Another Round Marine sighting

| November 12, 2012

Kevin sends us this photo of the latest Round Marine sighting. The word is that a Navy Master Chief stopped him from getting into a Marine Corps Ball in his clown suit. I’m putting this up in hopes that the photographer or the Navy Master Chief sees it and tells us the story, and hopefully, someone got his name, because we’re stumped and we want him to get the attention he deserves and obviously craves.

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  1. 15DAZNG says:

    Idiot-now, the guy on the left looks like he s Army, can anyone confirm? He s wearing ASUs, I bet fatass was trying to explain to him he can t wear ASU s to the Marine Corps Ball.

  2. AF E-7 says:

    I had two retired Marines here in Las Cruces NM tell me about this today…they told me it was the their local USMC ball he was denied entry into, i wish i had seen this earlier and i could have put the two gentlemen intouch with you!

  3. Old Trooper says:

    Good thing the Master Chief was there to stop him from getting his ass kicked by walking in to the Ball.

  4. hueydoc says:

    he didn’t even do the research into what ribbons he was putting on. he has ribbons for WW II, the Korean War and the Berlin Airlift. and how many are still alive that were awarded 2 Navy Crosses. they should have let him in so he could get his ass kicked by REAL Marines.

  5. JP says:


  6. Hondo says:

    Looks like we might have an early co-fave for next year’s BMcS SV Tourney . . . .

  7. Nik says:

    You’d think, given his size, there’d be more sitings. I mean…how can you miss him?

  8. Hack Stone says:

    He wears that belt like a gunslinger. Pretty impressive, too, I count 50 ribbons, not including susbesquent awards.

  9. Nik says:

    Wait. That’s a belt? Somebody needs to give that fucking belt a medal for courage in the face of adversity or something. That belt doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “Lost Cause”, because it’s giving it’s all to keep that massive gut from knocking over the innocents in front of him.

    That belt is a fighter.

  10. 15DAZNG says:

    @ Nik,

    He was incognegro.

  11. Hack Stone says:

    I heard that the guy has tattoo reading “Never Say Diet”.

  12. Redacted1775 says:

    Repeat offender = entry into next year’s SVT?

  13. Hondo says:

    Redacted1775: would appear so. And as I noted above, at this point I think he’s an early co-fave with Madam CAP and a couple of others.

  14. Redacted1775 says:

    Outfugginstanding! I’m callin it early! Navy WALRUS FTW!!!

  15. Sgt Pepper says:

    Looking at the phony array of ribbons and badges, they appear to be identical to the Large Round Marine identified as Larry Gugle in a post earlier this year. I was showing my Marine Poolee son and his buddy Larrys Picture on my I phone today at a Veterans day parade as a means of helping educating them on how to spot phonies, and when I saw this picture, I remembered that the ribbons and badges appear to be identical. I bet its the same dude that was in the Larry Gugle post. As someone pointed, out he has an assemblege of pre WWII, WWII, Korean War, and Desert Storm medals. How come he missed out of Vietnam. The Yellow ribbon on the seventh row up from the bottom is the American Defense Service Ribbon and was issued to those who were on 12 months of active duty prior to December 7, 1941. Most of the guys who earned that medal have passed on God Rest Their Souls. I am betting this is the same dude that was posted earlier in the year! Here is my dumb queston, do Marines wear Cords? I have never seen them on a Marine before.

  16. CI says:

    So how many Marines have earned the Trident? It’s obviously the go-to cool guy badge for poseurs, but I would wager there aren’t very many Marines who rate it.

  17. loiseller says:

    Holy smoke!!

  18. SFC Holland says:

    Look Closely at the uniform. This is the Round Marine. Same Seal trident/EOD combination, same placement. The ribbon rack is the same. This is the same individual, minus his glasses. He has lost some weight around the third and fourth chins though. He must be doing P90X or insanity. Getting fit for next years Stolen Valor Tourney no doubt. Best of luck you fat walrus poser fuck. We’re rooting for you.

  19. Tx gunne says:

    That Master Chief probably saved this idiot’s life.

  20. Redacted1775 says:

    The cord is the French Fourragère, awarded to the Fifth and Sixth Marine Regiment who earned the Croix Du Guerre during WWI in the Battle of Belleau Wood. Multiple Army units rate it as well.

  21. SFC Holland says:

    Check that photo John. It’s the same one.

    Jonn wrote: You’re comparing the “Round Marine” to the “Round Marine”, not to Larry Gugle. The “Round Marine” is NOT Larry Gugle. We went through this once before.

  22. Anonymous says:

    5th and 6th Marines wear fourrageres in honor of their service in the Battle of Belleau Woods.

  23. Anonymous says:

    @ Redacted…you beat me to it.

  24. SFC Holland says:

    Stick them side by side and you’ll see the same ribbon placement top to bottom, ending with the Kuwait lberation medal.

  25. UpNorth says:

    I’m going along with SFC Holland, same guy,minus one chin and minus the glasses.

  26. OldSoldier54 says:

    I do believe you are correct Sar’nt Holland.

  27. ex af says:

    Please tell me the Master Chief stuck his head in and bellowed
    ‘Prepare to repel boarders’.

  28. O-4E says:

    The Silver Star with V device is a nice touch…just in case we weren’t aware it was for valor

  29. Green Thumb says:


  30. Joe Williams says:

    Is he wearing Naval Aviator Wings above his rack? That is a Officer only award. The last of the flying saraents are long out of the Marine Corps. Joe

  31. kp32 says:

    @2 AF E-7 is onto something. The Senior Chief that reported this is from New Mexico. I still haven’t heard back from him.

    I’m not sure how anyone could confuse this guy with Larry Gugle, but I’m not going to argue that one again.

  32. Ann says:

    Actual footage from one of his SEAL missions:

    He got the EOD badge because his blubber renders him bombproof.

  33. 68W58 says:

    It looked like he went to US medals and checked everything anyone might have qualified for over the last 30 years (and several decorations that haven’t been given out for a while before that).

    What would have been funny would have been for the real Marines to have faked a bomb scare at the Ball and then shoved him forward since he is obviously a qualified master EOD tech. Rig up something realistic (but harmless) and watch him piss himself trying to deactivate it.

  34. Dirt Dart says:

    looks like this dude has “V” device in his Kosovo Campain Medal… Some one should have taken numbnutz to white sands and BIPed him…

  35. Sean says:

    So he served in the Pacific and the American Campaigns, helped Liberate the Phillipines, but didn’t get a Victory medal.

    He served in Iraq and Afghanistan, GW1 and did a Sinai MNFO tour (because so many Marines went there), but apparently missed Vietnam?

    3 real NCO’s should have strong armed him to a quiet room and shucked him of his uniform and send him on his way in Skivvies.

  36. FDC Guy says:

    What puzzles me is why so many of these fakers have the Antarctic Service Ribbon, it has frankly become one of the first things I look for when I see these douchebags.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Yeah, as far as the whole Larry Gugle controversy goes, how do these people look alike?

      The guy on your right in both of those pictures is Larry Gugle, the other is the unnamed “Round Marine”. Please stop trying to play Junior Detective or we’ll never find out his real name.

  37. Doc Bailey says:

    “Semper Fi? You mean Semper PIE MUTHA F**ka!”
    ~Ranger School Promo

  38. that guy says:

    #37, FDC GUY:
    I’ve been trying to earn an Antarctic Service Ribbon for years. They’re nearly impossible to get except for AF air crews who fly in and out so it is a 99% giveaway.

  39. Doc Bailey says:

    @ #37 and #40, what a Marine wearing a SEAL Trident wasn’t enough? I’m surprised the SOB didn’t throw in a CIB for good measure like MSG Soup Sandwich.

  40. Hondo says:

    Now, now guys – cut him a break. That’s simply his Halloween costume. He was just a few days late changing out of it this year.

    Seriously, I hope we can ID this tool. I’d love to see if he actually ever served.

  41. FltMedic says:

    What we need is some of that Facial Recognition software the government has.

    Jonn I have an idea. Write up some kinda hippy/love fest reason you need one and send it up for some stimulus moneys. make sure to say you’ll save a bunch of jobs with the donation…..

  42. SFC Holland says:

    I get it now. Total misunderstanding. I am stating that upper left picture looks like lower left picture. They are the same dude. I think that is the entire miscommunication. That has nothing to do with Larry. Thanks for clearing it up. You are stating that the monstrosity on the left remains unidentified. Sorry for muddying the waters further. You can have my detective badge back. 🙁

  43. SFC Holland says:

    John, I also sent you another long e-mail stating that I am in fact, a piece of shit soldier. So there.

  44. B Woodman says:

    SFC Holland
    And turn in your L’il Orphan Annie Decoder Ring as well.

  45. LebbenB says:

    In 1945, THIS was the “Fat Boy” the US dropped on Japan.

  46. LebbenB says:

    @47. Correction, “Fat Man.”

  47. Twist says:

    Hondo, I think you meant cut him some steak.

    This guy is lucky he wasn’t mistaken for a landing craft.

  48. Twist says:

    Tell him to let Princess Leia go or he will be sorry.

  49. USMCE8Ret12 says:

    Not that it makes any difference, but it also appears he’s wearing a radio ear piece in his left ear. He must’ve been claiming to be security for the guest of honor. The Master Chief should have pounded this clown into the pavement for the Trident offense, and let the Marines have the leftovers. Where was this ball? I can put the word out and see if anyone who attended can identify this guy, and may even go as far as e-mailing SgtMaj Barrett for help.

  50. SFC Holland says:

    Apparently if you attend over 30+ consecutive Golden Corral Shrimp Fests and place first in the “over seven plates taken down by one person” division, you are awarded with a limited edition ear piece that will inform you of open buffets within a hundred mile radius. That’s how he ended up at this ball. He has “Onstar” for competitive eating. It’s all making sense now…