Wayward Bill Chengelis, chairman of US Marijuana Party & lying phony

| November 12, 2012

Someone did the hard work for us on this ass clown who calls himself Wayward Bill who is the chairman of the US Marijuana Party and supposedly spearheaded the pot initiative in Colorado last week. Of course, since he’s Vietnam-era aged, he had to claim that he needs pot to treat his PTS from the awful things that the military forced him to do in Vietnam;

Yes, as a personnel clerk, it was his job to cut off ears so the Army could keep count of the North Vietnamese Regulars that they killed. because, you know, counting is too hard for us dumbass infantrymen, we need a clerk to cut off ears for us.

Well, of course, since he’s being featured on TAH, you know his story is bullshit. Wayward Bill is really William Alvin Chengelis and he never went to Vietnam. He was a clerk in Germany. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you tell lies about what you did to further a political agenda;

Of course, when he’s confronted with his lies, Mr. Wayward is sorry about it, but he still doesn’t come clean;

Thank you for clearing the air. I have made a public confession which and the resulting thread are posted below. I take it you are a Combat Veteran. I apologize if I offended you. I never claimed any medal or citations.

Hope this satisfies you:

I have a confession to make. I am a Veteran, a Vietnam era Veteran. I have lied about my combat service. I served in Europe never Vietnam. My story is the story of a good friend of mine. There is some one who went and pulled up my service record and has been posting it on my wall trying to discredit me. I am not sure of their agenda but I need to clean the slate. I am sorry I lied. I told it so many times it became part of me.

So, he still wants people to believe that there were personnel clerks out collecting ears, because it happened to “a good friend of mine”. So, I guess he figures that the story is too good to die. But before our hero got Mr. Wayward’s military records, he wasn’t so apologetic;

I told you yesterday I kept you out of it and not report you to my mob of 8000+. Claire Ryder put two and two together. Now you have to deal with her wrath. She’s a member of the Green Party. I like to think of her as THE GREEN HORNET. She is out to sting you and with her connections you are probably ruined in the Veteran community.

Have a nice life ASSHOLE!

I won, you lost. Ha Ha ASSHOLE!
Peace, Pot, Politics,
Wayward Bill Chengelis
Chairman, US Marijuana Party
Chairman, US Marijuana Party of Colorado

Of course, this Claire Ryder person thinks that veterans shouldn’t question each other about their military service;

I was married to a vet. my father is a vet. my older brother was killed in Vietnam. I grew up watching them load bomb trucks on Guam. I know a little about Vets too There are “phoneys” everywhere. What you did was MEAN> If you want to call someone out do it in private. These people have enough demons. I have a lot better things to do with MY life then filing FOIA requests to see if people are “phoneys” and how many people do you know that sent ears home? I know people that did and the people they sent them to. Ask Medea Benjamin about it some time. Expose what you want. My job is to help people that need help even if they lie.Do you ask someone with a sign on the corner hey can I file a FOIA request to see if you are avet before I help you? I know Bill is a vet he couldn’t get benefits otherwise. His hep c is service related not from drugs. Did they clean the gun they innoculated you with? File away your requests too bad you don’t concentrate on doing something KIND

Yeah, my neighbor’s cousin’s dog was once owned by a veterinarian so I know a real military veteran when I see one. And Medea Benjamin could tell me that it’s raining and I’d have to go out and get soaking wet before I believed her. I guess outing a phony isn’t being KIND enough to the folks who actually did serve in Vietnam and DIDN’T cut off ears? Those guys are the reason I decided to post about this POS phony on Veterans’ Day.

ADDED for Claire Ryder’s lawyer; Here’s a screen shot of the comment above attributed to Claire Ryder from her Facebook account. That’s her avatar, right?

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Welll, MS. Krider, my own personal experience with the side effects of cannabis stem from 5 3/4 years of putting up with sloppily prepared artwork that was supposed to be camera-ready, but was full of typos and dozens of other mistakes, handed to me by people who smoked dope on their lunch hour and lit up again as soon as they hit the bricks at 5PM.

    And MY lot in this — my work ethic, if you will — was to have the finished product ready for the clients by 8AM the next morning, which meant that if the artwork was a shambles and everyone else was gone, I was there at work until 2AM fixing their fucking mistakes. Then I’d go home, get a shower, get about 2 fucking hours of sleep, and get back to work by 7AM, to check the film I had shot before I left work.

    All of this, so that the clients could have their corporate slide shows ready to go and the self-centered jackasses I worked with could get their paychecks.

    Oh, yeah — my last job before I retired was at an ad agency. My ‘boss’ either smoked dope on her lunch hour or got completely crocked on hard liquor. It was never the same from one day to the next. I was just glad it was THE last job on my list and that I never have to see that sloppy cow again.

    I can’t think of anything more obnoxious than knowing that the people you work for are more interested in being stoned and drunk than they are in doing their jobs, but they expect you to produce brilliantly, just so they will look good to the clients.

    I despise people like you in ways that you cannot possibly imagine. You think there’s no harm in it, but you don’t care who gets damaged by it, as long as it isn’t you.

    You represent EVERYTHING that is wrong with the pro-pot crowd.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, yeah — in addition, Mizzz Krider, I was in the Navy from 1967 to 1972. That’s the Vietnam era. I never saw anyone with souvenir EARS, no matter what medea benjamin says. She’s as full of bull cock as you are, but then, NEITHER of you silly bitches have ever been involved in anything other than feeding your fucking egos back then and now.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, crap – typo. ‘1972’ s/b 1974. Long, busy day behind me.

  4. tm says:

    420 Bill did not “come clean”. He gave a pro forma BS pseudo-apology and then decided to sic his crowd on TAH for daring to question their “war hero” leader who are now putting up the really lame “what’s the big deal?” defense. He outsourced his Phildo-ing.

    The big deal? No matter if you dislike the military industrial complex or the things those who serve are ordered to do by the Suits in DC, you cannot cross the line of attempting to trade on and benefit from valor earned in blood. Bill the Yippie did just that, no doubt earning much respect in the legalization movement with his tales of being in the jungle. Would he be a leader in that movement, gaining all of these defenders had he simply said he had served, and no, he didn’t go to SE Asia, but just did his job in Germany? Of course not. His smoked out friends ate up his tales and his claim of needing the weed to ward off all of the symptoms of Stereotypical Vietnam Vet Syndrome.

    No, his defenders are vocal now because they’re complicit in enabling him and are papering over their embarrassment of believing his phony war stories. They trot out all the standard crap attacking the military (which is laughable, because there are so many things to question and they fail to hit any of it). But one thing I doubt they’ll ever do is to ask themselves one simple question: If Bill lied to them on this, earning his reputation on war dead, what else did he lie about and what else is he capable of?

    I’ll bet Humboldt County’s entire production that they’ll continue to defend Phony Bill, until he finally screws them over with a lie they can’t wave away.

  5. Hondo says:

    Krider: a short response, Army-acronym-style, that I hope speaks for the vast majority of us regulars here at TAH:


    That goes for both you and Chengelis.

  6. Sheree Krider says:


    The link I submitted is to my response to the allegations against Bill. I would appreciate you all reading it.

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Puff, puff, give.

    What a clown.

  8. Just an Old Dog says:

    So the allegations are true, and Bill is using that old excuse of “everyone else has lied before, so whats the big deal”.
    Same old same old.
    You are basically spreading his bullshit for him. Whatever PTSD he claims isn’t from his military service. Trying to hijack the term POW to apply to him as being a “prisoner of the drug war” is disrespectful also. There is a huge difference between what happens to a prisoner confined in the US for drugs and the experience of a service member captured in war.
    Wayward Bill is a douche, not because he advocates legalizing pot, or smokes it, but because he is a lying sack of shit with the moral compass of a crackhead.

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Gt, Hondon, Old Dog — There is NOTHING quite like watching someone who has been completely conned defending the asshole who conned her, is there?

    Krider, you’re even stupider than I thought you were with your first post. You have been conned but good by this asshole into standing up for him when he’s nothing but a useless, self-centered piece of white trash.

    Take a piece of advice, you silly cow. Dump ‘wayward bill’ now. Walk away. Don’t look back.

    He’s just using you.

  10. Hondo says:

    Knider: see comment 108.

    “POW” my freaking ASS. Witold Pilecki was a POW after the Warsaw Uprising. Those taken prisoner at Bataan were POWs. Those held in the Stalags were POWs. Those captured and held by the Chinese or North Koreans in Korea were POWs. Those confined at the “Hanoi Hilton” were POWs.

    Chengelis was not. Not even close, lady. No way, now how, under no circumstances. No.

    I’ll spare giving you a true and accurate description of that disgraceful ass called Bill Chengelis. Frankly, I’m not sure I can describe him in language suitable for mixed company, or even for publication here at TAH. We get “down and dirty” sometimes, but even so – we have limits.

    If you’re defending Chengelis and trying to justify him as a POW of any type, well, you share his dishonor – and his description.

    Again: G-F-Y. Both of you.

    (Note: Second link above is NSFW or small children.)

  11. The Al says:

    @109- so because he’s a veteran, he’s allowed to lie to make himself more important? Yeah, I’ve got to agree with Hondo, although I’ll phrase it slightly differently- why don’t you and Bill both run outside and play “hide and go fornicate yourselves”…. preferably in heavy traffic?

  12. ByrdMan says:

    Dear Hippie Pot Head Lady,

    Put the bong and the picket sign down for a second.

    Now turn of the T.V. I can’t have you watching re-runs of Scooby Doo and getting distracted. I need you to pay attention.

    I have read your response. As I stated above. (Please see comment 103)

    You’re right he IS a veteran. However, he is also a lying politically motivated smiley gladhands who used those lies to further his positioning in your “political party”. Mr. Chengelis did more than “exaggerate”. He didn’t tell some hyperbole laced fishing story. He flat out lied about collecting dead men’s ears and used that lie to dupe you and everyone in your crackpot organization. You’re willing to forgive and forget because of all the good legwork Mr. Chengelis has done for your party, but think on this:

    If Mr. Chengelis was willing to lie about his honorable military service, what else is he willing to lie about?

    Service members learn some basic traits and principles during their initial training. Those principles include things like honor, commitment, integrity, decisiveness and courage. Mr. Chengelis learned these same principles during his time in the military. He chose to cast those lessons aside so he could bolster his street cred to chair a political party whose end goal is to be able get high without getting hassled by the man. I’m not pissed that Mr. Chengelis is an old veteran who wants to smoke dope; I’m pissed that he chose to shit on the core values of the Armed Services of the United States of America. Mr. Chengelis has no honor, and no integrity. Given the chance, I’d spit on his fucking birkenstocks and tell him to pack a bowl right up his ass.

    So, to use the acronym of a man, presumably much smarter than I…


  13. Marine_7002 says:

    This quote from Krider’s web page (@109):

    “I certainly think we can find understanding for someone who has endured a war, in any capacity, and who has continued to fight for the people who most need him…POW’s, meaning-“Prisoners of the Drug War”… for many years. Yes, he IS a Veteran…”

    Krider, you are scum of the earth for implying that the term “POW” can be used in reference to someone like that lying sack of shit Chengelis.

    The TRUE POWs of our country – from all wars – endured pain and suffering at the hands of our country’s enemies that reached unimaginable levels. I refer to men (REAL men) like Colonel Bud Day http://www.pownetwork.org/bios/d/d051.htm , Captain Lance Sijan http://www.pownetwork.org/bios/s/s135.htm , and Commander James Stockwell http://www.pownetwork.org/bios/s/s118.htm .

    They were REAL POWs, all awarded the Medal of Honor for their heroism and conduct far and above and beyond the call of duty while incarcerated and tortured. There are many, many, many more Americans whose stories while POWs are described at http://www.pownetwork.org/2004_index2.html and http://www.pownetwork.org/bios.htm. All suffered at the hands of their captors, some more than others, yet almost all of them, dead and alive, conducted themselves with honor and courage.

    Chengelis, on the other hand, is a lying, low-life fuckstick who was never a POW and who lied through his teeth about his service. He was a shitbird while on active duty, and he’s still a shitbird. And you have the nerve to call him a POW…read the links I mention above, and you’ll understand why you are so full of shit when you call him a POW.

    Your disrespect for our TRUE POWs and your ignorance of what they endured in service to our country is apalling. Stop it. Just stop it.

  14. Green Thumb says:

    Lying Bill and his bunch are shitbags.