Daniel Rodriguez nominated for 2012 USAA Athletic Inspiration Award

| September 26, 2012

We talked about Daniel Rodriguez, a wounded veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, last month when he began playing for Clemson after dealing with his war wounds and his PTS. Apparently, he’s been nominated for the 2012 USAA Athletic Inspiration Award for Courage in Sports for keeping a promise to his fallen comrade;

Clemson sent a waiver to the NCAA which cleared in April of this year, allowing Daniel – a 24-year-old freshman – to make his football debut in Clemson’s first game on September 1, a 26-19 win over Auburn.

Daniel continues to use his past experiences and promises as his motivation. “I don’t think you should shut out what has changed you in life,” he said. “So, it’s unfair for me to shut out what I’ve been through. I think that’s what catapults me beyond what I’m trying to achieve because I’m using the hardships, the horrors, the killing, the friends that I’ve lost as my fuel.”

For those of you who aren’t sociopaths and can get to Facebook, support Daniel or one of the other three veterans nominated at this link.

Thanks to Jeff for the link.

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  1. DefendUSA says:

    This kid should be an inspiration to all of us and especially to the parents who have lost children in this war– that such a sacrifice can also be the catalyst for doing more because you have the chance. Don’t let anything paralyze the dreams you have or the goals you can reach. Daniel did it!!

  2. Parachute Cutie says:

    Dan Rodriguez is one hell of a man. I hope the TAH readers will vote for him. PLEASE