Wayward Bill Chengelis, chairman of US Marijuana Party & lying phony

| November 12, 2012

Someone did the hard work for us on this ass clown who calls himself Wayward Bill who is the chairman of the US Marijuana Party and supposedly spearheaded the pot initiative in Colorado last week. Of course, since he’s Vietnam-era aged, he had to claim that he needs pot to treat his PTS from the awful things that the military forced him to do in Vietnam;

Yes, as a personnel clerk, it was his job to cut off ears so the Army could keep count of the North Vietnamese Regulars that they killed. because, you know, counting is too hard for us dumbass infantrymen, we need a clerk to cut off ears for us.

Well, of course, since he’s being featured on TAH, you know his story is bullshit. Wayward Bill is really William Alvin Chengelis and he never went to Vietnam. He was a clerk in Germany. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you tell lies about what you did to further a political agenda;

Of course, when he’s confronted with his lies, Mr. Wayward is sorry about it, but he still doesn’t come clean;

Thank you for clearing the air. I have made a public confession which and the resulting thread are posted below. I take it you are a Combat Veteran. I apologize if I offended you. I never claimed any medal or citations.

Hope this satisfies you:

I have a confession to make. I am a Veteran, a Vietnam era Veteran. I have lied about my combat service. I served in Europe never Vietnam. My story is the story of a good friend of mine. There is some one who went and pulled up my service record and has been posting it on my wall trying to discredit me. I am not sure of their agenda but I need to clean the slate. I am sorry I lied. I told it so many times it became part of me.

So, he still wants people to believe that there were personnel clerks out collecting ears, because it happened to “a good friend of mine”. So, I guess he figures that the story is too good to die. But before our hero got Mr. Wayward’s military records, he wasn’t so apologetic;

I told you yesterday I kept you out of it and not report you to my mob of 8000+. Claire Ryder put two and two together. Now you have to deal with her wrath. She’s a member of the Green Party. I like to think of her as THE GREEN HORNET. She is out to sting you and with her connections you are probably ruined in the Veteran community.

Have a nice life ASSHOLE!

I won, you lost. Ha Ha ASSHOLE!
Peace, Pot, Politics,
Wayward Bill Chengelis
Chairman, US Marijuana Party
Chairman, US Marijuana Party of Colorado

Of course, this Claire Ryder person thinks that veterans shouldn’t question each other about their military service;

I was married to a vet. my father is a vet. my older brother was killed in Vietnam. I grew up watching them load bomb trucks on Guam. I know a little about Vets too There are “phoneys” everywhere. What you did was MEAN> If you want to call someone out do it in private. These people have enough demons. I have a lot better things to do with MY life then filing FOIA requests to see if people are “phoneys” and how many people do you know that sent ears home? I know people that did and the people they sent them to. Ask Medea Benjamin about it some time. Expose what you want. My job is to help people that need help even if they lie.Do you ask someone with a sign on the corner hey can I file a FOIA request to see if you are avet before I help you? I know Bill is a vet he couldn’t get benefits otherwise. His hep c is service related not from drugs. Did they clean the gun they innoculated you with? File away your requests too bad you don’t concentrate on doing something KIND

Yeah, my neighbor’s cousin’s dog was once owned by a veterinarian so I know a real military veteran when I see one. And Medea Benjamin could tell me that it’s raining and I’d have to go out and get soaking wet before I believed her. I guess outing a phony isn’t being KIND enough to the folks who actually did serve in Vietnam and DIDN’T cut off ears? Those guys are the reason I decided to post about this POS phony on Veterans’ Day.

ADDED for Claire Ryder’s lawyer; Here’s a screen shot of the comment above attributed to Claire Ryder from her Facebook account. That’s her avatar, right?

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  1. JAGC says:

    From my vantage point in the peanut gallery, my view is that this has absolutely nothing to do with marijuana, nothing to do with the Green Party, and only nominal relation to people like “the green hornet” as a testiment to the company they keep and ultimately support. But marijuana is not the issue at all, and attempts to cloud this with a debate regarding the legalization/benefits of pot are just that, efforts to detract from the real issue. The real, and in my view only dog that anybody here has in this fight is the fact that Bill Chengelis perpetuated an unfounded, dastardly lie in order to gain sympathy/credibility among certain people for his personal and political causes, whatever they may be. In this manner, Chengelis is akin to people like Jake DiLiberto who publicly make up provocative garbage for personal gain.
    As for Chengelis’s mea culpa, it would be taken as much more sincere if he wasn’t speaking out of both sides of his mouth and using this as a rallying cry to somehow make himself a martyr among his flock for being called out, as the Supreme Court suggested, for a ridiculous case of stolen valor.

  2. Nik says:


    LOL. A lawyer threat. How new. How refreshing. How avant-guarde.

    Now I don’t know what Giles did or didn’t do to discern your identity. It could well have been just as simple as looking up the official paperwork on who is the chairman of the US Marijuana Party, then doing a public records search off that, filing a FOIA request, etc. All above board. In fact, they gather that information for JUST that purpose, so people can see who’s doing what.

    But no. Go ahead. Assume a law has been broken because you got caught. Spend the money on your attorney’s. Cute.

  3. JAGC says:

    “Based on this opening statement it sounds like laws were broken to obtain my information. Because of this I will be turning this over to my 3 attorneys”

    It takes 3 attorneys to verify that the Freedom of Information Act is a real thing? Good luck justifying to your financial backers this legal expense!

  4. Bonnie says:

    I think Steven W. Giles deserves a standing ovation for his work uncovering this lying fraud. Of course any so-called Viet Nam vet who claims they cut off ears or burned down a village is immediately suspect, but how awesome is it that Giles uncovered proof of his lies and forced an admission of guilt? Wow. Just wow. *Applauds*

  5. Nik says:


    Good point, that.

    Are they HIS 3 lawyers (why only 3? Why not 6 or 11 or 375?) or are they the lawyers for the US Pot Party?

  6. NHSparky says:

    JAGC–if he wants to pay some fresh out of law school hack $150-200/hour (each) to tell him what we know for free, who are we to stop him?

    A (_____) and his (_____) are soon (_____.)

    Please, Bill. Do it. Get a fund going and get all your hippie buddies to chip in their weed and Cheetos money to “help.”

    As we used to say on the boat, “No balls!”

  7. Twist says:

    Two threats of a lawyer on one thread from two different people. Jonn you are on a roll.

  8. NHSparky says:

    Twist–just on those points alone he oughta be a 1 or 2-seed in the next Ballduster Tournament.

  9. Jonn Lilyea says:

    “Based on this opening statement it sounds like laws were broken to obtain my information. Because of this I will be turning this over to my 3 attorneys. No more comment from me hopefully I’ll see you in court Mr. Steve W Giles.”

    Um, Mr. Wayward, we welcome lawyers here, send more if you can find some stupid enough to buy your bullshit. But, let me be clear on this point; this isn’t about you – it’s about the rest of us veterans who have been harmed by your long history of lies. You can make this about anything you want, your pot, your worthless life, whatever. But, this blog is all that stands between your vicious lies and the American public. If you don’t like being made to look like a buffoon and a liar, stop being a buffoon and a liar.

  10. Nik says:


    It’s going to be a hell of a field. Wittenfarter, Round Marine, Stolen Dick and now this guy.

  11. Hondo says:

    You might want to ensure your lawyer sees this comment, Chengelis. It could save you and him/her quite a bit of time and effort – and could save the two of you quite a bit of coin.

    It’s a virtual certainty that no laws were broken in obtaining the information in the article above. The avenue almost certainly used to obtain this information is a by-product of Vietnam and Watergate – the FOIA.

    FOIA is the acronym for “Freedom Of Information Act”. In layman’s terms, this 1970s law prescribes that in general Federal records will be open to the public unless one of a number of specified exceptions apply.

    Certain portions of a veteran’s military records are exempt for release under the FOIA and may be released only with the consent of the veteran or his/her next of kin. However, a rather large amount of information in military records is considered public record information. This public record information may be released to the public from a veteran’s military records with or without the consent of the veteran.

    The items of information that are considered public record information and which can be released without the veteran’s consent are

    – Name
    – Service Number (NOT the SSN; use of Service Numbers were discontinued when the services changed over to SSNs in the 1970s)
    – Dates of Service
    – Branch of Service
    – Final Duty Status
    – Final Rank
    – Salary
    – Assignments and Geographical Locations
    – Source of Commission
    – Military Education Level
    – Promotion Sequence Number
    – Awards and decorations (eligibility only, not actual medals)
    – Photograph
    – Transcript of Courts-Martial Trials
    – Place of entrance and separation

    If the veteran is deceased, the following additional information may be released (if available):

    – Place of birth
    – Date and geographical location of death
    – Place of burial


    What this means is that anyone who asks can find out whether or not another person actually served in the military; when, where, and in what branch they served; what rank they were when they left service; what medals they rate; if they were ever courts-martialed; and a fair amount of other information. All anyone needs to know is who to ask, how to ask, and to have enough information to identify the individual in question.

    In general, “who to ask” is the National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Drive, St Louis, MO 63138.

    The information shown in the article above – e.g., redacted portions of service records – is typically part of what is released as part of NPRC’s response to a FOIA request.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    In reading all these comments, speficially (for VOV) those from Wayward Bill and Miss Claire, I foresee a real contest between Whipitnflogit and Wayward Bill, because they are twins, separated at birth by about 5 months.

    I sincerely want to thank Jonn and all the other people at TAH for providing me with such a wealth of bloviating flap-dragons, whose monikers shall go down in history.

    And everyone thought Falstaff was a fool. What they didn’t know….

  13. Stew says:

    Mmmm… Hippie tears. So delicious…

  14. gi_janearng says:

    I wonder what Jean-Claude Van Damme has to say about all those ears he cut off? Did he string them on a necklace too?

    This doofus reminds me of someone I served with…the more he spoke, the more his own service started to sound a lot like the war movies he watched.

  15. What a true dirtbag…and to think he has some form of legal basis to bitch about someone outting him…I find it sort of interesting that according to him “The Vietnam lie came as a defense mechanism when I was in prison.” I think that right there pretty well summarises this dirtbag, in his own words…I’ve had occasion in times past to take a rather negative position regarding such lying pieces of crap…my dogs poot things out that have more value and meaning than this guy, and those of you who agree with this bozo, well, you too, are about to “get the government you wanted, and so richly deserve…” In these times, we see lyin’-ass politicians get away with THEIR lies, so jerks like this assume the same can be done by them, consequence-free…wrong. There are ALWAYS consequences for such slanderous lies, and Bill, being “outted” seems to be a very small price for you to pay for your admitted decades of lies, which started out to keep Bubba off yer ass in prison…deal with your own self-made consequences, and STFU. You make all who actually HAVE served look like the same kind of asshole YOU are. Now please…hush.

  16. Spade says:

    “We are ALL human. You anger mongers are nothing more than jackals”

    So are we all human or not?

    Also, I like jackals.

  17. Green Thumb says:

    Puff, puff, give…

  18. Ex-PH2 says:

    Jackals? Jackals clean out the rotting carcasses, along with vultures, buzzards, storks, and kites.

  19. smoke-check says:

    Everyone here is mean!

  20. smoke-check says:

    P.S. Anyone else see Claire’s relationship status thingy on the update Jonn posted?

    “In an Open Relationship with Hal Ibut”

    ?_? WTH?!?!? Does that mean she is semi dating a fish?

    Is this the beginning of the equal rights for animal lovers the DOMA folks warned us about?

  21. rb325th says:

    bunch of meanies… and they say smoking pot does not burn brain cells.

  22. NHSparky says:

    Hmmmm…seems to have died down real fast in here. Guess they either figured out (took ya fuckers long enough) that threatening to sue people isn’t a very effective tactic, or they just took a break to bake a few more brain cells.

    Personally, my vote goes on to choice “B”.

  23. Twist says:

    They realized that the folks at TAH are not stoners and threatening to take away our bag of Doritos is not going to intimidate them.

  24. OWB says:

    It’s nap time now, isn’t it, Sparky?

  25. NHSparky says:

    Personally, I always thought those folks were of the “wake and bake” variety.

    Maybe they just forgot about this place after their little nappie-poos.

  26. Nik says:


    “Everyone here is mean!”

    I do my best.

  27. NHSparky says:

    Kicked a puppy yet today, Nik?

  28. Nik says:

    No. Little bastards keep hiding from me.

  29. smoke-check says:

    @26 There there little guy it will be ok. I know you don’t understand how advertising space works on a on a big scary ole webpage. Just go back to sleep and leave the grown up things to us.

  30. DaveO says:

    Things I learned watching Shark Week while reading TAH:

    1. Threatening TAH with legal action is just chumming the water.

    2. Great Whites breach when munching on seals. TAH breach when munching on Fake SEALs.

    3. Blood gets sharks excited. Patchouli has the same effect on the TAH Commentariat.

    4. Sharks have 3 rows of teeth. TAH has a QWERTY keyboard multiplied by dozens of commenters.

    5. Sharks don’t carry guns. Heh!

  31. Ex-PH2 says:

    @84 – No, but there are extreme snipers who ride trained sharks. Just ask Lilyea.

  32. Joe Williams says:

    Twenty-five months in Nam and once did I see a collection of ears. They were worn by Chinese Numgs(mercs).I was there in the worst of the fighting and the US Troops did not collect ears or any other body parts. It is a lie one tells to the gullible to sound more bad ass. Also told to the asshole, who is pushing you for all the gory details. The truth is not in keeping with their already formed opinion. Joe PS,this is about the poser’s lies and dishonor placed on us Vets. Joe

  33. Old Trooper says:

    @25: I have been away from this thread for a while, but answer a question for me, Bill. You said:

    “Hey I haven’t lived an exemplary life by many of the status quo’s standards but we sure did knock their sox off when we got weed regulated the other day. We spoke, the world shuddered, and now the status quo has to answer. The Drug War is over!”

    Um, in case you didn’t notice, the feds still say it’s illegal, plus, there are more drugs coming across the border other than weed. Plus, we have this nasty little battle with meth/crack going on, too, so no, the drug war is not over.

    Until someone can tell me the threshold limit for driving a vehicle while smoking pot, then it shouldn’t be legalized for recreational use anywhere. Contrary to arguments from my friends, and some family members, that smoke it, there is no increase in judgement and reasoning skills after you smoke it. So, I don’t care if it is legalized, just have the ground rules set on operating a vehicle while higher than a Giraffe’s ass.

  34. justin says:

    It amazes me you all complain and yell. No legal action was ever taken, This site is still here. Bill was caught as a liar, he has major issues so focus on yourself bill and leav the pot laws to the voters and pro’s. 90% of us never heard of you or any of your causes. To lie about a vet or service in any way is a dishonor period.
    Just honor 64 and open a retail shop and grow something good besides drama and your mouth. Show us how good you can do growing meds and see if you really are not a greedy SOB when your in the industry. Why does no one talk about the 6 plants a shop grows and gives you a simple 8th a month? Fair HELL NO. or get a good deal and its crap product. EXPOSE THE MEDICAL SCAMMER SHOPS/MMC’s out there. Not all this shit. Bill was caught lying so his credit is ruined. If bill wants to matter have him show the industry as it is a scam.

  35. HMMM says:

    When I look at the bigger picture, I see the American Government lying to the American people about why the police action was taking place. It had nothing to do with stopping Communism or defending Democracy. It was purely political and capitalist motivated. Many, many good people lost their lives because they believed the big lie.

  36. Green Thumb says:


  37. HMMM says:

    The real losers were the American soldiers. I feel sorry for the poor bastards, I really do. Brainwashed to be killers so our government could further control the lucrative drug trade. It’s the same with Afghanistan. Wake up!

  38. USMCBRIT1 says:

    Those who served did so as a duty to their country-and to each other. I don’t know what country you live in (probably Canada), but we go when ordered to wherever ordered. You need not feel sorry for those who serve-most do so willingly. When it comes to pass that your country needs protection from the evil forces that are present in this world, these young men are the ones who will save your @ss from harm. Fuck your pacifist attitude-it serves no purpose in today’s world.

  39. sdb says:

    OK. Let’s review.

    Then: Pothead adolescent during 60s says, as parents confront with stash: It isn’t mine, I was holding it for my friend.

    Now: Pothead aging 60 something hippy/yippy, as he is confronted with his Vietnam fabrications: It isn’t my story, but my friend’s, trust me.

    Some things never change…

  40. Amy K says:

    As the wife, niece, granddaughter and friends of life long veterans I personally take offense that a person would think that it is okay to portray themselves as a combat Vietnam Veteran doing despicable things and proudly posting them for all to see. The reason this person felt strongly about outing them is because for those who actually did have to do horrible life altering things they do not feel proud enough to boast as if it is a bragging point. Then this person tries to further an agenda to “help” veterans by presenting themselves as a liar is not good for a cause. This person has no business portraying them self to the rest of the world in a manner unbecoming someone who was really there. Its disgusting and a sure fire way to lose any credibility this person MAY HAVE brought to the Marijuana Party and I am sad to know about this!!

  41. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Still waiting on your 3 lawyers to call, Bill.

  42. http://usmjparty.org/14-news-articles/110-re-william-bill-chengelis-aka-wayward-bill-us-marijuana-party-chairman-responds-to-allegations.html

    The link I submitted is to my response to the allegations against Bill. I would appreciate you all reading it.

    Personally I’ve seen enough on this site…as far as I can tell you all are a bunch of hate mongers. I understand, as Veterans, how a lie like that may “piss u off”. But when it has been brought out in the open and you continue with the snide remarks, it only shows me that you get your kicks off of putting down other people to get your ego fix. I have stayed out of the conversation because I was not aware of it at first as I was in IL taking care of my fiance who died from cancer this past February. (He was the former USMJParty President)… I sat back after I found out and watched to see what would happen about it. As far as I’m concerned he has rectified the situation and set things straight.

    There are a lot of things that you probably do not know about the Cannabis/Hemp movement in this Country. Don’t set back and make fun of something you do not know about.

    Just like I wouldn’t make fun of your “Tours” for any reason because I see what it meant to you. You did what you felt necessary for your country and even though we are not taught to practice violence in the Cannabis movement it is still a valid fight for our rights. We are anti-prohibitionsts!

    “Like it or Leave it alone”!

    Sheree Krider, USMJParty Organizer

  43. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Nice try, Sheree, but these are not “allegations” nor did we “question” Fuckstick Bill. We proved beyond any doubt that he was lying (look up the word “allegations”). He’s been using this lie for decades to advance his political agenda and all of you hippies fell for it without question because he fit your misconception of a Vietnam veteran. Fuck you, fuck you square in the ass, you self-righteous piece of shit. If you want to continue being a member of an organization led by this fucking turd, you’re as big a phony as he is. So, in case you missed it before…fuck you.

  44. You’ve been recognized!

  45. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Fucking idiot hippies.

  46. OWB says:

    No. I will NOT click your links. Maybe if you had asked nicely instead of demanding it I would at least have considered it.


  47. ByrdMan says:

    Ms. Krider,

    To quote your article:

    “This in fact did turn out to be a “lie” according to commonplace standards. But how many people have gone through their own lives without exaggerating something, either good or bad, in their life? Writer’s do it all the time in their writing’s, it is called “Artistic License”.
    Why is “lie” in quotations in your comment? Are we to infer that lying about your military service to further your political and ideological agenda does not count as a “lie”? (As I think about this, lying for political gain may simply be “politics”)

    Artistic license is for theatre, cable television and those books with Fabio on the cover that my mother likes to read. What Mr. Chengelis did is outright lie. No quotations; no caveats; no cuts; no buts; no coconuts. Mr. Chenglis is a liar, and I am glad he finally decided to come clean on this issue. That doesn’t mean that the matter of his indiscretions gets wiped away. Through his lies, Mr. Chenglis perpetuated the stereotype that those who serve, particularly in combat, and particularly in Vietnam are damaged goods that do nothing more than kill babies, rape women and collect ears for trophies during combat operations. A stereotype, that is egregious in its falsehood.

    The last update to this particular thread on Mr. Lilyea’s blog was nearly a month ago. You have now revived a dead post; you will also likely get exactly what you asked for. The commenter’s will likely now stop making snide remarks about Mr. Chenglis, and focus on you. Nicely done. You have involved yourself in matters that did not require your attention, and now the attention will not only focus on Mr. Chenglis’ lies, but on your defense of those lies as well.

    In closing:


    What the fuck is this?????