Not New, or News, But Free Stuff is Not Bad.

| November 8, 2012

I feel oddly conflicted about this Veteran’s Day. A Nam Vet pal (Marine) passed away earlier this week, and is being buried today. And our country just entered territory that some feel has all the earmarks of a mine field.

However, there are some others who still remember and acknowledge a debt.

More than 24,000 businesses will offer discounts for vets and service members on and around this Veteran’s Day, according to the Military and Veterans Discount Center.  Here are some of the national chains where the brave men and women who have served and still serve our country can get treated to some free food.

There are other businesses, as well as state and local governments that  offer discounts, etc.

It is something to keep in mind.

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  1. Robert says:

    Couldn’t get link to work.

  2. Jabatam says:

    My wife and I always go to Applebee’s on veterans day. We have two traditions. First, we buy a good beer and sit it in the middle of the table for all my friends that can’t celebrate this day. Second, we find an old vet there with their family and pick up their tab (the vet’s meal may be free but his family’s isn’t)? It’s become something we look forward to every year.

  3. Twist says:


    Places like here is why I still have some faith in humanity.

  4. Common Sense says:

    My son and his girlfriend went to the Olive Garden last year for his first Veteran’s Day. They were treated like royalty.

  5. Joe Williams says:

    I usually stay at home and remember the 23 KIA squadron mates lost in Viet Nam . They still live on , as long as we remember them. Also, there are all the wounded and dead wemedi-evaced .I usually stay from people on this day . Each year,month or day, I learn of one more Ugly Angel has passed on. Remember the Fallen and live for them. Joe

  6. SFC Holland says:

    I’ll be in Afghanistan yet again for another Veteran’s Day. @2, that’s awesome. I am always humbled by the gratitude of strangers. I got choked up the last time a guy bought me a beer. Stuff like that just gets to me I guess. I also watched a youtube video a soldier shared with me about a lib-asshole that bragged about how he dressed up like a soldier on Veteran’s Day and got free stuff all day long to laugh at “Patriots”. Watching that stuff can hurt your soul. Stolen Valor is not a crime?

  7. MCPO USN NYC (Ret.) says:

    SFC Holland … I will buy you a beer or two. Then we can hunt down that little pussy twit and punch him in the throat! Nothing like a throat punch to get your attention!

  8. streetsweeper says:

    And the phonies will be out and about waiting in line to get their “free” meal around here as well. This time I’ll see if can find my digital recorder

  9. Jabatam says:

    My wife works at the Applebee’s that we go to. The other employees there use her to vet people claiming to be veterans and, after being with me for 12 years (9 of those I was in) she’s pretty good at spotting the posers. Her Applebee’s will deny them if she’s certain they’re lying

  10. Jabatam says:

    SFC Holland, I get choked up when that kind of stuff happens as well