing for a real war. They work harder than the Japanese. Combine that with the enourmous debt carried by so many American households and people are sure to be stressed out.
    In the end what do Amerians have to show for all of their effort. Well besides tha highest rate of people in prison on the planet. They have a fear of Muslims and trade unions.
    Hahahahahahaha I think that is really funny because I am a psychopath. If I were normal I would think that it was tragic.
    George Jones, a great singer

  10. Hondo says:

    Well, it looks like our resident Deutsch-bag is back. Do you have anything intelligent to say, or are you just bloviating?

  11. malclave says:


    So what’s your point? Hallucinogenics are too expensive where you live because of the U.S., and you’re upset at having to turn tricks to support your drug habit?

  12. UtahVet says:

    I’ve encountered a few University of Utah students (which is across the street from the VA here) who have asked me if I served in Vietnam (because I was at the VA and wearing clothing from Ranger Up). I was born in 1974. These are college kids. Do I really look that damn old or do they just not teach math and history anymore?! I told one chick I was in Baghdad in 2003 and she asked if that was in Europe! Do they just feed students cereal filled with stupid now?

    Anyway, I love seeing younger guys who were obviously learning to pee during Vietnam trying to play the “I was there” card.

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    Hey, guys, Mr. Hamm hails from Union Grove, WI, about 1.5 hrs north of me. Anyone want to go with me and pay him a visit?

  14. hueydoc says:

    the shoulder patch on his cover pic is the 56th Field Artillery Brigade (now Command). if he served between 73 and 76 he would have been stationed in Schwaebisch Gmuend, Federal Republic of Germany. if he’s Infantry he could only have been in the 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment because it was the only Infantry unit assigned to the Brigade.

  15. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I noticed in the picture at the Daily Mail that he’s wearing a pro-mask. I don’t remember wearing one until early 1976 when the Army re-started the Chemical Corps when they shifted focus from Vietnam-type wars to Europe against the Soviets. Just thinking out loud. Or something.

  16. AW1 Tim says:


    heh….. I went to USU. Always thought that UoU was the lower IQ sister. ๐Ÿ™‚

    They used to have a top notch ROTC unit that competed against mine at USU every year. Dated a girl from their cadre back in the day too.

    Sorry to see how far things have degenerated, though. I still have family up in Cache Valley. Hope to get back there this next spring.

  17. Currahee John says:

    Yeah, another tool, but there is one minor caveat about the “serving concurrent with high school” thing. I joined in October of my senior year of high school, under the delayed entry program (had to have the diploma to go 91B), and entered active duty the following July, which got me in just under the wire for the Vietnam Era bennies. So, yeah, my first 9 months of service were while I was finishing up high school, at least so far as all things on paper and all official-like are concerned.

  18. Never said my ass was in the grass! Born 11-13-56, sworn in to service in December 1973. Went to a school in a small town and since I joined the military the class kept me on.